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Skyfall DVD Release


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Skyfall DVD Release

  1. 1. About UsCMC Marketing AgencyNathan LargeBrigitte BishopChasen DoerrMike PhuKaylee Gialketsis
  2. 2. Situation Analysis•Company Background-------------------------------•Product Category Threats and Opportunities--•Competitive Analysis---------------------------------Target Market Specifications•Demographic Characteristics-----------------------•Psychographic Characteristics---------------------•Size of Target Market---------------------------------Product Evaluation•Brand Name---------------------------------------------•Package Consideration-------------------------------•Pricing-----------------------------------------------------•Channel of Distribution--------------------------------•Special Consideration---------------------------------Marketing Objectives•Advertising Program-----------------------------------•Advertising Strategy-----------------------------------•Sales Promotion Program----------------------------• Trade and Consumer Objective----• Consumer Promotions----------------•Point of Purchase Program--------------------------•Publicity, Special Events and Sponsorship------•Budget----------------------------------------------------•Appendix-------------------------------------------------Table ofContents236891011121415161718252628333539A
  3. 3. CompanyBackgroundDanjaq is the holding company responsible for thecopyright and trademark of James Bond films. EonProductions is a subsidiary of Danjaq and isresponsible for the production of the James Bondfilms.Eon was purchased by United Artists and UnitedArtists has become part of MGM. Columbia (asubsidiary of Sony) is responsible for co-financingSkyfall with MGM. MGM has renewed theirpartnership with 20th Century Fox, granting themvideo distribution rights to Skyfall.James Bond is one of the longest running and topgrossing film franchises. Skyfall will be the 23rdinstallment in the series; the first Bond film wasreleased in 1962. Common traits of James Bondfilms include: futuristic gadgets, travel, high lifestyle, a charming personality, action, hit themesongs, sports cars and attractive females.Situation Analysis pg2
  4. 4. Strengths• James Bond Legacy- large existing fan base• High recognition of brand name• Large budget allows for high qualityproduction• Good Reviews – 92% on Rotten Tomatoes forSkyfall• Good actor as James Bond- Daniel Craig• Bond Girls- Naomie Harris and BereniceMarlohe• Respected director - Sam Mendes• Franchise is now more appealing to womenWeaknesses• Previous movie was not rated veryhighly• Bond franchise has a tradition ofbeing formulaic and predictable• The franchise historically is sexistSWOTSituation Analysis pg3
  5. 5. Opportunities• Large female markets– According to MRI’s Survey of theAmerican Consumer in Fall 201174.9% of women identifiedthemselves as the primary purchaserin their household• Interest from Adele fan base• 50th Anniversary of James Bond• High Profitability in Action/ Adventuregenre• Growing foreign marketThreats• Illegal movie downloads (pirating)• Renting (Redbox, Netflix)• Oversaturation of the market• Other, competing films, especially actionfilms• Series is old, declining level of interestSWOTSituation Analysis pg4
  6. 6. DVD DVDRevenueUnits sold Rank inTop DVDyearlyRottenTomatoesCasinoRoyale$81,251,228 5,432,841 #22 94%Quantum ofSolace$45,636,380 2,757,992 #26 65%Skyfall 92%Daniel Craig Bond DVD Sales To-DateAfter looking at the DVD sales from the previous Daniel Craig Bond films we see that the quality of the moviehad a direct relation to the total DVD sales. Based on how the film was received by audiences and critics onRotten Tomatoes, a movie review website, the DVD sales varied. Since Skyfall has had the same success asCasino Royale, we believe Skyfall DVD sales will either be similar to or exceed those of Casino Royale.Situation Analysis pg5SWOT
  7. 7. CompetitionOur main competition is from pirating, rentingand other films that are released for purchaseat a similar time as Skyfall.Skyfall is in the genreAction/Adventure/Suspense/Thrillerand is rated PG -13.Direct Competition would come fromcompetitor films that fall into the same orsimilar genres. Many of the competitor filmsreleased in the similar time frame are R rated.Indirect Competition comes from all DVDsreleased in the same timeframe that target thesame audience as Skyfall.CompetitiveAnalysisSituation Analysis pg6
  8. 8. Taken 2 – PG-13Action/Adventure/Suspense/Thriller/DramaThe Man with the Iron Fists – RAction/AdventureAlex Cross – PG-13Suspense/ThrillerLooper– RAction/Adventure/Suspense/ThrillerCompetingFilmsSituation Analysis pg7
  9. 9. Target MarketPrimary• Males 12-50• Race: All ethnicities• Income: $0-200,000• Marital status: Single and young families• Geographic location: Urbanized parts offirst world countriesSecondary• Females 18-34• Race: All ethnicities• Income:$0-200,000Marital status: Single and young families• Geographic location: Urbanized parts offirst world countriesTarget Market Specification pg8
  10. 10. PersonalityMany James Bond consumers are active andadventurous, but a large part of our target alsoincludes nerds/video gamers who aspire to beseen this way or are entertained by the thrillseeking, adventurous nature of others. Ourtarget consumers are interested inactivities, culture, and technology. They areoften students, young families, and/orprofessionals. Younger families may purchasethis for their teenage children. Mostimportantly, this segment likes to watch moviesand enjoys the action/adventure genre.StyleTarget consumers either have or are interestedin a suave, fashionable, clean-cut, and classystyle.ImageMany men interested in James Bond Skyfall liketo view themselves as suave, active and as acool guy who will achieve success bothfinancially and with women. This is an imagethat men want to follow and women findattractive and appealing. While men strive tobe James Bond, women strive to datehim, especially since the introduction of DanielCraig. This is a large reason why women haveincreased their level of interest in the franchise.PsychographicsTarget Market Specification pg9
  11. 11. Men aged 12-5044,374,902Women aged 18-3445,509,638Total Size of Target Market89,884,540(Numbers are approximations based on the US Census2010)Size of Target MarketTarget Market Specification pg10
  12. 12. Past EvaluationQuantum of SolaceDVD Release March 24, 2008• Units Sold: 2,757,842• Consumer Spending: $45,631,980Spent 14weeks in home release• Source: of Skyfall DVDMarch 19, 2013Overall Brand NameThere have been 50 years of successful bondfilms. These started with Dr. No in 1962.Overall, James Bond has come to have a verystrong brand name that will carry over toSkyfall.Product Evaluation pg11Brand Name
  13. 13. Basic DVD2 disc set, DVD, Full/Wide ScreenBluRayBlu-Ray Disc, Skyfall Poster, UltraViolet copySpecial 50 year anniversary packageThe 50 year package will include all 23 Bondfilms from Dr. No through Skyfall. These will bere-mastered and include special features uniqueto the 50th anniversary. One of these uniquefeatures will be interviews from individuals whoworked with Ian Fleming on the brainstormingand idea generation of the original Bond series.UltraVioletAvailable in SD and HDiTunesAvailable in SD and HDProduct Evaluation pg12PackageConsiderations
  14. 14. Limited Edition Case SetThis edition will come in a replica case like Qgave to Bond. The case will feature a numberedlimited edition plaque embossed with Skyfall ontop. When the case is opened you will see theradio and a crystal replica Walther PPK. It willcontain a Blu-Ray/DVD combo with specialfeatures and deleted scenes, plus a redemptioncode for an UltraViolet copy.The case will also include a single film cell stillfrom a movie reel used in the production and aUSB premium (disguised as the radiotransmitter from the film). This USB will includespecial content about Skyfall Manor and willopen to the screen of Silva’s encryptedprogram. (See Premiums sections for details)Product Evaluation pg13PackageConsiderations
  15. 15. Basic DVD$19.99Blu-Ray/DVD combo$29.99UltraVioletHD $19.99 SD $14.99iTunesHD $17.99 SD $12.99Limited Edition Case set$119.9950th Anniversary Edition$150Product Evaluation pg14Pricing
  16. 16. Retail StoresWalmart, Target, Best Buy, Sony Store, Barnesand Noble, BrookstoneGrocery StoresVons, Ralphs, etc.Online RetailAmazonWe will partner with Amazon to capturethe online ordering market. In order topromote orders we will have an exclusive007 pen as a premium. This will be addedto the cart for free and is only availablethrough purchase of a Skyfall DVD/Blu-Ray.Sonypictures.comiTunesWith purchase of the DVD through iTunesyou will receive an audio file of Adele’ssong Skyfall as a premium to increase oursales potential.Product Evaluation pg15Channel ofDistribution
  17. 17. 50th AnniversaryThe main special consideration is the 50thAnniversary of the James Bond film series.• This will increase awareness of thebrand and create excitement• We can use this opportunity to makeconnections with past moviesProduct Evaluation pg16Special Consideration
  18. 18. Advertising PositionJames Bond is one the world’s most iconicheroes. We will use our audience’s emotionalties to Bond, that have developed over the past50 years, as a driving force for our advertisingprogram.The idea of owning a DVD forever, sharing itwith friends and family, reliving the film’s greatmoments, continuing Bond’s legacy and lettingthe DVD be the pride of your collection are allemotions we want to evoke.The exclusivity of having the DVD or digitaldownloads versus waiting for it to hit Netflix orRedbox, and the additional special features thatcannot be found on a pirated version will beadvertised to combat our threats.We will remind the public that Bond started in1962 and that Skyfall is special because itcommemorates 50 years of Bond.The film will be released on March 19, almosttwo weeks before Easter, making Skyfall theperfect gift for the holiday.Finally, explaining how well the film wasreceived by both audiences and critics of allages will be a key advertising position to helpsell the DVD.Marketing Plan pg17Advertising Program
  19. 19. ObjectiveThrough advertising we will promote DVD salesand differentiate the DVD purchase frompirating, renting, and other competing films onthe market.We will do this through:• Sending messages that say “own itforever”, “this is a collectors item”, “youcan share it”, “add it to your collection”,etc.• An advertising campaign with both printand TV spots, bus stop ads, and more.Marketing Plan pg18Advertising Strategy
  20. 20. Print Ad (See Right)WIRED, Rolling Stone, People, TIME,Entertainment Weekly• Advertise the Special Edition with thePremium Bond content and thespecial trip offered with purchase ofDVDMarketing Plan pg19Advertising Strategy
  21. 21. TV SpotCBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, MTV, TNT, ESPN,• Limited to sporting events on TNTand ESPNThis spot will be used a s a preview in otherDVDs released in the months prior to therelease of Skyfall and during movie theaterpreviews of related movies that come out amonth to a few weeks before.The TV spot will open with action-packedscenes from the movie. It will then cut to ascene of a family watching Skyfall and a voice-over will say “Bring the excitement of Skyfall tothe comfort of your own home.” The nextscene shows a consumer logging on to theSkyfall website while a voice-over says “butwait, there’s more!” There will then be a sceneof a Virgin airplane flying over, with a facelessJames Bond shooting a gun, and a Bond car inLondon with a voice-over saying “This could beyou!” The final scene will have a voice-overand text saying “Mark your calendars, Skyfall isreleased March 19”.Marketing Plan pg20Advertising StrategyWe will run ads in between The Amazing RaceepisodeFinally, the TV spot will be placed on YouTubeand Hulu.
  22. 22. OnlineBanner ads will be placed on YouTube, Sony,Best Buy and Amazon.We will also post our TV Spot to YouTube andHulu as a way to capture consumers online.RadioWe will have popular radio DJ’s talk aboutSkyfall DVD release and have calling giveawayson high traffic radio stations like KISS FM andKROQOnline radio advertisements will be placed oniHeartradio, Pandora and SpotifyMarketing Plan pg21Advertising Strategy
  23. 23. Out of HomeBus Stop/Billboard Ad• QR codes will be placed with bus stop andbillboard ads in public centers offering asecret message from Bond for consumersto download on their phones as a takeaway reminder.LicensingAbsolut Vodka would be a smart choice forlicensing because thus far the spirits industry isuntapped with regard to licensing andsponsorships. Skyfall has beer and champagnesponsors, but no Vodka and we all know Bondlikes his Vodka martinis.Through a licensing agreement, Skyfall willreceive an additional $100,000 worth ofadvertising . Approved outlets for suchadvertising are in mens interest magazines.Marketing Plan pg22Advertising Strategy
  24. 24. Marketing Plan pg23
  25. 25. AdvertisingStrategyOut of HomeNY Subway Station Takeover• In NY subway stations we will haveBond and Silva figures paintedthroughout onwalls, windows, subway tunnel, andsubway platform playing out scenes.• This will allow Subway users to feelimmersed in the action and willcreateinterest in the DVD• We will also have ads posted to notifyconsumers of the DVD releaseMarketing Plan pg24
  26. 26. 50th AnniversaryThe beauty of Skyfall is that is commemoratesthe 50th Anniversary of the Bond series. There isa slot in the 50th Anniversary DVD set reservedfor Skyfall. We will use this and other resourcesto push promotion of the Skyfall DVD.Our Promotions program consists of:• Premiums• Contests• Allowances• Discounts• Public Relations• Viral Marketing• Social Media• Point of Purchase Displays• Bond Themed Television Episodes• Events/StuntsMarketing Plan pg25Sales PromotionProgram
  27. 27. Trade ObjectivesTo increase trade incentives in order to gaindistributor support in the form of valuablestore position, employee recommendation ofproduct, accurate stock updates, and idealspace for point of purchase displays with theultimate goal of increasing sales.Trade Objectives& StrategiesTrade StrategiesWe plan to use a slotting allowance to get agood position in storesWe will have attractive, pre-built POP displaysthat will increase consumer traffic in storesMarketing Plan pg26
  28. 28. Measurable ObjectivesBy week five we plan to sell 4,500,000 DVDsWeek 1UnitsWeek 1Sales($)Week 5 Units Week 5Sales($)Casino Royale 2,315,529 $37,025,309 3,884,880 $62,489,468Skyfall 2,800,000 $44,772,000 4,500,000 $72,383,858Targeted Growth 484,471 $7,746,691 615,120 $9,894,390Daniel Craig Bond DVD Sales History and GoalsConsumerObjectivesGeneral Consumer ObjectiveTo increase sales of Skyfall DVD toconsumers, while at the same time increasingbrand identity and product awareness.Marketing Plan pg27
  29. 29. PremiumsOur featured premium will be USB drive that isa recreation of the radio in the film. Ifconsumers plug it into their computer it revealsinsight into what Bond’s years at Skyfall werelike and it will contain secret files from Silva’s(Javier Bardem, the film’s villain) missions thathe completed while trying to undermine MI6.This premium will only be available only in theSkyfall Special Edition along with the crystalreplica gun and film cell still.For DVDs purchased through Amazon we offera special 007 pen as a premium. This will below cost to produce but will add enoughincentive to sell Skyfall over other DVDsthrough Amazon.Blu-ray editions will come with DVD andUltraviolet versions. This up sale will makes itpossible to sell Blu-ray to those that have notyet purchased a Blu-ray player.ConsumerPromotionsMarketing Plan pg28
  30. 30. SweepstakesThe sweepstakes will be advertised onpackaging, point of purchase displays, TV spotand through online resources. Each DVD willcome with instructions on how to register.Instructions will also be available online.Running a Sweepstakes will allow us to gaincontact information of those who have shownan interest in James Bond. This information willallow us to be able to contact these fans withnew product information for this movie andmovies to come.The sweepstakes will run for three months afterthe DVD release, which would be through June19th. The packaging will have a sticker withsweepstakes details, including a clearly statedexpiration date, that will be removable after thesweepstakes runs to minimize confusion.Those who enter the sweepstakes will also beinvited to become fans or followers of JamesBond’s various social media outlets.After the sweepstakes is over one winner willbe randomly selected for a round trip flight toLondon on Virgin airlines where they and aguest will stay at the Dorchester for sevennights. They each will receive a drivingexperience from Thruxton Motorsport Centre inan Aston Martin. In addition, the winner willreceive a three course dinner for two at AlynWilliams at The Westbury and a suit or eveninggown from Harrods.ROIThe sweepstakes registrations will providecontact information of potential consumers.Being able to track sweepstakes registration willallow us to see where James Bond fans arelocated. It will also give us access tophone, email, and residential information thatwe can use to increase marketing efficiency. Bycomparing DVD purchases in the sweepstakesperiod to those before we can measureeffectiveness of this program.*For full contest rules please refer to appendix BConsumerPromotionsMarketing Plan pg29
  31. 31. Coupons and DiscountsTwo months after release we willimplement coupons and discountsthrough social media, Web, andLivingSocial that offer 15% off a DVDpurchase.In addition, we will have discountsoffered through our partnership withCoke Zero. For a limited time, thepurchase of a case of Coke Zero will comewith a $3 off coupon for the Skyfall DVD.This will be available during the 5th weekof sales.ROIThe use of coupons and discounts as apromotional tool will provide clearmeasures of ROI by allowing us to trackhow many are used as well as theincrease in sales numbers duringcoupon/discount cycle in comparison towhat our previous numbers were.ConsumerPromotionsMarketing Plan pg30
  32. 32. WebsiteThe website will be a useful tool to giveinformation to consumers and generateinterest in purchasing DVDs. It will includedetails of our products and promotions andwill also be interactive. To generate userawareness and interest we will haveexclusive updates and information includingmissions from Silva’s past released weekly.The Website will also function as the locationto register for the James Bond Getaway.Special website for DVD releaseROIWe can track the number of unique visits tothe site and can measure increases anddecreases compared to timing of our variousadvertising and promotional strategies tohelp determine their effectiveness ingenerating awareness.ConsumerPromotionsMarketing Plan pg31
  33. 33. Social Media Program OverviewWe will implement a social media programprior to theatrical release to connect with fansand remind them of the DVD release date byupdating them with exclusive insight anddiscussions (asking fans about their favoritescenes or favorite bond gadget) and those thatenter our Bond getaway contests will be invitedto join our social media pages.ROIWe can track increases in fans/followers todetermine effectiveness.FacebookFacebook will be used as a means to keepconsumers involves in our DVD launch and toincrease their interest in purchasing the DVD.We will use status updates to display productsand increase awareness of upcomingevents, contest, and promotions. Statusupdates will redirect visitors to external websiteand we will include updates with exclusivecontent leading up to DVD release date.ConsumerPromotionsMarketing Plan pg32InstagramWe will use our Skyfall Instagram platform tokeep consumers interested and up-to-date withour DVD launch and available products. We willpost pictures of our special packaging andpremiums, snapshots of deleted scenes andspecial features, our Skyfall Skydive event andany other interesting Bond related gadgets orevents.
  34. 34. POP LocationsBestBuy, Target, Walmart, SonyStore, Brookstone, Grocery storesWe will have special POP displays in all Sony Stores.A green screen will be setup in front of a camerathat will allow users to recreate the iconic JamesBond gun barrel sequence. Customers will get toupload and share the clip with their friends onFacebook and Twitter. Each time the blood tricklesdown the screen it will cut to a reminder saying“Skyfall Now Available on DVD.”Another POP display available in all locations willbe life size Daniel Craig cutouts next to DVDdisplays.In any of our point of purchase location stores withavailable TVs for store display purposes Skyfall willbe playing on the screens to promote DVDpurchase.Slotting allowance will be given to stores thatplace our DVDs as inventory and allow roomfor special displays at store entrances.• An extra five DVDs or Blu-ray discswill be given for every 100 purchasedby retailers, with a minimum orderof 900Point ofPurchaseMarketing Plan pg33
  35. 35. Marketing Plan pg34Point ofPurchase
  36. 36. Launch Event/ Skyfall Skydive StuntThis event will be used to build publicity for the DVDrelease. We will invite many media outlets, newchannels, newspapers, magazines and blogs to ourstunt event.The plan is to have a Skyfall Skydive with professionalskydivers dressed in Bond-like attire.We will team up with Red Bull whose recent stuntshave gained much viewership. 8 million peoplewatched Felix Baumgartner jump from space in theirmost recent event and we hope to gain similarsuccess in our Skyfall Skydive stunt. Many peoplewill be able to view it through a live simulcast online.Along with jumpers we will drop 100 Skyfall specialedition DVDs off a building with mini parachutes sopeople below can catch them.Daniel Craig will show up in an Ashton Martin to signthe DVDs of the lucky people who catch them.Marketing Plan pg35Publicity, Special Eventsand SponsorshipSkyfall Subway TakeoverThis out of home advertising campaign elementwill also generate PR and add to the viral aspectof our DVD launch.
  37. 37. The Amazing Race EpisodeWe will have a Bond themed episode of TheAmazing Race that will air the week the DVD isreleased. The contestants on the show wouldcomplete missions across the United Kingdom,starting in London and finishing in Scottland at areplica of Bond’s home, Skyfall. Once in Skyfall, thecontestants must find the hidden door that leadsthem out of the house and under the moor to thechapel where the final crucial scene of the filmtakes place. The last team there is eliminated. Alongthe way the contestants get to use Bond gadgetsand drive Bond cars to complete the missions.The Amazing Race averages more than 11 millionviewers per episode and the show has won 9 outof 10 Primetime Emmy Awards for OutstandingReality-Competition Program. These elementsmake the source credible but also prove it has alarge reach.The show is also produced by SonyEntertainment Television and Sony was a majorproducer for Skyfall meaning there could beinterest for mixing the products and creating aBond themed episode of The Amazing Race.Marketing Plan pg36Publicity, Special Eventsand Sponsorship
  38. 38. The James Bond Nerf EventWe want to team up with Nerf for a James BondNerf War Flash Mob. This event would take placein New York and we will provide Nerf guns andammo for the competitors to use in the match.Daniel Craig will conduct an AMA (Ask MeAnything) on Reddit where he will announce thelocation of the event at Central Park in New YorkCity. He will then show up halfway through theflash mob in a tuxedo with a special Nerf silencerpistol and Nerf Rocket LauncherWe will have a camera crew will record all theaction as Bond fans get a chance to battle withJames Bond himself. In addition, everyone isattendance will get a signed Skyfall DVD.The video of the event will be posted onYouTube. Not only will this event will be a greatway to increase publicity and thereforeawareness, but it will also create hype andbuzz, becoming a means of viral marketing.We would create a Facebook account and aTwitter account to help build up buzz bothbefore and after the event takes place.Marketing Plan pg37Publicity, Special Eventsand Sponsorship
  39. 39. February 19 •Launch of Facebook Social Media Campaign•Magazine ad for the month of March released•Launch of DVD release websiteFebruary 26 •Second status update on Facebook •Release of second Silva mission on websiteMarch 5 •Third status update on Facebook•Pre-sales go in effect for special edition DVDcases• will have a special banner for the pre-sale of DVDs for a week•Release of third Silva mission on websiteMarch 12 •Fourth status update on Facebook•Release of Skyfall edition of Amazing Race•Release of fourth Silva mission on website•Commercials will be in effect during the show•Radio show to talk about the Amazing Race andrelease of SkyfallMarch 19 •Final status update on Facebook•Release of DVD and special edition DVDs•Launch event/stunt in London•Contest/contest begin•Final Silva mission accessible with USB on websiteApril 23 •DVD coupons are released in Coke Zero packsMay 19 •15% coupons and discount on DVD sales throughsocial media sitesJune 19 •Contest ends•Three contest winners are selected at randomMarketing Plan pg38Scheduling
  40. 40. *Detailed budget breakdown in Appendix A$3.57 MillionMarketing Plan pg39Budget(in thousands of dollars)
  41. 41. Jan Febuary March April TotalPrint AdsWired $75,000.00 $75,000.00Rolling Stone $100,000.00 $100,000.00People $80,000.00 $80,000.00Entertainment Weekly $90,000.00 $90,000.00TelevisionCBS $950,000.00 $950,000.00Cable $300,000.00 $300,000.00Web and Social MediaWebsites $40,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $70,000.00Facebook fan page $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $40,000.00Instagram $5,000.00 $5,000.00 $5,000.00 $5,000.00 $20,000.00Radio digital/analog $75,000.00 $75,000.00Banner AdsAmazon $80,000.00 $80,000.00Best Buy $40,000.00 $40,000.00You Tube $100,000.00 $100,000.00Out-of homeBillboard $200,000.00 $400,000.00 $600,000.00Bus Stop/Bus $150,000.00 $150,000.00 $300,000.00PromotionsPoint of Purchase display $80,000.00 $80,000.00Bond Getway $10,000.00 $10,000.00Bond Green screen $15,000.00 $15,000.00Skyfall Skydive $500,000.00Nerf EventCourse $30,000.00 $30,000.00Banners $5,000.00 $5,000.00Saff $3,000.00 $3,000.00Swag $3,000.00 $3,000.00Total $55,000.00 $25,000.00 $2,911,000.00 $575,000.00 $3,566,000.00Detailed BudgetAppendix A
  42. 42. Sweepstakes RulesJames Bond Get away 2013 SweepstakesOFFICAL SWEEPSTAKES RULESA purchase will not increase the chances of winning, and no purchase or paymentof any kind is necessary in order to enter or win. Entry must be received by datespecified in offer or by prize deadline(s) below, whichever is sooner. Follow allentry instructions published in this offer (see below).CONSUMER DISCLOSURE(You have not won yet.)OPEN ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 50 UNITED STATES AND DISTRICT OFCOLUMBIA WHO ARE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD AS OF THE DATE OF ENTRYBy entering this Promotion, entrants accept and agree to be bound by these OfficialRules. Any violation of these rules may, at a Sponsor’s discretion result indisqualification. All decisions of the judges regarding this Promotion are final andbinding in all respects.PROMOTION PERIOD. Promotion begins 12:01 P.M. EDTMarch 13th, 2013 and ends, 11:59 A.M. EST on May 13th, 2013, when all entries mustbe received (“Promotion Period”)ELIGIBILITY. This sweepstakes (“the Promotion”) is only open to legalresidents of the 50 United States and Districts of Columbia who are at least 18 yearsold as of the date of entry, expect officers, directors, members, and employees ofthe Sponsor, the judging organization (if applicable), or any other party associatedwith the development or administration of this Promotion and the immediatefamily (i.e., parents, children, siblings, spouse), and persons residing in the samehousehold, as such individuals. This Promotion is void outside the 50 United Statesand the District of Columbia and where prohibited.HOW TO ENTER. Visit during the promotion Periodand follow the instructions to enter. All entries become the property of the Sponsorand will not be acknowledged or returned. Limit one entry per person for theentire Sweepstakes. The one entry per person maximum will be strictly enforced.Forgedentries, altered entries or entries obtained other than as set out in theserules will be void and ineligible. All entrant information, including e-mail addresses,is subject to the respective Privacy Policy of the applicable Sponsor.WINNER SELECTION AND NOTIFICATION. Winnerselection will be conducted by random drawing from all eligible entries on orabout March 30th, 2013 (the “Drawing Date”). Any potential winner will benotified by mail, email and/or telephone. If a potential winner: (i) cannot becontacted; (ii) does not respond within five (5) days from the date theSponsor first tries to notify him/her; (iii) fails to return the Affidavit andRelease as specified in the Rule 9; (iv) refuses the prize; and/or (v) the prizeor prize notification is returned as undeliverable, such potential winnerforfeits all rights to win the Promotion or receive the prize, and an alternatepotential winner may be selected. Upon contacting a potential winner anddetermining that he/she has met all eligibility requirements of the Promotion,including without limitation the execution of required waivers, publicity andliability releases and disclaimers, and, at Sponsor’s discretion, successfulcompletion of a background check, such individual will be declared the“winner” of the Promotion.PRIZE DESCRIPTION. There will be one (1) prizewinner.The prize is two (2) round-trip coach airfare tickets from Virgin Air (in the) USto the Heathrow Airport in London, England; one (1) one-bedroom suite, forseven (7) nights at the Dorchester; two (2) driving experiences at ThruxtonMotorsport Centre; one (1) three (3)-course dinner for two (2) at AlynWilliams at The Westbury, including two (2) beverages per guest (not toexceed $261); two (2) $1,500 credit at Harrods to purchase dinner apparel inthe form a of a suit or gown. The total approximate retail value of the prizepackage is $18,073.69, depending on exact itinerary. Actual value may varybased on various factors, including fluctuations in price for airfare and/oraccommodations, and distance between the point of departure and thedestination. All menus determined by Sponsors in their sole discretion.Winner must complete the trip by March 13, 2014, or prize will be forfeited.Trip must be booked at least thirty (30) days prior to departure and may besubject to certain other restrictions, including without limitation blackoutdates. Travel must be round trip. Sponsors will determine airline and flightitinerary in their sole discretion. No refund or compensation will be made inthe event of the cancellation or delay of any flight. Travel andaccommodations are subject to availability.Appendix B pg1
  43. 43. Travel is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Sweepstakes,and those set forth by the Sponsors’ airline carrier of choice as detailed inthe passenger ticket contract. All expenses and incidental travel costs notexpressly stated in the package description above, including but not limitedto, ground transportation, meals not listed above, personal training, in-roomcharges (e.g. mini-bar, movies), telephone calls, gratuities, incidentals,passenger tariffs or duties, surcharges, airport fees, service charges orfacility charges, personal charges at lodging, security fees, taxes or otherexpenses are the responsibility solely of winner. Travel companion must beeighteen (18) years of age or older as of the date of departure. Travelcompanion must travel on same itinerary and at the same time as thewinner. Travel companion must execute liability/publicity releases prior toissuance of travel documents. Travel restrictions, conditions and limitationsmay apply. If, in the judgment of Sponsors, air travel is not required due towinner’s proximity to prize location, ground transportation will be substitutedfor round-trip air travel at Sponsors’ sole discretion. Sponsors will not replaceany lost, mutilated, or stolen tickets, travel vouchers or certificates. Sponsorsare not responsible if spa treatments or activities are delayed, postponed, orcancelled for any reason, in which event that portion of prize is forfeited in itsentirety and no substitution will be provided except as in Sponsors’ solediscretion. Winner must be able to provide valid driver’s license andinsurance to drive car. Winner is responsible for all and any damages to thecar. Sponsor will not assist, pay for or be liable for any issues or misconductrelated to use of the car.TAXES. All federal, state and/or local income and other taxes, ifany, are the winner’s sole responsibility.ODDS OF WINNING. The odds of winning this Promotiondepend on the number of eligible entries received.NO PRIZE TRANSFER OR SUBSTITUTION. No prize orany portion thereof is transferable or redeemable for cash. Any portion of theprize that is not used is forfeited. No substitutions for prize except bySponsor, in which case a prize of equal or greater value will be substituted.CONSENT AND RELEASE. By entering thePromotion, each entrant releases and discharges the Sponsor, judgingorganization (if applicable), and any other party associated with thedevelopment or administration of this Promotion, their parent, subsidiary,and affiliated entities, and each of their respective officers, directors,members, shareholders, employees, independent contractors, agents,representatives, successors and assigns (collectively, “Sponsor Entities”),from any and all liability whatsoever in connection with this Promotion,including without limitation legal claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages,demands or actions of any kind (including without limitation personal injuries,death, damage to, loss or destruction or property, rights of publicity orprivacy, defamation, or portrayal in a false light) (collectively, “Claims”).Except where prohibited: (i) entry into the Promotion constitutes the consentof the entrant, without further compensation, to use his/her name, likeness,biographical data, and contact information for editorial, advertising,marketing, publicity, and administrative purposes by the Sponsor and/orothers authorized by the Sponsor; (ii) acceptance of a prize constitutes arelease by any winner of the Sponsor Entities of any and all Claims inconnection with the administration of this Promotion and the use, misuse, orpossession of any prize; (iii) any potential winner may be required to sign anaffidavit of eligibility (including social security number) and a liability/publicityrelease; and (iv) if prize involves travel or activities, any potential winner andtravel companion (if applicable) may be required to execute releases of theSponsor from any and all liability with respect to participation in suchtravel/activities and/or use of the prize. Affidavits and releases must bereturned within five (5) days from the date that Sponsor first tries to notify thepotential winner. Sponsor may conduct a background check to confirm anypotential winner’s eligibility and compliance with these rules. By entering,you agree to cooperate reasonably with any such background check. If theprize includes participation in any public event(s) or publicity, or if SponsorEntities intend to publicize the winner in any way, and if a background checkreveals that a potential winner has engaged in conduct that could damagethe reputation or business of any Sponsor Entity, as determined by Sponsorin its discretion, the potential winner may be disqualified and the prize maybe awarded to an alternate winner.Appendix B pg2Sweepstakes Rules
  44. 44. If winner is deemed to be a minor under the jurisdiction of his/her residence,the prize will be awarded in the name of his/her parent or legal guardian whomust execute the necessary affidavit and release and, if applicable, mustaccompany winner on the trip (no additional travel expenses will be awardedshould a parent or legal guardian be required to accompany the winner onthe trip)DISCLAIMERS. (i) Sponsor not responsible for entries that are lost, late,misdirected, incorrect, garbled, or incompletely received, for any reason,including by reason of hardware, software, browser, or network failure,malfunction, congestion, or incompatibility at Sponsor’s servers orelsewhere. In the event of a dispute, entries will be deemed submitted bythe authorized account holder of the e-mail address submitted at the time ofentry. “Authorized account holder” is defined as the natural person who isassigned to an e-mail address by an Internet Access Provider, online serviceprovider, or other organization (e.g., business, educational institute) that isresponsible for assigning e-mail addresses for the domain associated withthe submitted e-mail address. (ii) Sponsor, in its sole discretion, reservesthe right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process or theoperation of the web site or otherwise attempting to undermine the legitimateoperation of the Promotion. Use of bots or other automated process to enteris prohibited and may result in disqualification at the sole discretion ofSponsor. (iii) Sponsor further reserves the right to cancel, terminate or180826 v3 modify the Promotion if it is not capable of completion asplanned, including by reason of infection by computer virus, bugs,tampering, unauthorized intervention, force majeure or technical failures ofany sort. (iv) Sponsor Entities are not responsible for errors in theadministration or fulfillment of this Promotion, including without limitationmechanical, human, printing, distribution or production errors, and maycancel, terminate or modify this Promotion based upon such error at its solediscretion without liability. In no event will Sponsor be responsible forawarding more than the number of prizes specified in these rules. (v) In theevent this Promotion is cancelled or terminated, pursuant to subparagraph(iii) or (iv), Sponsor, in its sole discretion, may elect to hold a randomdrawing from among all eligible entries received up to the date ofdiscontinuance for any or all of the prizes offered herein. (vi) SPONSORENTITIES MAKE NO WARRANTIES, REPRESENTATIONS ORGUARANTEES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN FACT OR IN LAW, ASREGARDS THIS PROMOTION OR THE MERCHANTABILITY, QUALITYOR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE REGARDING ANY PRIZEOR ANY COMPONENT OF ANY PRIZE.(vii) CAUTION: ANY ATTEMPT BY AN ENTRANT TO DELIBERATELYDAMAGE THE WEBSITE OR UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATEOPERATION OF THIS PROMOTION MAY BE A VIOLATION OF CRIMINALAND/OR CIVIL LAWS, AND SHOULD SUCH AN ATTEMPT BE MADE,SPONSOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SEEK REMEDIES ANDDAMAGES (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ATTORNEYS’ FEES)FROM ANY SUCH ENTRANT TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW,INCLUDING CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. (viii) The value(s) of the prize(s)set forth above represent Sponsor’s good faith determination of theapproximate retail value(s) thereof; the actual fair market value(s) asultimately determined by Sponsor are final and binding and cannot bechallenged or appealed. In the event the stated approximate retail value(s)of a prize is more than the actual fair market value of that prize, thedifference will not be awarded in cash or otherwise. No substitution orcompensation will be given for any portion of the prize that is not used.APPLICABLE LAWS AND JURISDICTION. This Promotionis subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.Issues concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceabilityof these Official Rules shall be governed by the laws of the State ofCalifornia without regard to any principles of conflict of laws. All disputesarising out of or connected with this Promotion will be resolved individually,and without resort to class action, exclusively by a state or federal courtlocated in Los Angeles, California. Should there be a conflict between thelaws of the State of California and any other laws, the conflict will beresolved in favor of the laws of the State of California. To the extentpermitted by applicable law, all judgments or awards shall be limited toactual out-of-pocket damages (excluding attorneys’ fees) associated withparticipation in this Promotion and shall not include any indirect, punitive,incidental and/or consequential damages.WINNER LIST. For the name of the winner, send a self-addressedstamped envelope, within six (6) months of the Drawing Date, to: WinnerList, Skyfall DVD 2013 James Bond Get Away; 6969 Sunset Blvd., 13th floor,Los Angeles, CA 90210.SPONSORSHIP. This Promotion is sponsored by 007 USA Edition, 6969Sunset Blvd., 13th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90210.Appendix B pg3Sweepstakes Rules