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5 Free Basic Business Tools


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Presenting 5 free basic business tools: Free Conference Call,, Event Brite, Survey Monkey and Gantt Project.

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5 Free Basic Business Tools

  1. 1. 5 Free Basic Business ToolsMaking business more productive and cost less! By Chas Sobolak
  2. 2. For Conference Calls • Create and manage a toll free unshared conference line. • Recording and international calling capabilities.
  3. 3. For Web Conferencing • Provide free screen sharing capabilities both internally and externally. • Features include sharing screen control with participants, messaging and conference numbers.
  4. 4. For Business Events • Create, promote and manage events through an online interface. • Retrieve customized registrant contact information.
  5. 5. For Feedback • Online survey software. • Insight of options from clients, employe es, etc. • Ability to create charts and export reports.
  6. 6. For Project Management • Create project time lines for both scaling and scheduling. • Ability to create multiple resources, tasks, roles as well as PERT charts.
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