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The main components of a strong SEO strategy are the same as they as always appear. Main thing that we need concentrate is the creativity in promoting your product or service. Show your uniqueness and stand at the top of the organic results.

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Seo Strategies-for-2014

  1. 1. SEO Strategies for 2014 On-Page Optimization: Title & Meta Tag: Google has its own value for your website’s Title tag & Meta description when it comes to SEO. Meta tags include both Meta description and Meta keywords of your site. Each and every page of your site should have unique and proper Meta description for better ranking of your website in Google and other Search Engines.  Title tag should be unique and proper as it exist in search query of the user. So always try to target user generating  Placement of keywords with top priority.  Meta description which arrives very next to your title tag should be unique and should be appropriate to the webpage.  Meta keywords are not compulsory because Google add no value to it. But good if we add for other Search Engines. Purpose of H1 tags: Search Engine say Google will consider page heading as things that is given in between header tag H1. So it is highly important and appreciated by Google to give your main heading of webpage in H1 and sub heading in other header tags like, H2 or H3. Not only header tags also few more HTML tags like bold, emphasis and italics has some SEO values. So consider highlighting your keywords in any of these tags. Image Optimization: One of the best ways to make your site optimized for image is giving appropriate name and alt tags to your images. This would be more accessible if you use proper image name & alt attribute.
  2. 2. Also it advisable if we have our images and alt tags in appropriate name or keywords so that our site images will be found for these key phrases in Google images. This would be the best way of optimizing your images to Google. Sitemap Optimization: For SEO purposes, it is important to build an XML Sitemap and keep it up-to-date in order to help improve spider ability and ensure that all the important pages on your site are crawled and indexed in Google. XML Sitemaps give the search engines a complete list of the pages you want index, along with information about those pages, including how frequently the pages are updated. This does not guarantee that all pages will be crawled or indexed, but sure it can help in doing this. And linking your XML Sitemap from the website will help your sitemap to get crawled soon. Because your home page will be one of the most frequently crawled page by Google spider. Canonical issue eradication: Just say Google which URL you prefer to be the best canonical URL when there are several choices, and that URL will be the single authoritative one and indexed by Search Engines. Most probably it refers to home page URL. Customized 404 error page: It is always good to have a customized error page because it makes your visitors to stay on your website even if they land to wrong page. 301 Redirects: We can include 301 redirect codes to .htaccess file of Apache server & web config file of Windows server. Giving appropriate 301 redirect codes will help your site from not falling in canonical issues.
  3. 3. Content Marketing: Content Marketing is the thoughtful creation of content designed for a specific audience to inspire a particular outcome. It is often mapped to the information needs of a target audience segment during the customer journey from Awareness, to Purchase to promotion. And here are few content marketing techniques that we for our promotions. Blogging Social Media Updating Site Articles Videos Sharing Sharing content on other social websites Document & PPT’s sharing Image-Centric Content: We have the ability to communicate our information’s through visuals than through any huge amount of text. Images allow a user to feel emotion and see context. Understanding image-centric marketing can help optimize your marketing campaign and give you an edge over competitors who mainly publish written content. A simple way to get an SEO boost is by adding a few pictures to each post along with relevant alt and Meta tags. This includes the image file name, as well as the Title, Alt and description tags. Properly labeling these tags will help Google index your content and figure out how relevant and useful it is. When posting images to social media sites, take advantage of whatever tagging system they offer and include hashtags where possible. Creating banners and info graphics are the best way to convey our info in visual method. Image Submission Info graphics
  4. 4. Social Media Optimization: Face book:  Face book profile for establishing your web identity  Groups: Spread your community with the targeted visitors  Post your updates on your wall frequently  Share Photo or Videos regarding your service to travel thro web  Fan Pages: Face book Pages, known as Fan Pages, are designed for businesses, companies, products and celebrities. It enables public figures, organizations and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on Face book. You can encourage users to become fans of your page and share information with them by uploading pictures, videos, status updates, hosting discussions and displaying wall posts.  Events: Share your own events with Face book friends & community  Exclusive Landing Page for Users: Use different pages to target different sets of people. Take new users to a page that encourages them to ‘Like’ you or to a page they would find interesting enough to keep coming back.  Integrate Face book to other Social Plugins  Drive you real time visitors with free medium to advertise  Increase your sites, profile, wall or event like count which in turn increase your site reputation on web. Twitter :  Groups: Spread your community with the targeted visitors  Post your updates on your wall frequently  Can increase followers  Publish offers or your site promotions if any
  5. 5. LinkedIn  Can create community and spread with the targeted visitors  Increasing connections  Creating business profile  Creating interactive polling on our products  Can advertise in LinkedIn in a single link ad Google+  Improving Connections  Creating Events  Creating page  Creating business profile Pinterest  We can connect our site and other social media profile to Pinterest and can get more followers  Spread community  Can do interactive and effective image post and videos