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Charu's dossier


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Charu's dossier

  1. 1. Charu’s Dossier Clips of PR and Communication Projects
  2. 2. Description • This dossier is a small compilation of my work. It contains some excerpts and clips of my online work and some clips from Press releases. • Rest of my posts can be seen on : ( During my tenure of work there) Kronenbroug Facebook page : Mindjumper’s blog: Mindjumpers Facebook Page : Charu's dossier
  3. 3. Online PR: Thought Leadership Blogging on Company’s behalf on trending social media topics Charu's dossier
  4. 4. Facebook Management Community Management and dialogue creation on: • Mindjumpers’ Facebook page • Kronenbourg’s Facebook page( brand of Carlsberg beer) Charu's dossier
  5. 5. Product Launch Financial Product launches with press conferences in 5 key markets Charu's dossier
  6. 6. Event PR Nationwide events: • Tie up with Indian Premier league team as sponsors •Spelling Bee- Indian counterpart of US Spelling Bee in 10 different locations > Charu's dossier
  7. 7. Spokesperson Building Introduction of Spokesperson from different verticals of the company to media Charu's dossier
  8. 8. End Thank You !! Charu's dossier