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Spanish Conjugations

How to change a Spanish word by changing the ending.

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Spanish Conjugations

  1. 1. An Infinitive verb is an action, that doesn’t tell you who is doing the action. Infinitives are made up of two parts: the ending and the stem. E.G: To eat To write To listen To learn To cover
  2. 2. In a verb, the stem stays the same, and the ending changes as they are conjugated. E.G : • Hablo • Hablas • Habla • Hablamos • Habláis • Hablan DEFINITION OF: HABLAR SPEAK
  3. 3. I = Yo You = Tú He/she = Él / Ella We = Nosotros You all = Vosotros They = Ellos /Ellas
  4. 4. Personal Pronouns Verb Ending - AR Yo o Tú as Él / Ella a Nosotros amos Vosotros áis Ellos / Ellas an
  5. 5. Personal Pronouns Verb Ending - ER Yo o Tú es Él / Ella e Nosotros emos Vosotros éis Ellos / Ellas en
  6. 6. Personal Pronouns Verb Ending - IR Yo o Tú es Él / Ella e Nosotros imos Vosotros is Ellos / Ellas en