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Our notes from this weeks event.

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  • Contagious nn wnotes

    1. 1. Charlyinc notes Contagious Now,Next, Why Shoreditch House - 7th December 2011 “SEAMLESS COMMERCE” Increase in shoppers dropping off before transaction complete - Connect the dots for the consumer,never assume anything when planning the user journey vicarious window shopping behaviour? Amazon is very good a 71% of people introduced to a brand offerdeveloping new processes to through SM click to purchaseenhance seamless commerce [Just buy this one] - people don’t like Enrich consumers dwell time too much choice - it brings doubt into [QkR] - making shopping channels more purchase behaviour engaging .Mobile payment systems will rise in2012, this will be a great addition to Don’t try to be small businesses hardware flash and too cool, Platforms to work on all devices try to be right. Entertain new “toys” but establish Use insights to drive the experience. Remember no one needs first whether they make the to use you. Be humble and think about what the user actually experience better before you use needs. them DRIVE Emergence of crafted marketing channels - Comms Delivery Marketing Service blogger kick backs for sales etc.
    2. 2. Charlyinc notesContagious Now,Next, WhyShoreditch House - 7th December 2011 “LIVING DATA” DIKW model - must keep in Have smart phones, now seeing pocket for the “we must collect Data, data everywhere smart users emerge. data” “yes but why and what” discussion. Tracking our own data to improve of lives, selling a lifestyle via data? Create a need or act on the need that already exists - evidence based ->- Personal Data Literacy [Singly] ->- An internet of actions [didthis] buying. Eg [I’m Expecting] GE. [mydex] ->- Personal Data Literacy ->- Critical non-essentials [daytum] ->- 500M mobile health apps, $1.3 tr spent on healthcare in US. Ask the question, what can this add to the business and is it a +ve. [23andme] ->- Quantified self movement [TicTrac] This data development will be critical within the heath and police departments around the world Using Data to learn new habits from others,e.g ->- [zaim] self financial regualation through community runners can track their favourite athletes and normalisation - ref Nudge. follow their actual pattern of training from Addictive/promotion/personalised collective diet,sleep to miles running encouragement. ->- transformic brands - intervention to Educating consumers on use of data, many encourage self advancement - burnstudios people still fear technology mainly for how the data could be used Poster brand
    3. 3. Charlyinc notesContagious Now,Next, WhyShoreditch House - 7th December 2011 “AUGMENTED CONTENT” SM interaction with big TV moments, return Consistently partial concentration on many things is the normal of the “appointment to view” - Sky+ does state when consuming in-home media. TV+twitter, etc. not conquer all. Don’t make new content channels - Starting to see this already with programs such collaborate/borrow/add. as million pound drop, viewers able to play live Viewing possibilities online - TV Extra content -ipad - Laptop Use existing tech that it’s in - Iphone the living room environment Enhance - Styling tips - Smart Phone Reduce the retail funnel ->- Brand as an interface - e.g. Heineken * Unpredicted ways to connect with the player. make it consumer “Better with the Brand” [Starhub] - treasure hunt but ‘awesome’ use of Increase in creativity within brand models tech. Singapore v tech appr audience. Great use of co’s products. Use and learn ->- Add value and complement behaviour. Engaged Audiences [Pepsi X factor] US sponsor - ->- Sweat your/their assets morphs FB/Tw but creates a community from the unaquainted who have a shared passion and need to comment and share. ->- Complement don’t disrupt. +ve addition to viewer - Bluefin research observes reciprocal benefit to brand ->- Integrate
    4. 4. Charlyinc notesContagious Now,Next, WhyShoreditch House - 7th December 2011 “HACK CULTURE ” New wave of market research? Brands as venture capitalists > Orange and it’s seed fund for Mobile Tech start ups > Intel & it’s innovation lab - move from Curators > Burn Energy/Studios and Audiotool Intensive workshop, all staff participating to bring an idea to life using all teams expertise Open source software for developers to recreate apps Creating the right environment - P&G’s Clay Street Project. Change in environment to more experimental XBox Kinect, unexpected use of a tech innovation Serious space often brings new, hugely beneficial opportunities. change in approach to Hackers - originally wanted to remain closed. Now, opened their software and Kinect videos are on You Tube in their thousands. @pinterest moves this forward,a platform to hack moodboards for each persona of your life Position as benefactors of cutting edge technology Brands need to consider what they are willing to give up and what will be of most interest to the consumer [Arduino] feeding the tech crafters - biggest downfall of the iPhone - you can’t take the back off. People want to be in control of their tech again