Initial Location Ideas


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Initial Location Ideas

  1. 1. Initial Location Ideas…
  2. 2. Thought process…• The locations we choose for our teaser trailer need to be ones in the surrounding area, as none of us want to travel too far. They also need to look like they are from the 19th century, so extra care will need to be taken when it comes to factors such as transport and new buildings, to ensure that all the filming in the trailer looks authentic. Another thing is that when we film the outside of a building we will have to be careful not to get satellite dishes/Sky dishes in the shot. I looked into some locations we could use…
  3. 3. Assessing the situation…• When looking at locations I considered the fact that I live in Masham, Lucinda lives in Gunnerside (near Richmond) and Emily lives in Richmond. As none of us can drive yet it means that we had to consider how far we are willing to travel for the filming process. In the end I looked at surrounding areas such as Bedale, York and Leyburn.
  4. 4. The Georgian Theatre (Richmond) Built in 1788
  5. 5. Kings Head Hotel (Masham) Built in the 18th century
  6. 6. Alleyway (Masham near TheakstonsBrewery and Richmond near RADS)
  7. 7. Sixth Form Centre Hall
  8. 8. Aske Hall (near Richmond) Built in the 18th century
  9. 9. The White Rose Hotel (Leyburn) A 19th century residence
  10. 10. Grove House (Leyburn) Built in 1757
  11. 11. Bedale Town Hall Built in the 17th Century
  12. 12. Masham Town Hall Built in early 1900’s
  13. 13. Richmond Castle Constructed from 1071 onwards
  14. 14. Richmond Lower School Built around 1850
  15. 15. Pump House (Wycar near Bedale) Built in the 19th Century
  16. 16. The Shoulder of Mutton Inn (Richmond) Built in 18th Century
  17. 17. Stone House Hotel (Hawes) Built in 1908
  18. 18. Knavesmire Manor Hotel (York) Built in 1833
  19. 19. St Mary’s Church (Ripon) Built in 19th Century
  20. 20. Druids Temple (Ilton near Masham) Built around 1820
  21. 21. Beningbrough Hall and Gardens (York) Built in 1716
  22. 22. Castle Howard (York) Built in 18th Century
  23. 23. Newby Hall (Ripon) Built in the 1690’s
  24. 24. Treasurer’s House (York) Built in 1091 and restored in the late 19th Century
  25. 25. Nunnington Hall (Nunnington, near York) Built in the 1500’s
  26. 26. Moulton Hall (Richmond) Built in the 17th Century
  27. 27. Whashton Springs Farm House B&B (Richmond) Built in the 1700’s
  28. 28. Easby Abbey (near Richmond) Built in the 13th Century
  29. 29. St Mary’s Church (Masham) Built in the 17th Century
  30. 30. Kiplin Hall (Scorton near Richmond) Built in the 1620’s
  31. 31. Hornby Castle (Hornby) Built in the 14th century
  32. 32. Bowes Museum (Barnard Castle) Built in the 19th century
  33. 33. What I will do next…• I will begin to email/phone the appropriate people by getting details from the websites, and then we can narrow down our choices by seeing if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, as well as seeing what the people I speak to say.