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Lesson 8 teaching with contrived experiences


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Lesson 8 teaching with contrived experiences

  2. 2. What is contrive experience? • Contrived experience are the edited copies of reality and are used to substitutes for real things when it is not practical or not possible to bring in the classroom.
  3. 3. Contrived experiences: u Mock- up u Model u Specimen u Objects u Simulation uGames
  4. 4. Mock-up u Is an arrangement of a real device or associated devices. u A special model where the parts of a model where the parts of a model can be manipulated.
  5. 5. Models uIs a reproduction of a real thing in a small scale, large scale, or exact size- but made of synthetic materials. uSubstitute for a real thing which may or may not be operational.
  6. 6. Specimen uIs item considered typical of a group, class or a whole any individual.
  7. 7. Objects uInclude artifacts displayed in a museum or objects displayed in exhibits or preserved insects specimen in science.
  8. 8. Simulation uRepresentation of a manageable real event in which the learner is an active participant engaged in learning behavior or in applying previously acquired skills or knowledge. Ex: 1.Election of class 2.Earthquake drills
  9. 9. Games Purpose of games: practice knowledge/skills already acquired. identify gaps in knowledge or skills serve as a summation or review. develop new relationships among concepts and principles.
  10. 10. Why do we make use of contrived experiences? uto overcome limitations of space and time. uto "edit" reality uto overcome difficulties of size uti understand the accessible uhelp the learners understand abstractions
  11. 11. PROJECT IN PROF. ED. 4 Prepared by: Jefferson M. Edrosolan Rociel B. Guadalupe Prepared to: Grace B. Abella