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Dramatized Experiences

Educational technology

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Dramatized Experiences

  1. 1. Reporters: Ruby jean H. Gullem Joseph Alforte
  2. 2. DRAMATIC EXPERIENCES -Come next to contrived experiences - A reconstruct experiences -Require us to be dramatic in our entrance -Something that is stirring or affecting or moving
  3. 3. Dramatic experience can range from the: 1.FORMAL PLAYS -Depict life, character or culture -Portray vividly important ideas about life -Needs a length of time to prepare -Have its mechanics like costumes and props 2.PAGEANTS -Usually commonly drama -Based on local history -Presented by local actors
  4. 4. 3. TABLEAU -Is a picture like scene composed of people against a background. 4.PANTOMIME -Is an art conveying a story through bodily movements only.
  5. 5. TYPES OF PUPPETS 1.SHADOW PUPPETS -Flat back silhouette made from ligthweigth cardboard. 2.ROD PUPPETS -Flat cut out figures tacked to stick.
  6. 6. 3.HAND PUPPETS -The puppets head is operated by the forefinger of the puppeteer. 4.GLOVE AND FINGER PUPPETS -Make use of old gloves to which small costumed figure are attached. 5.MARIONETS -Flexible, jointed puppets operated by strings or wires attached to a cross bar.
  7. 7. Principles in Choosing a Puppet -Puppets must be more action than words. -Keep the plays short. -It is according to the ages, background and taste of the students.
  8. 8. ROLE PLAY -Unrehearsed dramatization -Unprepared dramatization -Spontaneous dramatization -Lets pretend situation where assigned participants are absorbed by their own roles in the situation described by the teachers.
  9. 9. Importance of using dramatized experience in the class: -Hold the attention of the students -Catch the interest -Gives entertainment -Present the story clearly -Less bored
  10. 10. Dramatized experiences is applicable to all subject?
  11. 11. Thank you!!