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The Charlotte region makes a play to be the nation's 'new energy capital'

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Charlotte Business Journal ENERGY INC.

  1. 1. The Charlotte region makes a play to be the nation’s ‘new energy capital’ Platinum Sponsor: Academic Partner: Gold Sponsors: Silver Sponsors: Community Partners:
  2. 2. 2 | energy Inc. CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL WEEK OF ApRIL 23, 2010 K&L Gates is honored to be a supporter and Platinum Sponsor of the Energy, Inc. summit. This summit confirms the rise of the Charlotte region as a national energy hub and underscores the region’s vital role in our energy future, locally, nationally, and globally. As a law firm with a global energy practice coupled with a significant and long-standing Charlotte presence, we are proud to be associated with many of the energy companies in this area, ranging from long-established companies to newer As our economy continues down the path of improvement, enterprises and businesses recently expanding or relocating to this region. energy is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday K&L Gates salutes their efforts in achieving this national recognition for our region. discussions. Clean energy, being green, and sustainability are words we use in the workplace and at home. Our firm is enthusiastic about the Charlotte region’s continued growth as a major energy hub. As an international law firm with offices on three continents and broad experience in AREVA is pleased to participate in these energy discussions multiple disciplines across the full spectrum of energy sectors, we look forward to playing and to offer solutions to our customers for nuclear energy a prominent role in contributing to that growth. and renewable energy generation, including clean wood biomass, offshore wind and concentrated solar power. These Sincerely, generation solutions will create jobs that will help our economy The K&L Gates Team on this road to recovery, growth and prosperity. Global legal counsel in 36 cities on three continents. The employees of AREVA are proud to be part of the growing and prosperous Charlotte, N.C. business community and many other communities around our nation. And we look forward to making investments to support the resurgence of nuclear energy and the growth of renewable generation for years to come. Energetically yours, AREVA Count on this The Charlotte Region is beginning to distinguish itself as “The New Energy Capital” and Forsite is proud to sponsor this Energy Inc. conference. Forsite’s contribution to the regions efforts to promote the “Clean Energy Economy” is the development of ReVenture Park, North Carolina’s largest Eco Industrial Park. This 667 acre former textile dye manufacturing plant has 1.4 miles of river frontage along the Catawba River and is currently listed as a [ not the dow ] Federal Superfund Site. Our redevelopment plan is to utilize the sites extensive infrastructure to create large scale renewable energy and clean fuel projects including a biomass power plant, biomass fuel production thermal solar, bio- diesel refining and a green business incubator among others. Crescent A smaller comeback ready for ion When complete, ReVenture could easily create 1000 + new green jobs, enough renewable energy for 50,000 homes and top $900 million in net new investment. reorganizat Developer’sdebt and the plan trims holdings. value of its P11 ING OUT: BRANCH ed rail Forsite has gained national recognition for creating the vision for ReVenture High-spe y to roll SCBT mbia’s plan read How Colu to funding key ground with Stimulus h of faster is gaining ns driving launc h. acquisitio service to Raleig new bank P5 More than 21,000 which is recognized as potentially the largest, multi-faceted energy park currently P3 • $2.00 ing in, ebusinessjou USDA mov long? www.charlott but for how property a lab y plans federal agenc but Obama $4.5B in being developed in the United States. polis, . in Kanna future funds readers rely on our Subscribe today for budget cuts P7 on is piling up 5, 2010 fEBRUaRy ER 46 • 24 NUMB ft next up books VOLUME Microso center? N.C. bank for data is scouting solid business news for just $1.81 a week. Tech giant server hub, WILL BOyE region for le. IEL and apple, Goog ADAM O’DAN rS following P5 write Bank This “Eco-Industrial” redevelopment concept is becoming a national model for Staff Dom inion of 30 mer, New t own er Last sum relu ctan ivi- the ished subd beca me rock solid results. an unfin lots in l Char- vacant lotte. north Char , the smal mow s sion in months later Seven bills and ed. still pays never want how dormant industrial sites can be “recycled” to create green jobs, power and lotte bank estate it traced real can be grass for ’s ownership tur ned sour The bank loan that crashed and ine et to a rout housing mark the neighbor- ossroads cy. when the Management, bankrupt budget woes. into Landcraft loper, fell payments, the to deal with is at a cr fuels. increase deve hood’s to collect loan sing a fare CATS is propo Unable losed. rien ce is just CATS bank forec inion’s expe ing issu e for New Dom a grow als ple of profession ss one exam estate s acro and realregion. Bank grap- Of PLANS bankers Charlotte n — are into the ble CHANGE g in the — and the natio ease in the Tapping plan in trou of fundin a review five corridors p incr stry energy indu at beginning the area a shar Is transit 16 caTS is continue buildingit Plan. plin g with ES, PAGE shifting fORECLOSUR rt looks g woes, to options in the 2030 Trans Special Repoeffort to as fundin debate? called for ’s s top the region and research. open new Developer lls grow jobs timelines P19 We believe ReVenture Park is an “Industry Transformer” and will further establish R STAff WRITE ro unpaid tax THE LIST ERG | SENIOR ERIK SPANB s erg@b s acros espanb and townthe 2030 T after cities approved WRITER S LaRGESS Three years Coun ty obsolete. Ey | STAff REGiON’ the Charlotte region as a national energy hub. to DiNG supposed OfficE BUiL urg dy shift- SUSAN STABL Meck lenb it is alrea it tax revenue, ces that was zjourna P23 Plan, rail line delayed. sjstabley@bi ers in Transit holes in trans regional allian ect Commuter likely be erty own of Gaping uneasy plan to conn 2012 will s of prop owe a total , ines and the rs via open in Thou sand Coun ty unpaid taxes ing timel in question lation cente urg in - have put major popu Meck lenb $70 million Business Jour 12 uptown dors. with a number more than to a Charlotte bills. BaNK NOTES 33 erns on al direc- t according of delinquen year’s combined five corri t months, conc sever w m cLaSSifiEDS 25 In recen emer ged from nal revie more than this library syste - EURS of front s have 17% from That’s county’s s and recre ENTREPREN 13 ue is down in at 2005 for the its park on). tions: budgets on) and GOiNG GREEN tax reven to rema ($37.4 milli3 unpaid tax 26 •Transit and expectedyears. - ($31.8 milli rtment ON THE MOVE peak al lotte r city street 38,32 ation depa 1, there are 10. The number PEOPLE 13 its 2008 the next sever the Char for have led its third fare erate cente operations. As of Feb. t one out of year typically R ciTy levels g expenses est to accel can’t fund POWE 5 •Operatin System to sugg . City wants it abou bills, or tax notices each interest, the aGENDa CATS says QUEEN ciTy sit years le and car, but ty With 8.59. 34 Area Tran the past four , Mooresvil of coun t 371,500.up to $70,616,29 and GUiDE in elius battle totals abou bills add REaDER’S increase ille, Corn their own t , buildings E ROUN DUP 12 •Huntersv now fighting uter rail line. is delinquen taxes on land but many REaL ESTaT are comm line ty Sept. 1, g until 19 Davidson money for a on streetcar blur- Coun were due off payin REPORT al equipment hold h is when SPEciaL 4 for feder osed $450 milli of Charlotte, owners ary whic , •A prop ed by the city and funding. property of Janu TaBLE TaLK 23-24 2030 week the first is applied. devel- being push of priorities ned in the s or t list are TOP 25 LiST 35 lines outli ring the major project ed by six year t- interest on the delinquen rs y 17 OiNT •Every likely be delay ue and heigh yn Flowe Man DELINqUENT, PAGE ViEWP 34 g reven tive Carol iGHTS Plan will se of fallin Chief Execu routes. WEB HiGHL becau ure. represents New CATS avoid cuttin g more et press troubles hopes to Blog Charlotte 2007. ened budg y of transit giddy days of The litan ne from the story at The you the inside decli PAGE 15 a rapid TRANSIT, om | Our reporters give THE site at charl ottebusine ssjournal.c STIMULUS our Web list ings AND YOUR BREAKING NEWS! check Stimulus for proposals and BUSINESS e t requests ulus funds. ibe to th find out abou ded via economic-stim To subscr Journal, contracts awar at charlottebusinessjou Business and On page 14 Charlotte 3-1100 ca ll (704) 97 Call 704.973.1144 to subscribe Tom McKittrick President Forsite Development, Inc.
  3. 3. WEEK OF april 23, 2010 CHarlOTTE BUSiNESS JOUrNal energy Inc. | 3 Natural Gas: America’s Responsible Energy Choice As we seek solutions to our nation’s energy and environmental challenges, we must understand there is no one silver bullet. The answer is a diverse combination of energy choices, including renewables, new technologies and new ways to look at fossil fuels. An important part of the solution – natural gas – is sitting right in our backyard. Natural gas is clean, efficient, abundant and American. The expanded use of natural gas in all market sectors can help enhance our country’s energy security while creating and retaining jobs and making an immediate positive impact on the environment. Natural gas is clean. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel – emitting 45 percent less carbon dioxide than coal and 30 percent less than oil. Natural gas is efficient. Natural gas customers receive 90 percent of the source natural gas delivered to their home or business as useful energy. In contrast, less than one third of the actual source energy used to generate electricity reaches electric appliances in homes and businesses. Natural gas is abundant. Natural gas resources across this nation are abundant and production is rising. Increasing quantities of natural gas will have considerable long-term positive effects on consumers and businesses. Natural gas from U.S. shale basins and responsible on-shore and off-shore drilling can ensure a steady and reliable supply for the future. Natural gas is American. Ninety eight percent of the natural gas that is consumed in America comes from North American sources. And we have a one hundred year supply of natural gas resources under American soil. This helps our economy and reduces dependence on foreign energy sources. Natural gas is uniquely positioned to play a vital role in our nation’s energy future by providing both near-term and long-term solutions to America’s energy and environmental goals. It is truly, America’s Responsible Energy Choice. Thomas E. Skains Chairman, President and CEO Piedmont Natural Gas Company At Wells Fargo Securities, our Energy & Power Charlotte’s Energy Community: Investment Banking group is committed to serving our Demand for energy in the United States is expected to grow by more than 30 percent clients as they embark on an unprecedented period of by 2030. National studies suggest roughly half of the engineers and technicians in the infrastructure investment and regulatory change. energy industry today will be eligible to retire by 2012. Industry leaders are looking toward UNC Charlotte to help address a critical shortage in the intellectual capital necessary to modernize current energy production operations and help develop Our Energy & Power industry expertise combined alternative energy sources. with market-leading execution capabilities provides us with well-balanced perspectives and unique insights Recognizing an opportunity for long-term collaboration that will prove beneficial to the community and industry, as well as reinforce Charlotte’s position as a global to determine optimal strategies for Energy & Power leader in energy production, UNC Charlotte has created the Energy Production companies. We pride ourselves on maintaining a client and Infrastructure Center (EPIC). The expertise brought to bear through EPIC focused-culture and franchise and look forward to each will dramatically increase the region’s supply of trained engineers, and assure the efficiency and reliability of the next generation of power plants and distribution opportunity to present new and existing clients with systems. exciting ideas and solutions. UNC Charlotte, North Carolina’s only urban research university, is uniquely positioned in the heart of a region rapidly becoming “The New Energy Capital” in To find out how we can be a partner in your company’s America. EPIC, slated for completion in 2011, is an example of the many ways in success please contact me or any other member of our which UNC Charlotte supports the region’s economic development. It’s also an dedicated Energy & Power investment banking team example of how business and industry have come to depend upon the University as source of invaluable technical expertise. today. UNC Charlotte is staking its claim to the future of energy production. That’s good news Sincerely, for our energy production sector, the regional economy, and the greater community. James Kipp Cordially, Head of Energy & Power Investment Banking 713-346-2701 Philip L. Dubois Chancellor Wells Fargo Securities is the trade name for certain capital markets and investment banking services of Wells Fargo & Company and its subsidiaries, including Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, member FINRA and SIPC. ©2010 Wells Fargo Securities, LLC. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. 4 | energy Inc. CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL WEEK OF ApRIL 23, 2010 BUSINESS CHARLOTTE From the Publisher Charlotteans witnessed with amazement the rapid rise of our banking industry in the 1990s. A sleepy Southern town was suddenly thrust onto the global stage as home to two of the nation’s top banks. JOURNAL Kevin Pitts President & Publisher Charlotte again seems to be on the verge of a rapid and stunning transformation, this time in the energy field. The region has aspirations to be the nation’s New Energy Capital. This is more than a Robert Morris Editor catchy phrase — the region wants to be home to any company involved in energy production. David Harris Managing Editor As the stories in these pages will show, this entails a concerted effort by major industry players, Steve Cranford Associate Editor organizations such as the Charlotte Regional Partnership, government officials and entrepreneurs. Sheila Cottringer Advertising Director You’ll read how Duke Energy Corp.’s Jim Rogers jump-started the effort last year with an energy Keeley Brown Tase summit to bring together key players. He has also played a behind-the-scenes role in recruiting firms to Senior Business Development Consultant the region that are giving credibility to the New Energy Capital campaign. Dawn Brown, Gail Dougherty, Frank Harlow Business Development Consultants Charlotte needs success stories to compete against other regions intent on taking the crown. As the Chuck Harris Marketplace Advertising Consultant nation recovers from recession, the capabilities and growth of players such as Duke, Piedmont Natural Amy Thompson Gas, Siemens Energy Shaw Power Group and Areva hold the promise of realizing this vision. , Business Development Coordinator The Charlotte Business Journal is pleased to present this inaugural Energy Maggie Lynn Production Director Inc. publication. We also are pleased to sponsor the Energy Inc. symposium Greg Russell Graphic Designer on April 23 that will allow our guests to hear the views of leaders in the Dale Morefield Circulation Director industry We are grateful to our many sponsors that helped make this event . Dory Rogers Marketing and Events Manager possible. Rick Teare Business Manager These are challenging times, but the promise of the region’s The entire contents of this newspaper are copyrighted by American City transformation in energy makes them exciting. Rest assured the Business Journals Inc. 2010 with all rights reserved. Reproduction or Charlotte Business Journal is committed to following our journey. use, without permission, of editorial or graphic content in any manner is prohibited. The Charlotte Business Journal, ISSN-0887-5588, is published weekly by American City Business Journal Inc., at 1100 S. Tryon Street., Charlotte, NC 28203. Subscription rate is $94.00 for a one year subscription, $172.00 for a two-year subscription, $203.00 for a three-year subscription. Subscriptions mailed outside of the continental United States are $442 for a one year subscription. Periodical postage paid at Charlotte NC under USPS Per. #1564. The Charlotte Business Journal is a publication of American City Business Journals Inc. The Charlotte Business Journal is an equal opportunity employer. Postmaster please send address changes to: Charlotte Business Journal, Kevin Pitts 1100 S. Tryon St., Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28203. President & Publisher Publisher: Kevin Pitts Phone: (704) 973-1100 or (800) 948-5323 Fax: (704) 973-1102 Internet: E-mail: New Century Systems, Inc. Wishes to thank all of our Exceptional Customers for supporting Charlotte North Carolina based Diversity Small Businesses over the past 15 years... During those 15 years, New Century Systems, Inc., an HP Elite Diversity Partner, has strived to provide our customers with the very best Information Systems Solutions from Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard. NCS has combined 50+ years of staff experience with major Information Technology Providers to deliver superior business solutions. Our customer’s long term commitment to support NCS and other Diversity Companies has been instrumental in our continued success as a Charlotte based business. We are very grateful for your continued business and support. Frederick L. Denton President/CEO New Century Systems, Inc. 704-523-2515
  5. 5. WEEK OF april 23, 2010 CHarlOTTE BUSiNESS JOUrNal energy Inc. | 5 energy capital arises poWer players 6 Making its case 18 shaw’s growing role The Charlotte region’s expertise in power production inspires Jeff Merrifield oversees Shaw Power Group’s campaign to be the nation’s new energy capital. efforts to design and build power plants. 7 Duke’s rogers provides spark 20 a French accent Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers gets behind effort French firm Areva prepares for a rebirth of to develop the Carolinas as center of energy nuclear power at its Charlotte-based operations. Merrifield industry. 20 other voices 8 gaining momentum Six executives in energy sector discuss the growth prospects of Siemens joins a growing cluster of energy com- their firms and the region. panies that are expanding or locating here. Rogers 22 alternatives seek traction 8 research backs industry Leaders at Charlotte’s small renewable-power companies say UNC Charlotte’s research center set to play a leading role in this part of the energy industry faces challenges. advancing energy industry. 9 training a work force What they are saying Central Piedmont Community College partners with business to 25 partnership’s push offer curriculum needed to build, operate power plants. Charlotte Regional Partnership is taking lead 11 Benefits of diversification role in promoting the region as the new energy capital. With banking and finance badly hurt by the recession, the rise of the energy sector takes on heightened significance. 25 chamber’s energy agenda 12 policy considerations Charlotte Chamber outlines changes in federal and state policy that are needed to foster Proponents say state needs to make some regulatory changes to development of the industry. advance various components of energy production. Bryant 26 tax credits need revision 13 Working with legislators State policy on treatment of tax credits is curbing enthusiasm for Conservation measures won’t progress much without help from investments in renewables. the General Assembly. 27 new purpose for industrial parks 24 Funding energy projects The nation’s huge inventory of unused industrial properties can Charlotte firm Abundant Power gears up to finance clean-energy house energy projects. projects. 27 solar power’s promise top 25 list Solar energy is poised for growth, but some regulatory changes and financial incentives are needed for it to fully realize its poten- 16 top area energy companies tial. photo NANCy PiERCE AVAILABLE – Entire building available – +/-182,000 sq. ft. of Class A office space for lease or purchase ACCESSIBLE – Located at the intersection of Billy Graham Parkway and Tyvola Road – Minutes from I-77, I-85, Charlotte Douglas International Airport and center city Charlotte AFFORDABLE – Large, flexible floorplates in high-quality and attractive building ACTIVE – Outdoor amenities including lakes, trails and proximity to Renaissance Park Golf and Recreation Center CORPORATE CENTER ONE 2320 Cascade Point Blvd Learn more about LakePointe at or call 704.342.9000