Music Questionnaire Results


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Music Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. Music Questionnaire Results Task 15 Survey Questionnaire Link: http:// =_2bcJuNTwTnZ4N8ensRJYz0w_3d_3d
  2. 2. My first question was to see how and if people download music, roughly half download off illegal sites and the other don’t download music at all. Just over 11% download off official (legal) sites. These results show what I would have predicted because people would much rather download free illegal tracks rather than pay money for music from stores such as iTunes and other legal downloading sites.
  3. 3. <ul><li>The second question links to the first one, dealing with how much downloader's spend, if at all weekly. 100% of all the people who answered would spend less than £5 on downloading music tracks, linking back to the first question which identifies that most people would get the songs off illegal sites and if they were to use legal sites such as iTunes then they would spend between £0-£4.99. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Question 3 and 4 link into each other and allows me to see if people would rather watch a music video online or on television music channels, only 20% prefer to watch the videos online and over 40 % said no and the other 40% liked them both, showing me that by artists playing their videos on television would sell them better as to playing them online due to the number of viewings and music channel popularity.
  5. 5. Like question 3 and 4 this question all links in with how and where people find and are able to listen to tracks. Television has again come out on top compared to online download sites and has beaten the online downloading sites which I had predicted would have had a higher percentage compared to television in viewings and popularity. Magazines however are the biggest factor in advertising and giving audiences information about new albums and songs. Alongside television with 50% is radio. So magazines, television and radio still are the biggest advertisers for new albums and bands. No one who took the quiz chose fan sites or myspace as a way of finding out about new music.
  6. 6. I wanted to find out more about fan sites and if the mixed tapes which are commonly found on these sites help sell the band/artist to the fans or people who visit the page. 50% said yes and 30% said that they didn’t visit fan sites, proving that the online advertisement and fan sites are not actually that popular and don’t sell the band/artist as well as television and other sources do.
  7. 7. Again back to the internet side of accessing music and artists, here we can see if people use live streaming and how they are able to access the live coverage of bands and artists or even if they live stream tracks at all. 60 % said no, meaning more than half of the people who took this questionnaire do not use or get access to streamed tracks. The most popular site to access these types of tracks is YouTube.
  8. 8. I used this question to see if people go to gigs and festivals, for the purpose of seeing the acts and artists live. The festivals are a good place for new acts to perform because being an supporting act for a good artist allows the newcomer to help promote themselves as well as to get noticed by the original band/artist in the gig fans. 70% of the people who took this question visit gigs, whereas the other 30% do not, meaning gigs are still popular and the majority of people go to them.
  9. 9. Here I wanted to see if anyone sees any point in a well put together DVD Digipak, which provides tracks and interviews with the band/artist. Only three out of the ten of the people who took this question said yes, 5 said they didn’t know what one is and the other two said no. If the people were given information on my questionnaire about what a Digipak actually is then the results may have differed, these results however have showed me that most don’t see the point of having a DVD Digipak and so I plan to produce a website about the band/artist I chose to make a music video for.