Alibaba TMALL China - Operation Procedure


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TMALL - B2C E-commerce in China.
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Alibaba TMALL China - Operation Procedure

  1. 1. Supplier Operation Procedure – TMALL in China • Shop Registration Procedure • Payment • Delivery Procedure • Marketing Prepared by Charlotte Lee 2013 Oct
  2. 2. Vendor Application Procedure 7 days 4 days 3 days Seller has Bank account in China TMALL account application Business license & document support Product photo & details Apply account in TMALL regulation & operation exam Trade register doc. Brand, logo … co chop Promotion, Event, Ads Alipay link up with Seller Bank account Decide either flagship or boutique TMALL verify shop information Logic, customer service, invoice…etc Alipay verification Shop name, tag word … etc. set up TMALL cross check government doc Alipay Account OPEN SHOP PLATFORM SET UP Authorization SHOP OPEN
  3. 3. Online Registration Procedure 1. Business Registration License (Copy + Co chop) 营业执照副本复印件 General Requirement 2. Tax registration form 税务登记证(国税和地税)复印件 3. Trademark Certification 商标注册证明 4. Brand Authorization 品牌所有者出具的授权信和商标使用许可 5. Alipay authorization letter 商户向支付宝公司出具的授权书 1. E-Shop Type Selection: Flagship 旗舰店 vs Franchise 专营店 2. Security deposit: Flagship ¥100K, Franchise ¥150K Attention 3. Technology Annual Service Charge: ¥30K - ¥60K (but refundable based n DSR >4.6 scores 4. Follow Chinese Law
  4. 4. Payment (details as appendix) Buyer Transaction Seller Transaction 1. Pay via Alipay 1. Request using Alipay in shop 2. Pay money to Alipay and Alipay will inform seller to deliver goods 3. Buyer will inform Alipay to transfter money to seller 2. Receive notification from Alipay and deliver the goods 3. Receive money from Alipay and complete the order
  5. 5. Marketing in TMALL Free-Of-Charge Service Paid Service SEO, Community, Fan “Hot” sell shop Click apply link, my favorite function Ads, banner VIP buyer club, VIP shop list CRM system Coupon, Trial sample forum, Gift after reach certain sales amount Tao $$ scheme Discount “Time” Official events & promotion activities Official e-magazine ads
  6. 6. THANK YOU • This presentation focus on how TMALL operate in China. • Other B2B and B2C platform operation system will be summarizing and compare in last section • New brand + e-commerce strategy in China Prepared by Charlotte Lee 2013 Oct
  7. 7. Appendix Apart from the usual inclusion of product name, image, image enlargement, price, delivery info and ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Adding to Shopping Cart’ buttons, the page tries to list every possible thing a buyer could ever think about: specifications, product information, product function, a comparison of various product versions, product features, cross-sell banner, customer service hours, purchasing notes (about purchasing process, return and exchange, delivery), photos of packaging and invoices, customer review, quantity sold monthly, service quality (as scored by TMall and users) and recommended products.
  8. 8. Appendix a standard TMall feature box with more seller information including scores for the consistency of product description(4.8), attitude of service staff (4.8) and shipping speed (4.8).
  9. 9. Appendix the page does a good job by listing all shopping details and ever more nicely sitting on the top of the page, a progress bar indicating the 4 steps buyers need to walk through in order to complete a purchase: Checking shopping cart, check out, payment with Alipay (TMall’s default payment method, but options for other methods are available), verification of delivery and leaving a comment.
  10. 10. Appendix Payment Once logged into the account, users need to fill in and confirm their billing and delivery address before making a payment.
  11. 11. Appendix On the payment page, users can pay online with Alipay if they already have an account, otherwise they will be asked to register an Alipay account, or choose from many other options supported by Microsoft TMall store such as Alipay card, credit card and cash on delivery.