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CMSDC China - Operation Procedure


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All data from public. Just for acedmic propose

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CMSDC China - Operation Procedure

  1. 1. Supplier Operation Procedure – CMSDC in China Prepared by Charlotte Lee 2013 Oct • Registration Procedure • Payment • Delivery Procedure • Marketing
  2. 2. • China Media Shopping Distribution Centre • Operated by Shanghai Faith Investment Management Company • Supported by Shanghai government • Business Model: Engaged in import and export product and business • Marketing Campaign: - Radio broadcast shopping - TV shopping - on line shopping - mail order - telephone shopping - mobile terminal shopping - regional newspaper shopping VENDOR APPLICATION PROCEDURE Company Background
  3. 3. • Product Category of CMSDC : - food -Textiles - household appliances VENDOR APPLICATION PROCEDURE Company Background
  4. 4. • 20% Deposit after contract • Balance payment will be remitted after commission and campaign finish • Regional mass exhibition • Defect and balance goods will be returned after exhibition VENDOR APPLICATION PROCEDURE Vendor Application Procedure – Cooperation Flow Chart & Electricity Product Inspection
  5. 5. THANK YOU Prepared by Charlotte Lee 2013 Oct • This presentation focus on how CMSDC operate in China. • Other B2B and B2C platform operation system will be summarizing and compare in last section • New brand + e-commerce strategy in China