Magazine analysis


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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. The Title of NME is not central to page I like this cover as it is bold edgy and fairly minimalist. It is The pose that Rihanna is taking in this unlike most other magazines, however advertised at the top of the page that this is in fact one of shot is quite unusual and bold. She isn’t it still remains at the top of the page a series of special issues and so people maybe more just straight on to the camera and has and in the strongest area for drawing inclined to purchase for this reason alone, people whom quite a moody expression. I like thispeoples eye line to it. NME also change may not usually buy the magazine or just occasionally. image as although rather simple is the colour of the font for their title striking and bold. The image also fills every week to tie in with the specific the majority of the cover basically edge features of that issue, and in this case to edge, which I feel works well as itpink has been chosen to exaggerate the minimises blank spaces and forces thebold and feminine style of Rihanna. The picture to be in your face. The colours pink also sets a colour theme which chosen for the model and general covercompliments the style and layout of the are also that of about three primary cover, and creates the mood for the colours of pink blue and black. The main feature. NME stands for new connotation for this photo aremusical express, however the choice of edgy, moody, rebel and possibly slightly just calling it NME is far more catchy eccentric. Depicting Rihanna in this and striking. However from the title manner will attract readers who arealone it is difficult to guess at the genre looking for modern and new music theyof the magazine unless you are already will be expecting something edgy and aware, and so underneath the full funky and also a feature that is possibly name is presented. a little out there and outrageous. The details of the main features in the issue of this magazine is down to the The barcode is discreetly to the bottombottom left and in quite a fallow area as right, out of the way and fairly far as eye line. However this is ideal in unnoticeable. However it is still at the not detracting or covering the main front and perfectly placed for being image whilst still being clear to read convenient to scan. This is in one of the and advertising the contents. These most fallow areas for drawing the eye taglines and heading also intrigue the and so inconspicuous at a glance.reader to buy the magazine especially if The main heading for this issue is of the artist for the main feature and is central to the cover in a they are not particularly fans of prime spot to be seen. It stands out boldly against the black with the neon pink writing and is only Rihanna as these may tempt them to short, stating her name but affective. There is also only one main title used. Underneath the main purchase or read on regardless. So this heading there is also a quote taken form the feature article. By including this it offers the reader a extra information promotes the little snippet of the contents and will hopefully make them intrigued enough to continue on to magazine to a larger audience. purchase the magazine.
  2. 2. The title of Rolling Stone is central and at the top of the cover of this magazine in a very generic way. However the actual lettering ispartially covered by the main image, this expresses the importance of Lady Gaga as she isn’t being detracted from or obstructed at all, she is in the foreground. It also expresses that the magazine is well enough known that people still recognise the name withoutseeing whole thing. The chosen font for the tile is rather old school America, which represents its rock and roll theme. The choice of red is also bold and contrasts well with the pale background. The photo for this cover, of lady The writing on the cover is all in one Gaga, is rather simple and column on the left hand side of the understated, with pale colours and a page, with the main feature only basic mid-shot. Even Gaga’s facialwritten slightly bigger then the title for expression is rather plain and relaxed. Ithe other contents. The writing is off to think the simpleness expresses Ladythe side in this ways so it doesn’t cover Gaga’s impact on the magazinethe main image at all keeping it looking herself, as nothing dramatic is required bare and bold. The font is written in for her to be recognised. This photo red and black which follows the main also fits with the theme of the colour scheme and is in keeping with cover, being muted and clean. The the title. All the writing is also in the colour scheme of pastels also blends same font maintaining continuity. with her pale hair and skin. There is The features of the magazine are something striking about this photo separated with a thick black line and (with her piercing gaze and remain clear whilst still minimalist. dramatically pale skin) which I would They are a secondary feature to the like to capture in my own cover. cover photo and most important However perhaps in a more unusual aspect. This list of the magazines and vivid way. The image covers thecontents is ideal for enticing the reader majority of the page grabbing interest.with, as if they’re not fans of Lady Gaga Gaga’s appearance is also in keeping they can stile be lured to read on. with the rock and roll theme with her The main strap line for this cover red lipstick and black bra. ‘Monster Goddess’ is ideal for What I like about this cover is the almost vintage look with faded pastel shades and the fairly intriguing the reader. As it is clear to minimalist appearance, with the use of primarily black writing on a pale background it almost fans that it relates to Lady gaga, whilst reminds me of a newspaper feel. This magazine is quite unique in many respects as nowadays also hinting at the context of this magazines tend to use far more vibrant and loud colours. However this colour scheme is ideal for feature. the ‘vintage’ look which is appropriate to rock and roll, as this too is rather old fashioned.
  3. 3. I like this cover as it is actually quite busy and vibrant The Title of Q is not central to page The choose of position for the which would stand out on the shelf against plainerunlike most other magazines, however covers. Although the eye tends to be drawn away model of this issue is very it still remains at the top of the page and in the strongest area for drawing from some of the main information which could interesting and unusual as it is the peoples eye line to it. Q’s bold one detract from the key features. use of a long shot and with Chris letter title also stands out strong balancing is a complex position. The against other magazines as the clear background of the image is also veryand striking logo is easily identified and unusual as it appears to be almost clear to notice. However Q chooses to like graffiti and is incredibly dark keep the colour of its logo the same and busy. Even so Chris iseach week which helps with continuity highlighted and clear against thehowever limits chose of colour scheme back drop which is very important towhich otherwise could be more varied. catch the readers eye to who he is. By keeping it the same it will become However the fact that he is turned more familiar to the general market. away and looking down minimisesThe title ‘Q’ itself is a little obscure anddoesn’t immediately express that it is in the chances of him being recognised fact a music magazine, however when people glance at the magazine through its popularity and use of maybe doesn’t promote the feature tagline (DISCOVER GREAT MUSIC) of him in this issue. below it is apparent to most people. The secondary titles of this The main heading for this feature is magazine are actually just as bold as not central to the page but off to the main title of ‘Coldplay’ and one side and slanted. Although it is seem to be of equal importance. positioned in this way it still stands Although the eye is still drawn proud of the background and very primarily to the Coldplay title clear as it contrasts well with the because of its positioning and the use of white plain writing on the other writing just provides adark busy background. The font type The barcode is discreetly to the bottom left, This is in busyness to the page. The tag line oflooks like it has been draw on with a one of the most fallow areas for drawing the eye and artists featured in the issue are pen or almost graffiti-ish which so inconspicuous at a glance, out of the way and along the bottom of the page which reflects the cool and casual attitude fairly unnoticeable. However it is still at the front and I think almost acts like a border and of the feature band. perfectly placed for being convenient to scan. extra snippets of information.
  4. 4. To the left of the page is a band index that tells you The main contents of the magazine is The title of the contents reuses the which bands are on each page. This is handy as it clearly laid out in separate sections main magazine title logo again to will appeal to the audience of the magazine who with bold page numbers making it maintain continuity through the are purchasing because of their interest in music quick and easy for the reader to findmagazine and constantly remind the and bands and also advertises the extent of how the page they want. The use of reader which magazine they’re many bands are included. categories (News, radar, Reviews, Livelooking at. This title is very clear and and Features) also acts as an overview bold which is vital as this whole of the general contents allowing the page is in the magazine to help the reader to establish a very general view reader navigate and understand the of what’s to come and directs them tolayout. This title also almost appears the specific pages they’ll enjoy. The like the layout of a newspaper with contents information in this particular the black and white and this title is magazine is very generic plain and like a headline drawing in interest. rather simple. However this is affective in keeping it easy to be read and understood. Although as it is so Central to the cover is a large image very plain it may cause some readers which relates to a mini article on the to skip the page and then miss out on contents. This is clever in holding the certain features of the magazine or be readers attention to the page and uninterested. encouraging them to then happen to notice the other features. A photo is At the bottom of the page is an added also a quicker way of getting red arrow which is telling us to turn to information across to the reader and a particular page for the ‘No.1 Gig suggesting to them possible themes or Guide’ The use of the term no.1 isfurther pages that may make them wish there to make it seem the very best to buy the magazine. and ultimate so more exciting. By placing it in a arrow it will also At the bottom of the page is an advert that encourages the reader to subscribe to the subconsciously hint t to the reader to magazine. Although the main colour scheme for the page is red and black this advert uses turn over and notice further pages. bright yellow for the font, which causes it to stand out and contrast against everything This emphasised piece also draws the else, drawing the eye. The advert only includes the main aspects of the offer like the readers attention to this paticular price/where to go for further information and so restricts having a chunk of information aspect that they may otherwise that would put the reader off. A photo is also used to add interest and act as a ploy. overlook.
  5. 5. The main title for this page is simple Images featured on the page include those of the The main image for the cover is of quite a Contents keeping it plain and simple double spreads within that actual issue, which are rowdy and exciting looking gig that has with an added follow up title of there to interest the reader and make them happened and relates to one of the main ‘Kerrang this week’ so people are intrigued to go and actually check them out. People features. This photo fills half of the clearly informed of the purpose of this flicking to the contents before deciding to buy the contents page, almost being taken as page. This is incredibly important as magazine may also notice these and be persuaded. more important than the information as it this page is absolutely crucial in draws peoples interest in and gets them encouraging the reader to continue on excited about the features inside. The to other pages and be able to easily photo is also responsible for setting the negotiate the magazine. The choice of general mood and tone for the rest of the the colour yellow and the font chosen magazine as it portrays the world of music is the same as that used on the cover as being bold and outrageous, reflecting and for both titles. This maintains the chosen bands and songs within thecontinuity through the magazine, sticks magazine and also will draw in the reader to a theme which is more appealing to who is also interested in this style. Bythe eye and gives the magazine a better showing the image of a gig it may also sense of identity. encourage the reader to which to bookTo the bottom left of the magazine, in a one which they are able to do through thesmall place out the way, is a little detail magazine from the editor with his outline of thisissue and casual thoughts and opinions presented in quite a chatty manner. At the bottom right of the page is an This gives the reader almost a little advert encouraging readers to subscribe introduction to the magazine and to the magazine. This is in a contrastinghopefully makes them feel in tune with red box that stands out against otherwhat’s going on and involved on a more elements of the page and also has personal level. From reading this a example photos to act as visual aids toperson is also able to establish a feel for encourage them further. The information the magazine and are hopefully of the subscription is minimal so it staysencouraged from this to buy or read on. clear and bold without putting the reader off with loads of writing. There is also a The main information for this page is laid out in clear columns with category headings and number so that people who are interested bold page numbers. This makes the page functional and user friendly as the reader can can ring in to subscribe easily be directed to the sections they will be most interested in and won’t be put off or immediately, without them even having toconfused by the design. Even though fairly simple in this section it stills remains interesting go to another page, in which time they with added photos of the main features that make the key bits stand out. may forget or won’t be bothered.
  6. 6. What I like about this contents is that it isn’t fussy There is only one picture used on the The title for this page is simply or messy but very minimalist and quite striking with entire contents page and the picture ‘contents’ keeping it clear and the hard look of Valensi. It acts as almost another fills and overwhelms the entire page. obvious. It also incorporates the Q cover page with the limited text or other This draws importance to the person logo into the top left of the page to images, and I think I wouldn’t use this style in my featured, showing there importance toremind the reader of what magazine own magazine, however I’d aim to keep it simple. the issue and addressing this to the they’re actually reading and keeps reader. It also keeps the page continuity through the pages as it minimalist which is successful in a continues through with the red maintaining a clean and organised theme. The main heading also look. The photo also includes a man contracts with the rest of the page wearing dark clothes that also tie in with the use of the white, making it with the general colour scheme of the more striking and bold. On the magazine which is mainly that of redheading is also the date of the issue white and black. The facial expression and issue number. of the man is rather stern and hostile which could be quite off putting to look at. However it symbolises the The main text of the contents is attitude of this man ‘Nick’ and the encased in a red box at the top left of tone of the featured article allowing the page. The vibrant colour causes it to stand out as the main part of the the reader to gather what to expect. page, especially against the dullbackground. The title of this box is ‘100 At the very bottom of the page and fairlygreatest albums ever’ emphasising and unseen is a quote by Nick Valensi, whichexaggerating the must se appeal. Then acts as a snippet of the main article and there is just a list of the main features feature. It aims to shock ‘I fart in your and articles in this issue with relevant direction’ whilst create a sense of page numbers. confusion and intrigue in going to this page. The fact this quote is in a white box causes it to stand out like the The bottom half of the contents information is of the general articles that appear in the title, highlights importance and helps to magazine every week. To express their less importance they are simply against the back draw the eye. It gives the reader anbackground and lower on the page, and so are far less prominent. Although they still have insight into Valensi’s character and clearly labelled page numbers and are laid out in a clear manner that aids the reader in introduces him to those that may not negotiating the magazine easily to find the sections that will appeal most. recognise him already.
  7. 7. The main photo for this spread The title for this feature and main page of the magazine is the use of a quote from the interviewed band to takes up about half the page absorb people straight in to article. It also doesn’t just simple state what the article includes but is fairlyand blends in to the background ambiguous so to encourage the reader to be intrigued to continue on. To the to left of the page there is alsoof the text. Images are covering a tag line saying ‘WORLD EXCLUSIVE’ this emphasises the excitement and impact of the feature and adds about three quarters of the appeal to the magazine as the reader feels they’re learning fresh gossip. The title and tag line are also in entire article. The chosen main keeping with the colour scheme, however the tag line stands out considerably being a bright red square image is of one of the band against the plain black, drawing the eye to the important detail. members on stage with his microphone looking down. I The tone for the article is think the look this image actually quite formal and portrays is that of a rock and serious as it is being punk theme, quite casual and informative and concise.sets the mood as being that of a It includes quotes from chilled and fairly sombre the band members atmosphere. The use of themselves so the reader greyscale across all the images establishes insight into ties them together and doesn’t details of their life, and incorporate too many colours reveal several bits of new that would interfere with the information about the main colour scheme or make bands come back. The the magazine look messy. article isn’t actually that Having just the main colours long and so doesn’t put black white and red also fits the reader off, by not with the punky genre and the filling the page. And greyscale images also gives further information ofthem a vintage type ‘old school’ the band is also probablyfeel. None of the photos feature spread out to further someone staring directly at the pages. camera either. Which I think establishes a sense of intrigue and hidden thoughts and At the side of the article is a selection of a few of MCR’s songs from their new album, and some reviews of feelings that hopefully the them. By adding these into the magazine it provides the readers, who are likely to be fans of this band, a article will reveal. By keeping secret snippet into what’s to, come and also informs them if the songs will appeal or not. By incorporating the pictures simple it also this into the double page spread, it acts as extra advertising for the band, adds contrast to the page against encourages the reader to focus the main lengthy article with dark background (with the black background.) Whilst also making the on the crucial content of the information into more than just a simple passage and into the main feature, by having the extra detail. information itself.
  8. 8. The background text for this piece and one of the main headings is ‘USA’ and although the largest font of the The image on this page is the page its in a faded grey, and takes a back seat against the title ‘Got the love’ which is in jet black and central main focus of the feature as it to the right page, in away that draws the eye. The ‘USA’ title is also partly obscured by the image and so isn’t fills half the spread and is clear to read, implying its secondary importance. It does however give hints as to the content of the article incredibly striking against the and adds intrigue, just as does the heading ‘got the love’ as it makes the reader question if its simply quoting pale background. The pose her song or if secret info. is given on her love life, making them read on and become truly interested.taken up by Florence is actually quite suggestive and a littleraunchy, with her slightly lifting Before the main article her leg in her short dress and itself is a section of high shoes. She is staring slightly larger font, a bit directly at the camera with a like an introduction to slight pouting expression, she the subjects of the piece. looks confident and bold. The This little snippet is choice of this pose is possibly rather ambiguous with expressing a slightly naughty the phrase ‘So why is and daring side to her that Florence on the floor people may not have seen attacking herself?’ the before. The red and white purpose of this is to striped cover she is sat on fits baffle and entice the with the image of sexy and reader, as well as causingquite domineering woman. Red the reader to take this is also associated with love, in image literally and create keeping with one of the an image in their mind headings, a quote from her that seems odd and song. The photo seems to set a enthrals them. colour scheme for this page asbeing black red and white. With all the true colour coming from the image alone, drawing the The main article for this piece has a very casual and quirky tone. It describes the interview with Florence ineye. Florence’s hair is even a red quite a lot of detail and in a light hearted and playful way, picking out quotes of the all the funny one liners shade which also incorporates she’s made. By compiling the article in this manner it gives the reader a sense that they are reading a behind- nicely into the theme and as the-scenes, exclusive and personal article. This is especially appealing to her fans as they will be excited to one of her signature features it hear about Florence as a character, and will also be insightful to those who know very little and will be able is cleverly emphasised in this to establish a lot about her maybe become interested. The article isn’t actually that long and takes up a mere way. quarter of the spread. However this is successful in being able to provide an adequate amount of information without loosing the readers interest.
  9. 9. There is a single image on this The main writing of thisdouble page spread which takes Items used to break up the block of text is a quote in bold which gives the reader feature is laid out in a up two thirds of the feature. a glimpse of the key contents of the article and draws their attention to interview style with the The image is of the band ‘The interesting parts they may otherwise miss or overlook. These pieces are questions asked to the Black Eyed Peas’ and three of emphasised and add interest to the article. The use of the arrows at the top of band and then their the band members are rather the text almost subconsciously encourage the reader to begin reading. relevant responses. faded into the background Laying it out in this wayshowever one stands out clearly allows the reader to and bold against the rest. The establish a great deal ofposes of the members are very information in more confident and quite concise manner without intimidating, expressing the the use of unnecessary genre and tone of there music description, and alsoand personalities, bold and out- means that the reader there. The costumes they are learns the exact wordingwearing follow a primarily gold the answers were in and brown and white colour will feel they are gaining scheme, which is matched by detailed and exclusive the colour of the title font and information straight fromarrows. The connotations of the the source. The use of gold is the idea of quotes greatly appeals tosuperiority, displayed well with fans as they are the fact that this one band interested in all aspectsmember is in front of the others of the group and will in focus and covered in gold. enjoy learning their This implies to the audience actual opinions andstraight away that he is likely to thoughts as apposed to be the focus or lead of this ones often speculated by piece. the press. The main title of this feature is in the form of the question ‘Will he won’t he?’ Which also invites the reader to speculate on the possible topic and then be intrigued as to the possible details. This is more effective in encouraging the reader to actually read the entire article as it doesn’t simply state what its about, which may cause them to feel they don’t need to bother to read on or may loose their interest before they even bother. The colour of the font fits with the colour of scheme of the page maintaining continuity and the bold choice of font also reflects the techno outgoings band style. Underneath the main title there is also a summary of the article to give the reader further insight and persuasionstill without exposing too much about details of the article. This writing is over the image however in a fallow and fairly unimportant region that doesn’t detract from the main image.