Analysing School Magazines


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Analysing School Magazines

  1. 1. School/collage magazine research Charlotte Unwin
  2. 2. This slogan shows how they are successful in there unity together. The masthead is really big and bold, therefore it The way the magazine have will be recognised. used the image with a bright blue sky makes the page look more brighter and a happy This girls face expression place to be. shows she is happy and confident with what she is doing, she also looks like she is having fun. The way ‘successful’ is in bold shows it is a successful school and is a good place to be. The target audience is for both boy and girl ages between 11-16 years. The way the magazine This magazine shows what is in has used pictures to the issue, therefore it is making represent what they have sure the reader knows how achieved or what they are successful the school is. going to do looks really effective.
  3. 3. The masthead is really simple, but can be easily This slogan used shows recognised. they think they are a very successful school. The image shows they have The target audience for fun within school and are very this magazine will be the outgoing and active children. children already at the school or children joining the school, 11-16, Also, parents will be reading the magazine. The children's face expressions show they are A recognisable unique having a good time and are logo used on the enjoying themselves. magazine. The way they have used a plain background to show this There is a few things listed makes it stand out more. that shows the children have different talents such as singing.
  4. 4. This headline is used The masthead is to convince the reader big and bold so is they are having a good recognisable and time and wishing stands out. everyone to join in. The image used looks really effective There is an alliteration as it shows how used to describe what outgoing the school is kind of time there and how active they having. are. The girls face expression The target audience for shows she is happy, also, this magazine would be the girl in the background for the students. Maybe is laughing this shows aged 16 onwards. she is enjoying herself. The way there is a list of things in the magazine shows they are successful and have a lot going on in their school life.
  5. 5. This contents page looks professional and simple due to the colour scheme. I like the way the pictures are laid out as it doesn’t look to busy and is well presented. Also, the images show how successful the school is The layout is well and also how a lot of the presented as it is students get involved in clear to look at and easy to read. different activities. The target audience is for children in the school and children joining the school. Also, the parents will be reading the magazine. Overall, I think this page is a little to plain, I think the layout is good but there should be a change of colour scheme to make the page more enjoyable to read by the target audience.
  6. 6. The headline is bold and clear to This is a very clear read. contents page, there is a good layout used so it The font and size of the is easy to read. writing is very clear and easy to read. I like how the picture are The way it is wrote in list presented down the side style makes the page look of the page, I think this well presented and looks professional. professional. I think this contents page is a little to plain. I The black writing on the think there should be white background really more colour to make stands out but still looks the page look more professional. eye-catching.