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Q3 complete

  1. 1. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  2. 2. Publishing Companies Bauer is the UK’s biggest publishing company and has been managed by four different generations. The Bauer company created 300 magazines in 15 different countries, as well as being published as TV and radio stations. Bauer is a multi-platform UK based media group consisting of many companies collected around two main divisions – magazine and radio. IPC media is known for creating content for many platforms. It has more than 60 iconic media brands and is the UK’s leading consumer magazine publisher and engage with a huge amount of adults
  3. 3. Publishing Companies BBC is a publishing company known for online and TV work. It is a company that specialises in the UK and it is spread across the whole of the UK and is extremely popular. This company produces its media through, magazine, TV and Radio, however it is best known as a TV publisher.
  4. 4. IPC UNCUT was published by IPC. I used UNCUT magazine to help me create my front cover as I’m using the same genre which is rock. I think if I published my magazine with the company it would be quite successful as they’re known for producing success rock magazines such as UNCUT, however my magazine would bring a new age range to the company as my magazine is targeted to an audience between 16- 24 and UNCUT us targeted to an audience any age over the age of 18.
  5. 5. BBC TOP OF THE POPS magazine was published by BBC which is the biggest company is the UK. Top of the pops is a pop magazine whereas my magazine is rock. I think my magazine would do good for this publishing company as it would bring something new to the company and would attract a new audience.
  6. 6. BAUER Q magazine is published by BAUER. I used Q magazine a lot for inspiration when creating my magazine as I want to attract the same audience as they do however, my age range is slightly different. I’m hoping my magazine attracts 16- 24 year olds and Q attracts a audience of 18 and older. I think my magazine would be successful if I published it with the company.
  7. 7. MY CHOSEN PUBLISHING COMPANY The company that I would publish my magazine with would be BBC, as I think my magazine would bring something new to this company and would attract a new audience to the company as they don’t publish any rock magazines yet which means I will be bringing something new to the company. My magazine would attract a brand new audience for the company as pop is normally the genre that the BBC go for. My magazine has a different layout to the magazines that the BBC normally publish and normally attract a younger audience as my magazine is made for people 16- 24 years of age. I didn’t choose to publish my magazine with IPC or Bauer as they have already published magazines which are very similar to mine.
  8. 8. Who will my Magazine Compete with? My magazine will compete with any other rock magazine which are currently on the market such as ‘Q’ magazine and ‘UNCUT’. Both of these magazines have a rock genre. The way I will make sure my magazine doesn’t get pushed aside in the publishing business will be by making my magazine cheaper than others for example, ‘Q’ is around £3-£4 so I made my magazine £2 so that it is cheaper and will hopefully make more people want to buy it. I will also make sure that my magazine is published on the internet so that people can read it online, I will do this by putting links on websites such as social media website etc. I will also advertise my magazine on these websites so everyone knows about it. Like other magazines I will also make sure I do weekly things such as competitions, this is a way to attract readers.
  9. 9. What would my Magazine bring to the Company? My magazine would bring many things to the BBC publishing company such as a huge a different range of audiences as BBC magazines are normally aimed at a younger audience, my magazine will introduce people in between 16- 24 or maybe even older to the company, this will create a new market to increased their profit. The BBC doesn’t have a successful rock magazine in their company, this may be as there aren’t really any rock magazines in their company this is another thing that could increase and widen the audience and their profits.