Research into Channel Four Posters


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Research into Channel Four Posters

  1. 1. I researched into this area so I could get a greater understanding ofthe style and design channel Four aim for when creating theirposters or billboards. I wanted my poster to be as similar as possibleto the likes of Channel Four so people could easily recognise it andlink it to my chosen channel and for it to also have a professionaledge.
  2. 2. 1 IntroductionAt its best, the Channel 4 identity has always been about transformation and movement. The original,animating logo came to be seen as the embodiment of an organisation that was constantly re-inventingitself and challenging the expectations of its viewers.The new Channel 4 identity uses cutting edge technology to push the brand into exciting new areas.1.1 The guidelinesWhether it is seen on screen or in print, the logo is continuously changing. It can adapt its texture andcolour to the surrounding environment. The new identity reflects Channel 4. It is challenging, distinctiveand innovative.However, the new identity can only make a positive impact if it is used consistently and correctly.The Identity Style Guide has been developed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the newChannel 4 identity. It shows how to correctly implement the new design elements off air, on airand online.
  3. 3. 2.1.2 The logoIn print, the facia of the logo is invisible, sothat it integrates with its surroundings. Wesee its distinctive shadow overlayingphotographs, illustrations and textures. Thelogo always foregrounds the real stars of thechannel – the shows.2.1.3 Logo sizeThe Channel 4 logo has been designed toreproduce at a minimum height of 10 mm.On the web the minimum size of the logo is30 pixels deep. There is no maximumreproduction size of the logo.Page 43 of the Identity Style Guide will giveyou more information about sizing the logoin different formats.
  4. 4. Many brands place their logos in the bottom right position of the page.However Channel 4 places its logo in a distinctive centre right position.This is unique to the channel and is therefore instantly recognisable.
  5. 5. It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo shouldnot be misinterpreted, modified or added to.The logo must never be redrawn, adjusted or modified in any way. It should only bereproduced from the artwork provided.To illustrate this point some of the more likely mistakes are shown:
  6. 6. When placed over a photograph or illustration the colour of the logo maybe taken from the image. Alternatively, the logo may be black or white.
  7. 7. C4 Headline has been designed to create headlines in print. It is recommended for usewith large titles and it should be used extensively when designing posters.C4 Headline looks most effective when it is used at 14pt and above. In print it is the onlytype face that should be placed in a box. Type in boxes should always be upper andlower case.