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UX-UI Tips when Developing Mobile apps


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Hope this will help you understand how to create a user –friendly user interface and the importance of having an eye-catchy and feature-loaded business mobile app.

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UX-UI Tips when Developing Mobile apps

  1. 1. UX-UI Tips when Developing Mobile apps With the increase in mobile usage, all around the globe, many organizations are considering mobile apps the most powerful tool for attracting potential users. The UX (User Experience) and (Mobile Interface) are the most important things when it comes to developing a mobile app. As, Native app UI design doesn’t give you much room to work with. Your UI design must work at the speed of thought. Therefore it is important to understand the user behavior prior to any app development project. Failure to focus on the user interface design can affect your app’s credibility. For better and effective results, you must follow a mobile application development approach that would help you in designing better experiences for your users. In this article, we will give you some design tips to consider when developing a mobile app.
  2. 2. 1. Minimum touch target Ensure that any “human” finger can interact with any button or call to action without any fuss. The average human thumb will require around 44px x 44px touch target to be able to interact with a touchable piece of UI. 2. Design for the Thumb Majority of mobile users will use their thumb to interact with their phone. Keep any interactions within your app/mobile site in between the two red sections to ensure comfort and ease of use for the user 3. The best User Experience design starts mapping out the Content and building User Flows Keep your Design and research work in parallel. You can sketch out the user flows before the actual process start, it helps you to understand how users flow between content and actions. 4. Know Your Users No doubt, screen size is the most important aspect in mobile design. But user’s perception is also considered as the basis of user interface design. So the first step in creating a goal-driven app UI is to know your users. 5. Web design trends: Don’t Discount Gradients and Shadows Just Yet Flat is in demand ever since skeuomorphism. But that doesn’t mean that shadows and gradients are dead. They’ve creeped their way back into design. Just look at Google’s Material Design to see how they’ve made a strong comeback.
  3. 3. 6. Know your patterns The UX on iOS and Android should be consistent, but the navigation patterns should be different. Analyze some popular app patterns on both platforms and study how they differ on iOS and Android. Hope this article help you understand how to create a user –friendly user interface and the importance of having an eye-catchy and feature- loaded business mobile app. Custom Web Development Toronto : iMediadesign provides full IT ,cost effective web design & development service in toronto.