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Inside info - Qlikview & Elite Solutions Expert

Inside Info Pty Ltd is the only Elite Solutions provider – the highest level of QlikView partner, offering the full suite of QlikView licensing and support services including scoping, design, development, integration, training and project management services.

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Inside info - Qlikview & Elite Solutions Expert

  1. 1. Inside Info – Qlikview & Elite Solutions Expert Inside Info are specialists in business analytics, financial reporting and enterprise performance applications - passionate about client relationships, empowering people and turning data into possibilities. We are well renowned for offering services like business analytics, financial planning & reporting applications that drive home value fast. We’re the experts in QlikView, the #1 Data Discovery enterprise business intelligence platforms, as Australia’s only top Elite Partner. Host Analytics are recognized by Gartner as the leader in cloud-based financial applications, encouraging more continuous planning, improving accuracy, accountability and reducing budget preparation time by half, in a system that finance can easily handle. We offerservices in differentfieldssuchas:  Manufacturing – Our business intelligence solutions allow manufacturers to gain real-time visibility across the entire manufacturing value chain.The difference isthatteams have the ability to understandperformance atatransactional,high
  2. 2. level oranywhere in-betweeninone consolidateddashboardpullingdatafrommultipleandmany systems, to improve business agility.  Distribution – Our business intelligence solutions enable you to get customers more intimately and effectively. We can let you collaborate with suppliers and other partners transparently and empowers front-line staff to anticipate and resolve customers' needs.  Retailing – We work with many retail clients on a large scale that we’ve designed and delivered business intelligence solutions including FoodWorks, Apparel Group, etc. We’ve developed a provenbest-practice businessintelligence application based on our experience called the Inside Retail Dashboard.
  3. 3.  Pharmaceutical – We've been working with a range of pharmaceutical organizations since 2003 developing successful enterprise business intelligence dashboards and analytics solutions. We provide account management, analytics for the managed market groups and assist in management of millions of medical records.  Education – We provide education providers with one screen view of all the facts, student lifecycle analysis, course analysis, workforce analysis and interactive financial analysis. We deal in creating cost- effective curriculum, easily tracking trends, in course enrollments across campuses and understanding financial relationships, combiningwithcomparative analysisagainst other schools, locations and targets.  Financial services – Inside Info works with organizations within the financial service sector, including Toyota Financial Services and QBE LMI to provide a consolidated view across multiple data sources that delivers on-demand analysis and insight across the business. We provide
  4. 4. enterprise business analytics solutions, particularly in the areas like, Executive Dashboards and scorecards, Risk management and regulatory compliance, Expense management, Customer analysis and targeting, financial management and more. Inside Infoworkswithfinance teamstohelpautomate,improve&streamline financial operations and reporting,including budgeting, planning & forecasting, fiscal integration, management and statutory reporting, all using Host Analytics. Our customers get assistance from better business agility, lower total cost of ownership, faster time to value, increased security and a faster pace of innovati on comparedto traditional on-premise alternatives. Our Corporate Performance Management solutions are built by expert business analytics, finance and accounting professionals that have worked within industry for many years. Presented By INSIDE INFO PTY LTD