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Online Company Name Fuzzy Matching Software


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The sheer volume of data increases, an increase in the need to link people or places or products from one data source to another has followed, particularly in the healthcare field.. Experian Data Quality’s data matching software uses fuzzy matching and multicultural intelligence to find similarities within personal and business data sets. Unlike other products that look for exact matches, we use multiple search algorithms in order to find the most matches possible regardless of exact spelling or sequencing.

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Online Company Name Fuzzy Matching Software

  1. 1. ONLINE COMPANY NAME FUZZY MATCHING SOFTWARE http: //www. vy akar. com/
  2. 2. FEATURES Company name fuzzy matching is multi directional discipline. Apart from simple string based match, it also needs the expertise of a data scientist to analyze the data and create algorithm, a large data dictionary for company name synonym, acronyms and variations, a database of acquired company and ability to apply custom resolution rules. http: //www. vyakar. com/
  3. 3. WHAT'S NEW WE ARE OFFERING Online System Fuzzy Match Match online, real time. Just upload the master Powered by proprietary fuzzy matching account records, along with a file to match and algorithm and hundreds of rules, the results download the result within hours. No more waiting are outstanding. We are committed to provide for weeks. the best quality match results. http: //www. vgc1kar. com/
  4. 4. WHAT'S NEW WE ARE OFFERING E5 r Acronyms Match Merger 8: Acquisition match Acronyms haunt everyone trying to fuzzy match Trying to match an oldlist with new list. company names. We take care of it all. We match Chances are few companies have changed well known, as well as not so well known acronyms names or have merged. We have extensive with actual companies. list of merger & acquisition to map the lists. http: //www. vyakar. com/
  5. 5. WHAT'S NEW WE ARE OFFERING Custom Black & White List Geo Sensitive Match You are in total control. Want to create custom Companies located in similar geography has rules to match companies so that competitors are higher match probability than out of region. always filtered out, or a specific set of companies Example, IBM California has higher are bundled. propensity to match with IBM USA than IBM UK. http: //www. vyakar. com/
  6. 6. CONTACT U S 612 Picasso Ter, Sunnyvale, CA (408) 634-0104 ‘. 3 u _-1:. ‘Wu H u<um": r.-'-5|-aim : |.g; u;: g ’*, ‘*""‘ icr'. Inuni: _ 'un. -‘-In_g| ;z: s"‘! ;Il3III ".1-' " ‘