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Gen Y article summary


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Article summary for discussion at Oct 10 Student Life Division meeting.

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Gen Y article summary

  1. 1. Gen Y Managers Perceived as Entitled/ Unpolished Gen Y (millennial): Born 1979/1982 - 2000 • Perceived as: • Entitled • Concerned for only self • Tech savy/ social media savy • Inclusive leaders • Enthusiastic • Adaptable • Ambitious • Members overall placed high value on workplace flexibility These Kids Today – It’s all About ‘ME ME ME!’ • “Many of the people complaining about this generation are baby boomers, and they're the ones who raised this generation - complete with all that coddling and everyone-gets-a- trophy mentality” • Baby boomers wanted stability for their family. Gen Yers want growth. • The shift toward "me" has been going on for a couple of centuries Gen Y Seeks Work-Life Balance Above All Else • 50 percent of Gen Y workers would rather be unemployed than work at a job they hate • Gen Y crave feedback and recognition from their bosses