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Saul bass presentation


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Saul bass presentation

  1. 1. The Style Of Saul Bass’s WorkSaul Bass is a very unique designer who has his ownvery distinctive way of making his title sequencesdifferent to other designers. Saul Bass’s sequences arevery simple and involve small shapes which he uses togreat effect. His sequences may only involve shapessuch as squares but that’s the way he signifies himself.
  2. 2. Saul Bass - PsychoSaul Bass created the title sequence for the film‘Psycho’ which only involves long rectanglesthroughout the whole sequence which were fading inand out throughout going both horizontally andvertically across the screen.
  3. 3. PsychoFrom this title sequence, the music and the shapes usedwe can suggest that the film is going to be about deathand hatred. From this image we can see that word isspilt in half which now makes the image distorted as itis in two halfs. This now gives the theme of horror justby looking at one picture. This now shows howpowerful Saul Bass’s designs can be. By watching thistitle sequence we can establish the genre and that it issuspense/horror.
  4. 4. Here are the horizontal Psycholines which Saul bass usesin a lot of his titlesequences. The word psycho is again here The simples shapes which are used are distorted which shows that here to represent buildings. At the end of the film will have elements of the title sequence we see a city which then horrific elements. shows how the shapes were there to act as buildings.