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Managing Digital Transformation


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Talk given on 30th July 2015 in Perth, Western Australia (view talk at :

How can you manage your business through a digital transformation? CEO of Business News Charlie Gunningham has run ebusinesses that have disrupted markets, and also is leading an ongoing transformation of a print-based media business to a digital one.

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Managing Digital Transformation

  1. 1. Charlie Gunningham CEO, Business News @chazgunningham Corporate Transformation & digital teams
  2. 2. I’m a digital guy • School teacher 13 years • eBusiness cofounder 13 years • Business media… 2 years & counting @chazgunningham
  3. 3. Great things happen slowly @chazgunningham
  4. 4. @chazgunningham
  5. 5. Businesses need INFO + NEWS this is what the BNiQ product is all about @chazgunningham
  6. 6. Revenue Trends 2011 -> 15 • Print ads - 30% • Digital ads + 300% • Event income ~ stable “in print, online and in person” @chazgunningham
  7. 7. We’re digitising fast • AABP dig revenues 12 - 18% • BN dig revenues 36% “It’s amazing how large digital revenues are in Australia, we’re on 16%” Janette Larkin, Des Moines Register @chazgunningham
  8. 8. Web Traffic HIGHER post pay wall! @chazgunningham
  9. 9. DO… 1. Believe your industry is under attack 2. Think how you can use digital lower costs revenue 3.understand customers’ needs 4.Look at off-shoring less essentials @chazgunningham
  10. 10. DON’Ts 1. Think markets will be the same 2. Ignore/be arrogant 3. Think dig. transformation is easy @chazgunningham
  11. 11. Charlie Gunningham CEO, Business News @chazgunningham Corporate Transformation & digital teams