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Padre user experience


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Padre User Experience Presentation Slides

Published in: Self Improvement
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Padre user experience

  1. 1. Padre User Experience
  2. 2. What is Padre?An IDE for Perl built in Perl.What is Strawberry Perl?A binary executable for Windows to enable Perlinterpretation.
  3. 3. The Hardware10.1 inch Asus Eee PC Netbook Model#: 1015 PE
  4. 4. Installing Padre in Windows• Via the cpan client that is available in Strawberry Perl. ( Best approach for updated version but takes about 1 ½ hours to install )• Via the msi executable that will have Padre and Strawberry Perl. ( old version of Editor )
  5. 5. Using Padre
  6. 6. View• Outline – List elements of current code.• Bookmarks – Save state of current line being viewed.• Project Browser – Great way to navigate across modules for a project.• Full screen (F11 to enable full screen)• Output – Returns the output of script execution. ( F5 to run script)
  7. 7. Using the Outline Panel• Double click an element will show the current line of the element in the file.• Right click will show 2 options – Show current line of element. – Show documentation ( if element is a module or pragma ).
  8. 8. Debugging interface• Menu driven – No shortcut keys.( can be solved by key binding ) – Driven by mouse clicks.
  9. 9. Tools• Key Binding – Great for custom shortcuts.• Regex editor – Makes complicated regex easy.• Plugin Manager – Manages Plugins that are available for use.• Plugin Tools – Allows a user to create his/her own plugins.
  10. 10. My thoughts• I really like the ease of use.• It is hard to start because it is not packaged for installation of latest version.• Makes learning regex easy & fun.• Running on a net book is ok but a PC should be better.• Should have a introduction book for beginners.
  11. 11. How to contribute• Via IRC chat ( server: server ) – Chat room: # padre• Mailing list ( subscribe on link below ) –• Enable Padre Popularity Contest Plugin• Check out the link below for other ways to contribute –