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CharlieCurve at OGS11 on Branding & Innovation


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A 25 slide summary of Charlie Wollborg's 164 slide presentation on branding, disruptive behavior and innovation from the Ohio Growth Summit 2011. #OGS11

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CharlieCurve at OGS11 on Branding & Innovation

  1. the defenders of the status quo will hate your
  2. A few big ideas on marketing and innovation from the Ohio Growth Summit shared by
  3. Missed Opportunities Explored with PowerPoint Time Machine OnStar’s OnPhone Sports Illustrated TV
  4. Strategic Marketing + Creative Design + Social Technology “Turn heads. Capture hearts. Sell more stuff.”
  5. The world doesn’t need more employees, consultants & coaches We need more thinkers & doers. We need more creators, geeks & risk-takers. We need more entrepreneurs &
  6. Quit competing against “Average” Be your own
  7. “Me too” is a terrible brand position “Me too but cheaper” is even
  8. stop doing what you’re suppose to do start doing what you were born to
  9. Innovator Case Studies Cornelius Vanderbilt Evan Williams Martha Stewart Arielle
  10. innovation is nothing more than combining ordinary ideas together in extraordinary new
  11. Experimenter Case Studies Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog Dr Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker Dr Sam Walton’s
  12. We dont get credit for what we think, what we say or what we start. We’re only rewarded for what we
  13. Opportunities on the Rise Coworking Spaces Mobile Development Gourmet Food Trucks Selfish
  14. Evangelists > Customers create products & services with remarkable built right
  15. What’s your soundbite? How do you communicate in a short attention span world? Watch Watch Soundbites Soundmarks
  16. Out: Educate In: Titillate Listen for the three magic words: “Tell. Me. More.”
  17. Creativity + Action Modern Art & Snuggies Ideas are perishable Elisha Gray was 3 hours
  18. excuses never change the past, but they almost always delay the
  19. First doesn’t win Ford wasn’t first. Apple wasn’t first. Martha wasn’t first. Google wasn’t first. Facebook wasn’t
  20. Remarkable beats first. Every
  21. you need to be a bit unrealistic if you want to change the
  22. Make it
  23. Need a speaker to liven things up?Charlie WollborgMarketing + Branding + Innovation + Business + Swift Kicks in the Ass @CharlieCurve 248-766-9994 Need a fresh pair of eyes on a marketing challenge? Strategic Marketing + Creative Design + Social Technology @CurveDetroit 248-253-0303
  24. The defenders of the status quo have a distaste for change agents, catalysts, innovators, outliers, linchpins and people who make it happen. They dont even like the taste of bacon. The defenders of the status quo live in a 9-5 world and they love to say “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” They’re sitting on a huge pile of wealth and they’re milking that cash cow to death. The defenders of the status quo are terrified you’ll put your creative idea into action. Quit waiting. The defenders of the status quo are no match for