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CanopyHR Solutions


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CanopyHR offers employment life cycle solutions to meet your business needs. With the most comprehensive Human Resource Management System in the mid market today, backed by industry experts and professionals, CanopyHR can help you manage your most important assets - "Your Employees!"

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CanopyHR Solutions

  1. 1. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview
  2. 2. A comprehensive product that provides your company with a simple, efficient, and powerful solution for all of your HR and Payroll needs, including Online Benefits Administration. Superior Technology Single Database HR that’s Personal HR & Payroll Done Right. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 01
  3. 3. CanopyHR offers a true SaaS solution that gives you the control to use the exact toolsets your company needs for managing all aspects of Payroll and HR. Fully Hosted Online Application No up-front investment in hardware or software No ongoing maintenance costs No aggravation of integrating and supporting in-house software Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 02 CanopyHR’s solutions completely eliminate costly software add-ons and custom integrations from divergent systems. Our Solution
  4. 4. CanopyHR provides HR and Payroll solutions that simplify managing key information, customize to fit your exact needs and provide you with actionable data that is results oriented: Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 03 • HR/Payroll/Benefits Management • Employee/Manager Self-Service • Online Benefits Administration and Enrollment • Recruitment/Talent Acquisition • Paperless Onboarding • Workforce Analytics and Reporting • General Ledger Management • Automated Tax Filing • Unlimited Electronic File Storage • Single Point of Contact for Customer Service Key Features
  5. 5. CanopyHR’s solutions were built using smart technology designed specifically to streamline your HR & Payroll process. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 04 Better Technology Single Database Solution: Input information one time only • Enables real-time access to all company data • Secure system log-in from anywhere • Automatic information flow through each of your processes • Eliminate need of duplicate entry System built on .NET framework: A solution that is designed to work with the other solutions you already use • Allows existing programs to directly interact with our system • Database connectivity enables inter-system data access • A framework developed to lessen your workload
  6. 6. With CanopyHR’s solutions, you customize and control the functionality your company needs for HR & Payroll. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 05 To Meet Your Needs • Puts you in control of comprehensive toolset options • Use of powerful process wizards that are intuitive to your needs • Scalable capability to add more functions as you need them • Access to over 600 reports, KPIs and Business Intelligence Metrics • Safe and Secure data center hosted by CanopyHR
  7. 7. One Database - One Employee Record - One Point of Entry ONE INTEGRATED SOLUTION Simple, Efficient, Complete Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 06 Optimized Usability Follows and tracks the EE from hire to fire Amplify company productivity with a solution designed to save time, money and hassle Dedicated to Customer Support • Client Experience Specialist assigned as a single point of contact to each account • No more automated messages, call centers or wait times
  8. 8. CanopyHR’s solutions were built using smart technology designed specifically to streamline your HR & Payroll process. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 07 The Bottom Line Our Solutions streamline your HR & Payroll through improved functionality to ensure process accuracy, create more informed decision making, and to improve employee productivity. No more time, money and energy wasted on aggregating and inputting data - get back to analyzing and acting on the most important part of your business - your PEOPLE! A robust system that has merged everything into one database customized with scalability and reliability that creates a virtually paperless workflow.
  9. 9. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 08 HR Management Features: • Track employee data • Store pictures, PDFs, Word documents, and videos • Utilize intuitive automated wizards for employee events, such as new hires, open enrollments and terminations • Define, monitor and budget company positions • Customize workflow with multi-level approval capabilities • Manage, track and report on Gov compliance such as EEO, OSHA, FMLA, COBRA, FLSA, and HIPPA • Create job requisitions, download resumes, conduct candidate searches, schedule interviews, and hire applicants through a fully integrated Applicant Tracking module • Empower employees to access and change data for themselves and their reports with secure tools like Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service
  10. 10. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 09 Payroll Features: • Process payroll for an unlimited number of employees, frequencies, and transactions • Send tax payments automatically via standard ACH processing • Check-printing and tax-filing services, compliance reporting, year-end processing, and third-party remittance • Generate third-party AP checks for garnishments, tax levies, union dues, and labor allocations • Enter employee time worked with web timesheet or import timecard data from third-party systems • Receive updated tax codes for federal, state, and municipal requirements automatically • Comply with FLSA, overtime, and state minimum wage requirements • Define roles per user with multi-level security options • Access multiple organizational tiers for sophisticated job costing • Interface with General ledger to increase data accuracy • Ability for users to develop custom reports
  11. 11. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 10 Benefits Management Features: • Utilize the Benefit Enrollment Wizard for an accurate and streamlined enrollment process • Simplify year-to-year benefits administration with automated rollover processing • Eliminate the need for printed documents, manual enrollments, and postage costs by utilizing a “paperless” environment • Reduce labor using electronic interfaces with third-party administrators • Eliminate manual reconciliation of benefits standards costs • Quickly determine benefit eligibility based on you pre-determined criteria • Budget accurately by analyzing benefit costs • Allow employees to self-administer their benefits package via an easy to use Web interface • Link your employee intranet to the online resources of your third-party benefit providers • Benefit enrollments can be defined for new hires, open enrollment periods, and qualifying events • Employees can view current benefit plans, make life event changes, and self manage their benefits • Receive automatic notifications through the applications internal e-mail system
  12. 12. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 11 Screen Shots
  13. 13. We work with you to get the system seamlessly integrated into your operations to ensure simplicity, efficiency, and, most importantly, dependability. - Integration in 5 Steps 1. Engage (Internal Pre-Planning Meeting) 2. Plan (Planning Meeting, Timeline, Roles & Responsibilities) 3. Onboard (Data Conversion & Business Processes) 4. Confirm (Parallel Testing & Custom Development) 5. Cutover (Payroll Verified & Post-Implementation Meeting) - Best Practice - 90 days - Comprehensive, Customized and Compliant Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 12 Implementation Process
  14. 14. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 13 Relationships Built on Trust
  15. 15. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 14 Relationships Built on Trust “ Switching to Canopy HR was the best HR decision our company has made. They have expert advice to address all Human Resources issues from Employee Relations to Payroll. We were given detailed step by step instructions when dealing with employee relations, and their online HRIS system has made employee management secure and convenient. All of the Specialists at Canopy HR are professional and personable, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Canopy HR.” - Peter - Mortgage “ I am blown away by the service that we are receiving. You guys are there; you answer the phones; you listen and provide real solutions to our “people” issues. What I am really pleased about is that I don’t have to talk to multiple people to address one problem. You guys have truly taken the time to get to know our business, culture and our policies. Working through issues is like having you in the next office. I am impressed with CanopyHR. You have exceeded our expectations -- and have kept your promise to service our needs.” - Julie - Medical
  16. 16. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview 15 Get Started Today Set up a live in-person or over the web Product Demo. Jeff Fenster President P. (949) 748-6501 C. (858) 472-3119 F. (877) 637-7311
  17. 17. Proprietary & Confidential CanopyHR Overview All work within CanopyHR’s proposal is intended for the recipient only. The recipient may use the information and ideas contained in this document only for the purpose of evaluating a business relationship with CanopyHR. The recipient may not disclose any of the information or suggested ideas contained herein to third parties or to the recipient’s employees except employees who are required to have the information in order to carry out the discussions of the contemplated business relationship. By accepting this document they are deemed to have agreed to these terms. ©2011 CanopyHR. Canopy HR Solutions ® 5 Jenner, Suite 100 Irvine CA, 92618 USA