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  1. 1. The following presentation is the sole opinion of the presenter. All drawings, charts and photographs are for educational purposes only.
  2. 2. Drilling with Charlie by Charles Brister November 10, 2005 Association for the Study of Peak Oil USA
  3. 3. 100 years ago, they made it look easy...
  4. 4. But it was not as easy as it looked. Rotary Table Tongs Draw works Cathead Rotary Chain Slips
  5. 5. Rotary Table Tongs Draw works Rotary Chain Slips The fundamentals of rotary drilling are the same as 100 years ago.
  6. 6. It has never been “easy”.
  7. 7. Following the oil price collapse in the 1980’s the rotary rig count plummeted from a high of nearly 4,000 rigs in 1981 to a low of about 600 rigs in 1999. Over 500,000 oilfield personnel lost their jobs during the 1980’s.
  8. 8. The big rigs were cut up first because there was no market for rigs capable of drilling to great depths. The experienced hands were forced to try to build new lives- most swore never to return.
  9. 9. 2005: It is the survivors who the burden falls upon.
  10. 10. Floyd, Toolpusher, 71 Bob, Geologist, 75 Who will take their place?
  11. 11. Rig 22 survived the cutting torch but lay in the grass for 16 years. Most rigs that are capable of drilling are active now. There is essentially no more rigs to be had.
  12. 12. There’s no stopping for weather. Kelly up, stay on bottom drilling. Time is money at $21 per minute rig time. Drilling is a 24 hour operation.
  13. 13. Mother Nature dishes it out below the surface too. Turning a $30,000 Bit...
  14. 14. ….into a $30,000 piece of Junk.
  15. 15. Multiwell pads was one of the original applications for directional drilling. Now it is used to reduce the “footprint” of oil and gas development. Otherwise four times the surface disturbance would be required for the above example. Drilling Pad Gas Wells Target Target Target
  16. 16. Mud Motor The Business End Mud motors use the pumped drilling fluid to turn a shaft and in turn the bit that is screwed into the end of the motor. The only thing rotating during directional steering is the bit.
  17. 17. Directional Probe with accelerometers & magnetometers Gamma Probe with Sodium Iodide Sensor Pulser/Tubine Power Source Measurement While Drilling (MWD) provides surveys of the well bore location, along with measuring the relative gamma radiation of the rock formations being drilled. Before MWD, tools were lowered by wireline- very time consuming and impractical for horizontal drilling.
  18. 18. Positive pressure pulses generated by the MWD Tool is interpreted by surface computers into 1’s and 0’s - binary code. It is further translated into Tool Face Inclination, Azimuth, and Gamma radiation counts.
  19. 19. This is not good rock… no visible porosity.
  20. 20. That’s better! Microcrystalline, visible porosity with oil staining. Reservoir Rock.
  21. 21. Using the technology of directional drilling and the knowledge of the wellsite geologist, Geosteering was born. This is an example of landing into the target zone.
  22. 22. 2 miles down and 2 miles out- in a 3 ft thick target zone. We follow Mother Natures’ handiwork, down dip and then back up.
  23. 23. 100 % oil over shaker and in the possum belly. What you see when the team is “Staying in Zone.”
  24. 24. So are the “Boomers” right? Technology means unlimited oil?
  25. 25. Or are the “Doomers” right? Mother Nature will cut us off no matter what we do...
  26. 26. I think the truth is in the middle..
  27. 27. Our future is an energy world of complementing technology.
  28. 28. We must use this time and oil resources wisely. There will be no second chance.
  29. 29. Credits Vintage oilfield photography: Human Interest Library, Books Inc. 1928 Rig Count, Baker Hughes Inc. Positive Pulse Detection, Sperry Drilling Services/ Halliburton Energy Services Mudlog, Location Sample Service, Jackson, Ms Pore Pressure Prediction, Quad Mudlogging, Lafayette, LA Landing, Tooke Rockies, Inc., Dickinson, North Dakota Horizontal Profile, Lon Willer Consulting, Sidney, Montana “The Rod” courtesy of Bridgid Nelson. Thank you Bridgid. Solar Rig, Vulcan Solar Systems, Lafayette, LA This presentation is dedicated in memory of Darryl Richard.