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My media evaluation question 3

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My media evaluation question 3

  1. 1. My Media Evaluation Question 3 Charlie Thompson
  2. 2. Who will distribute my product?Bauer Media GroupThey are a multinational media company who operate in 15 countries across the world. They publish around 38 million magazine titles each week. Bauer Media Group is one of the largest magazine companies in the world.Why would they distribute ‘Out Of Control Magazine’ ?They might distribute my magazine because my Target audience is very similar to that of already hugely successful magazines of the same genre but is also slightly different. My magazine has a unique selling point as magazines such as Kerrang focus mainly on just rock music whereas my magazine incorporates all of the alternative genre including punk, indie, acoustic and Rock.Bauer already publish Music Magazine giants Kerrang and Q which both have very similar genres to mine, which gives encouragement that my magazine would be successful and would encourage Bauer to invest in publishing my magazine.