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Comm483 pepsi refresh

  1. 1. Charlia Acree
  2. 2.  Pepsi wanted to help people do good. Took the term, “That’s a good idea” and employed it to help people across the nation Saw a variety of issues and causes to support Instead of choosing one, decided to let their audience choose for them Don’t help in one way…Refresh the World
  3. 3. Strengths WeaknessesPepsi is a popular and well Pepsi has had previousknown brand to people around marketing controversies thatthe globe. They are associated could complicate targetingwith providing quality food specific audiences.and beverage products. Will beeasy to get media coverageand attention.Opportunities ThreatsCorporate Social Responsibility At the time, Coca-Cola wasis a trendy way for large more prominent in beingorganizations/companies to socially responsible around themarket and give back to globe. Pepsi may have tocommunities. Many national compete with Coca-Cola forcauses need attention and media Consumers supportbrands that support causes.
  4. 4.  Used formal and secondary research from previously conducted studies to better identify and understand their publics. Worked with Edelman and Weber Shandwick to develop campaign based on the following research findings.
  5. 5.  Todays consumers scrutinize every dollar they spend – much less give (Iconoculture). 84% of consumers want to select their own causes; 83% say personal relevance is key (2008 Cone Cause Evolution Study).
  6. 6.  95% of Millennials (that’s us) were still very optimistic about their lives- despite what was happening around them (2008 Pepsi Optimism Project). 94% percent of Americans agreed that optimism is important in creating ideas that can have a positive impact, and the best ideas come from “normal people” (66%) versus public figures (2009 Pepsi Optimism Project).
  7. 7.  Based on these findings, Pepsi needed to create a forum off and online where social innovation could become personal and help move ideation to implementation in a worthwhile, fun and contagious context. This research also shows who Pepsi planned to target and the ultimate direction of the CSR campaign.
  8. 8.  PRP targeted U.S. Millennial, Gen Y, and Boomer men and women. For Boomers to Millennials, positive change is a priority. Nearly two-thirds (71%) of people globally believe brands spend too much on marketing and should invest more in good causes. Consumers will not only recommend brands that support good causes (64%), but more than half (59%) will then help that brand promote its products (2009 Good Purpose Study).
  9. 9. To give away more than $20 million in theUnited States to fund “good ideas” thatrepresent the movements of everydaypeople and community development.
  10. 10.  Objective 1: Raise Awareness and interest in PRP; Position Pepsi as the optimistic catalyst for idea creation with consistency and alignment of program messages across all media channels Objective 2: Generate a steady stream of national, local and online media buzz to support business and brand goals Objective 3: Drive Americans to
  11. 11.  Goal: The goal was lofty and aspirational, however, it was very specific in dollar amount and somewhat resembled an objective. Objective 1: Compound, can be split in half, and would have been a better goal. Not measurable. Objective 2: Not measurable, not time-bound. Should define steady and use alternative to “buzz.” Objective 3: Good objective but missing timeliness and measurability.
  12. 12.  Create intellectual capital around “where ideas come from”; position Pepsi as a credible motivator to empower the everyday American to be the next social entrepreneur. Cast a national spotlight on the implementation of ideas for refreshing change by announcing the diversion of funds to implement the Project. Collaborate with employees, bottling and retail partners to generate local news angles, drive awareness.
  13. 13.  Raise awareness and increase participation at grassroots level through Hispanic and English language press. Promote as the online destination; encourage individuals to submit ideas and vote. Encourage online engagement with the Project on Facebook or on Twitter. Develop national partnerships to raise broad awareness of the Project to tell stories of project’s impact and reach.
  14. 14.  Research: Published Op-Ed from CMO Jill Beraud on HuffingtonPost Media Blitzes: Conducted media relations surrounding milestones: POP, Super Bowl, Ambassadors, Grant recipients Positioned as premiere resource for consumer-generated ideas.
  15. 15.  Idea Kick-Off: CEO and PRP team rang NYSE opening bell to signify opening of PRP. Leveraged celebrity spokespeople for brainstorm with in- house and online audiences to ignite idea conversation on national scale. Refresh Challenges: Worked with popular culture influencers to generate their own ideas for PRP Grants in collaboration with SxSW,,, US Men’s National Team,
  16. 16.  Engagement Events: Collaborated with celebrities, performing artists to inspire youth to develop ideas. Do Good For the Gulf: Doubled commitment of PRP in support of ideas to refresh Gulf communities
  17. 17.  Thought Leadership: Hosted Social Good Conversation with philanthropy influencers; speaking opportunities Digital Engagement: Monitored conversation provided real-time responses, fostered dialogue, engaged key voices
  18. 18. Raise awareness and interest in PRP Pepsi became one of the most talked-about brands at Super Bowl despite not advertising (Nielsen) 37% of Americans now aware versus 12-21% for similar cause marketing programs (Marketing Evolutions) Correct PRP knowledge is 25% (versus 5 – 12%)
  19. 19. Generate a steady stream of media buzzSurpassed media impressions goal by nearly 12-fold, generating over 3 billion audience impressions in eight months. More than 140,000 tweets, while Facebook “likes” have increased by more than 600% (300,000 to over 2 million). Interaction with significantly increased brand attributes including favorability, intent, and trust along with intent to purchase among Millennials (Dynamic Logic).
  20. 20. Drive Americans to Over 18 million unique visitors to, January-November Over 12,000 projects have received votes 76 million votes cast 2 million online comments to date
  21. 21.  PRP was very successful achieved all of their objectives which help them reach their goal of $20 million to causes important to U.S. citizens and communities. They utilized social, national and local medias Public engagement and participation However, I noticed some flaws in their planning portion. (goals/obj/strategies) and an article detailing failure of SEO techniques. Ultimately received PRSA Pro of the Year (2011) Of most importantly helped people all over the country.