Analysis of Questionnaire Results


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Analysis of Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. Analysis of Questionnaire Results
  2. 2. GenderI already knew that the amount of women would be a highernumber to men because I gave more questionnaires out to thewomen. Therefore this result is slightly biased.
  3. 3. AgeI covered the full ranges of ages within my target audiences. However therage age for my questionnaire was 16. This shows that these results are alsobiased because I asked more 16 year olds to fill out my questionnaire thanany other age range.
  4. 4. What 3 words do you associate with Indie Music? 5 people out of the 20 I asked associated the word ‘Guitar’ with Indie music. 4 out of 20 people gave the word ‘Original’ and a number of people also associated items of clothing and shoes with Indie music for example: skinny jeans, vans, converse and chinos. This will help me for when I am creating my music magazine for what smaller images to include in my contents page or main image.
  5. 5. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being most likeable and 5 being least likeable. Please rate the following aspects of a magazine.This answer shows me that Photographs and Reviews are the most likeable in amagazine, this is a guideline for me to follow to make sure I include lots of photographsand reviews in my magazine to make sure it will appeal to my target audience.
  6. 6. What is your favourite colour? I asked 20 people what their favourite colour was. 8 out of that 20 replied with their favourite colour being blue and this being the most popular. The Second most favourite colour was Green with it being 4 peoples favourite colour. This helps me to think of a relevant colour scheme for my magazine.
  7. 7. How frequently do you buy music magazines?This question was answered really straight forwardly and shows that themajority of the people I asked buy a music magazine monthly, although quite alot don’t buy music magazines.
  8. 8. How much are you willing to pay for a music magazine?These results show that nearly half of the people I gave my questionnaire to, werewilling to pay £2-£3 for their magazine. This helps me for when It comes to creating areasonable price for my magazine.
  9. 9. Would you be interested in free gifts with your music magazine? With these results it shows that free gifts with my magazine would be really popular with readers. Therefore free gifts will be included with my magazine on a regular basis.
  10. 10. Would you be interested in tour dates of various artists printed in the magazine? With 80% of people being interested in having tour dates of various artists and bands in the magazine it helps me decide what to include in my magazine and what would be the most popular.
  11. 11. In a magazine would you rather read reviews by other music magazine readers or artists and bands? I asked the participants whether they would prefer the reviews to be done by famous artists and bands or just regular music magazine readers. The most popular answer was ‘Artists and bands’ therefore this is what would feature in my Indie music magazine.