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Analysis of professional contents page


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Analysis of professional contents page

  1. 1. Analysis ofProfessional Contents Pages
  2. 2. Conte ntsWritten Bold, Capitals alsoin a noticeable colour thatattracts the reader attention
  3. 3. The numbers on the contents page areThe main text is 11 pt usually bigger than 11pt Font Size The ‘contents’ title is also a lot bigger than 11pt
  4. 4. The main image on the The main image also anchors withcontents anchors to the the main cover image, but they aremain article of the ALWAYS different.magazine.MainImage The main image is usually positioned in the middle or to the side of the page and is framed by the text.
  5. 5. ‘Regulars’ Positioned to the left of the page, or at the bottom of the ‘This Month’ page too. ‘Reviews’Headin gs
  6. 6. Editors LetterMost music magazine have an ‘Editors Letter’these are the people that produce the magazine.They are usually at the top or bottom of the page.Website AddressThe website address is positioned usually at the top ofthe page by the issue number and issue date. This tellsthe audience that they can gather more informationabout the magazine via the website.
  7. 7. PageNumbers The numbers can also be on a large scale and placed on the main images or smallerThe page numbers are images.positioned to the left ofthe text. They are bigger than 11pt and normally a different colour to the text. Which makes them stand out.
  8. 8. Issue DateThe issue date is positioned with theissue number, it tells the reader themonth that the magazine has beenpublished, they are also positionedtogether on the Front page too.Issue number The issue number tells the reader what number magazine has been published for example it could be issue 130.