Swiss pass chapter deck - zurich - april 2011


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Swiss pass chapter deck - zurich - april 2011

  1. 1. Swiss PASS ChapterApril Chapter Meeting 2011Hotel Glockenhof, Zurich
  2. 2. April ThemePowerPivotMeeting Agenda:16:00 - 16:10 : Arrival and Registration16:10 - 16:30 : Welcome & General Introductions16:30 - 17:15 : Refreshments & Networking17:15 - 19:15 : PowerPivot / BISM and the future of a BI Solution19:15 - End
  3. 3. Session 1: (cancelled)Speaker: Andre Kamman, SQL Server MVPThe amount of perf data that we can collect for a SQL Server can add up quickly.Ever tried to correlate waitstats, virtualfilestats, perfmon counters and profiler trace data ?The easiest way for us dbas is to load everything into a database and start querying.But I bet some of you have thought about building a cube so you would be able to slice and dice yourdata in Excel.Unfortunately that sounds like a lot of work and it would take a lot of the flexibility out of theimprovisation that you often need to do when investigating performance issues.Why not use PowerPivot ?It will give you all you need but still allows for the flexibility that you dont want to lose.The only thing to keep in mind is that its a V1 product and some things are not as easy to do as it mayappear.Thats where this session comes in...Ill show the good, the bad and the ugly parts of PowerPivot while trying work with, and even correlate,waitstats, virtualfilestats, perfmon counters, profiler trace data, extended events data, etc.This session will be filled with demos and Ill explain all the perf tuning techniques that I use along theway.How DBAs can use PowerPivot for Performance Tuning / Troubleshooting
  4. 4. Andre KammanIm a Dutch SQL Server consultant.Having worked as a DBA on 400+instances for the past couple of years.Im on a datawarehouse project rightnow where I find myself using SSISmostly these days.I run the Dutch PASS chapter, and Ima SQL Server MVP
  5. 5. Session 2:Speaker: Alberto FerrariThe next version of Analysis Services will offer the BI Semantic Model (BISM) that is based onVertipaq, the same engine that runs PowerPivot. DAX and PowerPivot have been created as tools forExcel users but in Denali they will be available on the Corporate BI stack technology for Microsoft, aspart of Analysis Services.The impact of this technology is huge, because many assumption that are made today for an OLAPcube (star schema models, surrogate keys and so on) might be no longer the optimal way to design acomplete BI solution.This session is about this impelling change: after an initial introduction about PowerPivot, DAX andVertipaq changes that are relevant to this topic and some consideration about design impact on DataWarehouse, Data Mart and ETL pipeline, the session will become an open discussion with allattendees, in order to share experience, needs, technical challenges and understand future directionsin corporate BI world.PowerPivot / BISM and the future of a BI Solution
  6. 6. Alberto FerrariAlberto Ferrari is a Business Intelligence consultant.He shares his interests in two main areas:methodological approach to the BI developmentlifecycle and performance tuning of ETL and SQLcode.His main activities are with SSIS and SSAS for thebank, manufacturing and statistical areas.He is also a speaker in international conferenceslike European PASS Conference and PASSSummit.He has an active blog on
  8. 8. TechDays 11!2 - 3 May 2011Congress Centre Basel AzureSilverlight 5Visual Studio 2010IE 9HTML 5OrchardWindows Phone 7Cloud ComputingOffice 365Lync Server 2010SQL ServerSharepoint 2010
  9. 9. Zurich: June 2011 Meeting – 7th June 2011Location:Hotel ContinentalStampfenbachstrasse 60Zurich, 8006Meeting Agenda:15:30 - 15:45 : Arrival and Registration15:45 - 16:00 : Introduction & Welcome16:00 - 17:15 : SQL Server Best Practices - Notes from theField17:15 - 17:45 : Break & Refreshments17:45 - 19:00 : StreamInsight-Solving Business problems(Deep Dive)19:00 - End
  10. 10. Session 1: June 2011 MeetingSpeaker: Charley Hanania, SQL Server MVPThere is some knowledge that can only be attainedthrough mistakes and experience on customer sites...In this session we’ll cover Best Practices, Tips & Trickson Development, Administration and Architecture for thenear to most recent versions of SQL Server and Windowsfor DB focussed folks regardless of whether you’re anaccidental DBA, Administrator or Developer on the SQLServer Platform.SQL Server Operational Best Practices – Notes from the Field.
  11. 11. Session 2: June 2011 MeetingSpeaker: Allan Mitchell, SQL Server MVPIn this session I will go deep under the covers of thisexciting technology, showing you how to manipulatedata streams in close to real time, performingwindowing, aggregations and more.I will show how to solve complex problems by looking attemporal data and how you can react with potentially splitsecond latency.Join me for this fun, deep session.StreamInsight-Solving Business problems (Deep Dive)
  12. 12. Swiss Chapter 2011 Agenda ScheduleDate Topic SpeakerJanuary 4 New Years No sessionFebruary 1 SQL Server FastTrack Roger BreuFebruary 1 Parallel Boost (ETL) Michael BroennimanMarch 1 MVP Summit No sessionApril 5 Introduction to Powerpivot Marco RussoApril 5How DBAs can use PowerPivot forPerformance Tuning / TroubleshootingAndre KammanMay 3 Techdays Basel No sessionJune 7 SQL Server Best Practices - Notes from the Field Charley HananiaJune 7 StreamInsight-Solving Business problems (Deep Dive) Allan MitchellJuly 5 SQL Server 3rd Party Tool Showcase 1Redgate/Idera/Quest/SQL Sentry etcJuly 5 SQL Server 3rd Party Tool Showcase 1Redgate/Idera/Quest/SQL Sentry etcAugust 2 Swiss National Day No sessionSeptember SQL Server Event (TBA) GenevaOctober 4 Sharepoint Architecture from a DB Perspective Roger BreuOctober 4New Indexing Strategies inSQL Server Denali (Project Apollo)René BalzanoNovember 1 SQL Server 3rd Party Tool Showcase 2DBSophic/FusionIO/etcNovember 1 SQL Server 3rd Party Tool Showcase 2DBSophic/FusionIO/etcDecember 6 Powershell for SQL Server Administration Marc DeOrsowDecember 6Data Quality Services inSQL Server DenaliRené BalzanoZurich
  13. 13. Swiss Chapter 2011 Agenda ScheduleGenevaDate Topic SpeakerJanuary 5 New Years No sessionFebruary 2SQL Server Denali : Quoi de neuf ettour d’horizon de la prochaine versionde SQL ServerChristian RobertFebruary 2 la délégation Kerberos David BarbarinMarch 2 - No sessionApril 6 Techdays Geneva No sessionMay 11SQL Server Best Practices - Notesfrom the FieldCharley HananiaMay 11 Clustering and SQL Server David SchmidJune 8 - No sessionJuly 6 SQL Server 3rd Party Tool Showcase 1Redgate/Idera/Quest/SQL Sentry etcJuly 6 SQL Server 3rd Party Tool Showcase 1Redgate/Idera/Quest/SQL Sentry etcAugust 3 Swiss National Day No sessionSeptember SQL Server Event (TBA) GenevaOctober 5 - No sessionNovember 2 SQL Server 3rd Party Tool Showcase 2 DBSophic/Fusion IO/etcNovember 2 SQL Server 3rd Party Tool Showcase 2 DBSophic/Fusion IO/etcDecember 7 - No session
  14. 14. Virtual Learning• Virtual Chapter Meetings in March• Application DevelopmentApril 11 12:00pm ESTApril 25 8:00pm EST• Azure April 20 3:00pm EST• Database Administration April 13 2:00pm ESTApril 27 2:00pm EST• Oracle April 29 11:00am EST• Performance April 13 1:00pm ESTApril 20 1:00pm EST• Powershell April 20 1:00pm EST• Women In Technology April 27 4:00pm ESTFor details on all Virtual Chapters please go to details on all Online Events please go to
  15. 15. 2011 PASS Summit October 11-14Dont miss the worlds largest technicalSQL Server training conference of the year• What: The best SQL Server conference in the world, as cited by SQL Servertechnical users from around the globe.• When: PASS Summit 2011 officially opens at the Welcome Reception theevening of October 11. Conference runs from October 12 to October 14with two optional pre-conference days on October 10 and October 11.• Where: Washington State Convention & Trade Center, Seattle, WA, USA
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  17. 17. General Introductions…My name is…I work at…My Technical Focus is…I’ve worked on …for …. years.My hobbies?well… 
  18. 18. Now: Refreshments & Networking