Charles Winston                                                                                         Dedication        ...
Born From the Stars  Moissanite found on earth is so rare that without Charles & Colvard creating this gem, it would not b...
Scintillating                Grading                CLARITY                Moissanite has only the finest clarity         ...
Training Program                                                                       PROGRAM COMPONENTS:                ...
Exceptional              Selling              For most people, selling              Charles & Colvard Created             ...
Counter Card                                   Mailer                                                 8101 Brier Creek Pkw...
Radiant          Marketing          We are providing collateral files          for a fully integrated marketing          c...
What Makes More Different?Charles Winston, Inc. in                                                Charles got away from th...
Testimonials                                                                                                   This is a b...
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C Wmore Presentation W C&C
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CW Moissanite Introduction

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C Wmore Presentation W C&C

  1. 1. Charles Winston Dedication Today, Charles is the CEO and founder of the company that bears his name. Charles and his best-selling designs appear regularly on television shopping networks around the world. They include HSN in the USA, Citrruss TV in Dubai (broadcast in 17 Arab countries) and TVSN in Australia. His collections can currently be found in many fine stores. His dedicated following of buyers enjoy Charles’ stories, anecdotes as well as appreciating his jewelry expertise. They look to Charles to educate them as they buy. Charles has made such an impression on many of these shoppers that he is often stopped in public and asked about his jewelry. To keep up with the demands of his fans, Charles regularly reads and responds to many of the customer service and specialCEO and Founder of Charles Winston, Inc. request emails!Fourth generation jeweler Charles Winstons deep appreciation for beautifuljewelry is a result of his rich jewelry heritage. At the age of 17, his father broughtCharles into the family business. Growing up in the jewelry industry Charlesworked in various capacities to make his own distinctive mark.While working in these various capacities, Charles noticed the number ofcompanies that were emulating the classic fine jewelry look, but producing the finejewelry look in a lesser quality. Charles began asking himself, what it would takefor all women to enjoy beautiful classic looks without forfeiting the quality that heso much admired.Around 1992, eighteen years after he started working in the jewelry industry,Charles realized he could create beautiful fine jewelry in that same fashion that allwomen could enjoy and thus began his quest to produce the worldʼs finest jewelryfrom genuine and lab-created gemstones. By following five basic principles, heembarked on a line that would change the industry, which resulted in the creationThe Charles Winston Collection.
  2. 2. Brilliant
  3. 3. Born From the Stars Moissanite found on earth is so rare that without Charles & Colvard creating this gem, it would not be available for jewelry. With our exclusive patented process, our master craftsman hand-facet the most brilliant jewel in the world. Painstakingly cut and polished to a fiery created gemstone, just as nature intended it to be, and then sorted by our highly trained staff of gemologists, each piece is selected individually to ensure that nothing but the finest of stones are used for the Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® brand. Not only have we created the most stunningly affordable luxury indulgence, it also provides a way for you to express your style in an earth-friendly manner as our technological advancements work hand-in-hand with todayʼs need to be eco-friendly.
  4. 4. Scintillating Grading CLARITY Moissanite has only the finest clarity and on most diamond scales its rating would rival the nicest VS diamond. Moissanite’s exceptional fire and brilliance are enhanced by the consistent quality of Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite®. COLOR Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® is produced near- colorless and carries the highest refractive index and dispersion. As a result, it has greater fire, brilliance and scintillation than that of any other gemstone. CARAT WEIGHT Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® is always precisely cut to exacting measurements so that its size is consistent from stone to stone. This provides an advantage that the size your customer selects is the size they receive. It also allows you to see the equivalent pricing when compared to a diamond so that you can see the value this unique created gemstone can offer! CUT From crystal formation to the final polish, moissanite stones are hand-faceted to maximize each created gemstone’s exceptional fire, brilliance and sparkle. 5th C Each Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® gemstone is backed and warranted with Charles & Colvard’s® exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  5. 5. Training Program PROGRAM COMPONENTS: • The Value of RelationshipsKATE PETERSON, President and CEO, Performance Concepts, Inc. • Collecting the Most Useful Backed by over 20 years of behind-the-counter Information experience, Kate Peterson has developed, • Ask the Right Questions directed and delivered some of the most effective • The Art of Active Listening training programs in the industry for legends Managing Your Information such as J.B. Robinson, Kay Jewelers, Sterling, • Keeping in Touch Inc. and Littman/Barclay Jewelers. Her areas of • Methods of Contact expertise include every aspect of organizational • Long Term Maintenance design and development, sales, client relations and service, human resource management, • Other fast paced and informational full-day programs are also available operations management and leadership development. Her own skills in communication, combined with wide ranging expertise have MOISSANITE TRAININGearned her acclaim in every major speaking venue in the United States and • Selling Essentialsthroughout the world. Kate is known for her creativity, innovation, out of the box • Advanced Presentation Techniquesthinking and use of leading edge technology. With a keen understanding ofadult learning, Kate has pioneered concepts and crafted tools for staff • Jewelry Sales Boot Campdevelopment and human resource management that enable retailers all over • Steps in a SaleAmerica to run their businesses more effectively. Earning an outstanding • "ABC" Always Be Closingreputation as an industry consultant specializing in family and closely-held • The "Ladder of Genuine Benefits"businesses, Kates services are highly sought after for the unique • Establishing Value Keeping Controlcommunication and growth strategies her perspective lends. of the Sale • Overcoming ObjectionsACTIVE PRODUCT TRAINING • TurnoversPerformance Concepts Product training DVD will equip your sales team with • Add-on Salesthe tools and mind set that will allow them to effectively gather information from • Product Knowledge Essentialsthe customer in a non-offensive subtle manner, and then organize and utilize • Fashion and Stylethat information to develop long lasting client relationships. For the retailerlooking to add professionalism and consistency to the sales process, whiledeveloping customers into life-long advocates, this training experience is amust! Even as a stand-alone, concept-based module, its sure to bring yourteam to a new level of client awareness and sales success!
  6. 6. Exceptional Selling For most people, selling Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® is a new and exciting experience, but that doesnt mean it should be overwhelming. Understanding moissanite’s quality characteristics is straightforward and simple. Charles & Colvard’s® moissanite education is designed to answer all your questions. It explains moissanite’s characteristics, how those characteristics influence appearance, and which are more important than others. In just a few minutes youll know everything you need to know about the joy of selling Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite®.
  7. 7. Counter Card Mailer 8101 Brier Creek Pkwy Raleigh, NC | (919)598-9625 Bring this postcard to Kohls and enjoy 15% OFF your More by Chalres Winston® purchase. © 2010 Charles & Colvard®. All Rights Reserved. 660.904.052410 coupon code: kohlscwcc070610 The Power to Turn Heads ™Limited Lifetime Warranty &Jewelry Valuation Certificate Brochure Raleigh, NC | (919)598-9625 8101 Brier Creek Pkwy Unbelievably Brilliant, Unexpectedly within Reach ™Email Promo © 2010 Charles & Colvard®. All Rights Reserved. 660.904.052410 Poster Print this email, bring it to Kohls and enjoy 15% OFF your More by Chalres Winston® purchase. Printer Freindly Coupon 8101 Brier Creek Pkwy Raleigh, NC | (919)598-9625Billboard Unbelievably Brilliant, Unexpectedly within Reach ™
  8. 8. Radiant Marketing We are providing collateral files for a fully integrated marketing campaign to include the broadest of consumer ranges and reaches. Utilizing both traditional channels as well as social and electronic media. Our distinct branding and collateral will support not only the unique beauty of created gemstone and jewelry designs, but additionally the sustainability of purchasing an affordable luxury item that, by its nature, is an eco- friendly option.
  9. 9. What Makes More Different?Charles Winston, Inc. in Charles got away from thecollaboration with Charles & mundane looks that the otherColvard is able to keep the distributors of Moissanite® arecosts at more reasonable selling. Charles Winston is a name thatlevels. evokes thoughts of the highest . quality standards in the jewelry industry. .Charles Winston brings histrademark looks of big, over thetop items, using interesting Charlesʼ new designs usingcolor combinations and plating Moissanite® with genuinecolors to accent the stones. colored stones, including sapphire, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire and ruby, just to name a few will add an entire new excitement to the product.
  10. 10. Testimonials This is a beautiful ring. Compared to a diamond there is no WOW!! Cant stop staring!! difference. It is exactly the same as a I just received this ring in the 2 carat/yellow gold. OMG, its beautiful! diamond ring with one exception the I bought the 1 carat last year around this time and I am so pleased price. If it were diamonds it would cost that I decided to get the two carat. This ring is gorgeous and has a around $9000.There are a lot of good amount of gold. You can actually feel the weight to it, as moisannite stones some are yellow or opposed to some rings that are so lightweight, you cannot feel them greenish in hue, not this one. This is in your hand. I cannot take my eyes off of it! December is 27 years closer to the G,H ,I category. The for us and this is my new wedding ring. :-)) The sparkle is blinding setting is Lucerne which costs more and oh, so breathtaking! than the standard settings.I have been HSN - Nikeeta, FL- Sepember 28, 2009 looking for awhile and this ring averaged $1750 to $2100 for 1 and 3/4 carats with a yellow tinge the better ones (like this) $2700 and up. It seems that this stone is very popular and supply and demand has driven up the pricing Diamonds Dont Even .You must see it to believe it, once you do you will never buy a diamond again. I certainly wont. Compare To Moissanite! "This ring is GORGEOUS! I had already had Overstock - Nov 20, 2009ddiamnd from Brooklyn NY my heart set on Moissanite before stopping by the Fort Wayne Helzberg store...but was just shopping around to see what carat size was appropriate for me...with the help of I first discovered Moissanite Craig I decided anything bigger than a 1ct. while doing research for engagement rings. After living in Europe was TOO much for me! He was so helpful for 2 years I learned a lot about diamonds and the cartels. I felt as and seemed more like a friend then a sales I had been living in a fog about what the diamond industry was person...which I appreciated greatly! He really about and how the American culture has been captivated by introduced me to the "IMPERIAL Moissanite" the media, myself included.There is no doubt the diamond is that is only sold at Helzberg...and I was sold beautiful, what we believe it represents is also beautiful, however once again on Moissanite! He then showed a moissanite to me is more beautiful. I read article after article, I me the clearance price, and I was at the compared charts about the science of moissanite, I tried looking counter putting it on Layaway immediately! for negative comments and had trouble. I then did a comparison My boyfriend and I are not yet engaged, but between a diamond and a moissanite, and I found that not only do will be eventually and we couldnt pass up the science and numbers work in favor, but the physical beauty such a steal! We plan to remove the stone was a delight. The flash and color beams like a star, and ironically and have a setting custom made for me, originally coming from a meteorite makes perfect sense. when the time is right for us...but either way, I feel like I have a piece of a star at the base of my finger, it is a with the original setting or another...this is gorgeous gem and wont cost me an extra mortgage to wear it. To just STUNNING! You wont be sorry...afterall, me it means not only beauty and strength, but the education and where else can you get a PERFECT 1ct. knowledge I hold of the world. Thanks for the opportunity to share solitaire for $549??? Its a no brainer!" my story, I couldnt be happier or prouder with my upcoming engagement ring! Helzberg - October 22, 2009 C&C Testimonials - Rachel W. - Milwaukee, WI*All testimonials are from actual customers-typos and all.
  11. 11. 300 Perimeter Park Drive, Suite A, Morrisville, NC 27560 919-468-0399 • © 2010 Charles & Colvard®. All Rights Reserved.