Let’s Talk About Streaming: Providing the Resources that Faculty and Students Request


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Amanda Timolat (speaker), Christine Fischer (speaker), Elizabeth Stanley (speaker), Jim Davis (speaker), Michael Waldman (speaker)

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  • Consider rights also
  • It to work:Technical issues like uptime, bandwidth, network, encoding quality, platform supportAuthentication: Typically by IP address. Also LTI protocolLicense options: single titles or collections, for various lengths of time, subscription vs in-perpetuityAdded-benefit tools: Interactive transcripts, clipmaking
  • technical end: May still need to have a local streaming platform, e.g. for in-house content
  • Let’s Talk About Streaming: Providing the Resources that Faculty and Students Request

    1. 1. Let’s Talk About Streaming: Providing the Resources that Faculty and Students Request Christine Fischer Michael Waldman Amanda Timolat Jim Davis Elizabeth Stanley
    2. 2. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro  Public university, established 1891  14,000 undergraduates  3,000 graduate students  77 master’s programs; 28 doctoral programs  Carnegie Foundation classification Research University with High Research Activity
    3. 3. uncg.libguides.com/streamingfilms
    4. 4. Streaming Film Issues Courses offered online Rights to foreign feature films Low response rate from distributors Prefer to use the whole film, not just segments  Funding  Tracking rights    
    5. 5. Some Answers & Decisions     Gather the right people Contact experts Pilot an effort to see outcomes Make policy decisions And next, public performance rights … giving faculty the leads they need
    6. 6. Baruch College, CUNY • Public Institution • 13,700 undergraduates • 3,600 graduates • 3 Schools: – Business School – School of Public Affairs – School of Arts and Sciences
    7. 7. Media @ Baruch • Pre-streaming • Academic departments • Budget
    8. 8. Issues • Locating Rights Holders • Educating Distributors • Technical issues • Time Management • Educating Faculty
    9. 9. Locating film rights: Some major issues include: • No US distributor found • US distribution rights expired • Domestic distributor does not own the streaming rights • Distributors may have no experience with educational streaming sales and practices  IMDB.com is your new best friend use this resource to locate production companies and producers, when all else fails they often hold the rights  Always do a web search for your films, occasionally they are already freely available online
    10. 10. Working with and educating Faculty and IT support     Why we need the get rights - copyright issues Communication – ticket tracking system Encoding with Subtitles Encoding from PAL – different aspect ratio that NTSC Time frames      Advance time to locate the rights Time to make the purchase Time to get the film published Digitizing, encoding and publishing the streaming film Time to preview and troubleshoot
    11. 11. E-reserve master list of streaming films – visible only to administrators User interface shows the embedded film which is resizable to full screen with a visible time count
    12. 12.  Academic streaming source for social issue and documentary film  Streams content from leading distributors  Over 375 titles and growing  Entering our second year
    13. 13. http://docuseek2.com
    14. 14. Streaming Rationale      24/7 availability from on-campus or off Multiple viewers at same time No physical media to track No physical media that will break or scratch Add-on benefits: interactive transcripts, embedding in course pages, clips, etc.
    15. 15. Streaming issues For the library:  Where to host? On-site, off-site or distributor  IT support  Discoverability  Bandwidth  Subscription maintenance  Cost
    16. 16. Streaming issues: What do customers want?       It to work On + off-campus access (authentication) Variety of license options Linking / embedding options Cataloging support (e.g. MARC records) Added-benefit tools (e.g. interactive transcripts, clipping)  Closed captioning
    17. 17. Pros/cons of going Distributor Pros:  Minimal messing with technical end  Added-benefit tools usually available  Extras like cataloging info, captions, search platform  Cleared rights Cons:  Loss of flexibility and control Cost of licenses is usually not a big factor here.
    18. 18. Founded in 1973, Bullfrog Films is the oldest and largest publisher of DVDs and films about the environment in the United States.  Leading US Publisher of Independent Documentaries  900+ titles in the areas of environmental and social sciences  Public Performance Rights and Digital Streaming Licenses available  New digital streaming portal: Docuseek2
    19. 19. The Bullfrog Films online catalog http://www.bullfrogfilms.com
    20. 20. New Releases
    21. 21. Digital Streaming Licenses from Bullfrog Films & Docuseek2 Digital Streaming Licenses from Bullfrog Films • You host on your server • For one course, one semester, or 1 – 5 years Digital Streaming Licenses for Bullfrog titles on Docuseek 2 • We host! • For one week, one semester, or 1 – 3 years Prices for Streaming Licenses depend on the length of use and the size of the purchasing college / university.
    22. 22. Who’s On First? What’s on Second?  Streaming conversations begin with faculty or librarians’ discovery  Decision makers: electronic resource librarians, reserves coordinators  Legal departments review licenses, check terms  IT departments digitize and load onto servers for access  Students can now view streaming videos from Bullfrog Films
    23. 23. We can stream! You can stream!  Launched by Bullfrog Films and Icarus Films, Docuseek2 features 400 titles for streaming, with more titles added all the time.  Content viewable anytime, anywhere, on-campus or off  Docuseek2 can be integrated into course management systems for easy access.  Best choice: 1-year subscription to the complete collection
    24. 24. Contact Information Jim Davis - jd@docuseek2.com Christine Fischer - cmfische@uncg.edu Elizabeth Stanley - elizabeth@bullfrogfilms.com Amanda Timolat – amanda.timolat@baruch.cuny.edu Michael Waldman – michael.waldman@baruch.cuny.edu