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Effective Leadership Development


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How leaders really develop; the keys to implementing an effective and sustaining leadership development process and why experience is the best teacher.

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Effective Leadership Development

  1. 1. Effective Leadership Development The Lessons of Experience are the Best Teacher p
  2. 2. What Keeps CEOs Up At Night? “Leadership”, answered th P “L d hi ” d the President of one of India’s largest id t f f I di ’ l t business conglomerates recently. “Do we have the right skills and capabilities to pull our strategy off,” reported a Global 500 CEO. “I worry that the current management team will not be able to take us where we need bl k h dto go to next,” answered a third corporate leader.
  3. 3. Effective Development is Rooted in the Business pThe kTh keys to implementing an effective and sustaining t i l ti ff ti d t i ileadership development process are: Rooting it directly in the R i i di l i h needs of the business Engaging senior g g g management in its creation Integrating development into the performance priorities of individuals
  4. 4. A Personal JourneyDevelopment is avery individualizedprocessPeople begin atdifferent points and pprogress at differentrates
  5. 5. Growth is Not Automatic It also depends upon h i l d d having the ability h bili to learn, access to feedback, the open- mindedness to listen and the willingness to change “Some people can havethe experience and miss the th meaning” i ” T.S. Eliot
  6. 6. It sIt’s Embedded in Experience Leaders learn as they expand their experiences over time70% of capability isdeveloped from workexperience20% from role models andmentors10% from training andreadings
  7. 7. Practice Improves Performance “I took a great deal o’ pains with hiseducation,education sir; let him run in the streets whenhe was very young, and shift for his-self. It’s the only way to make a boy sharp, sir.” y y y p,
  8. 8. Leadership Development Process Design p p g Copyright (c) 2012. Charlesmore Partners International. All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. A World Class Leadership Development System p p y Accurately defines A System to Converts requirements needs, potentialities, Assess into integrative and gaps and readiness Leadership Development p actionable leadership Needs development strategies, plans and programs A System to A System to Has effective Orchestrate Develop Deploys best Leadership leadership Leaders Development p practice development delivery methods to capabilities in stretch talent p place into capability Uses expert learning systems to manage,Copyright (c) 2012. Charlesmore Partners International.All Rights Reserved. advance, support and sustain development
  10. 10. Áscent™ - Helps Take Leaders to New Heights p g Integrate Leadership Development intothe Business Through a Proactive Action- Learning Process Stretch Develop and Identify Key Implement Build the Business Innovative Business Case Issue(s) Actions A ti for Change Assess Transform Áscent Áscent™ Taking Leaders to New Heights Copyright (c) 2012. Charlesmore Partners International. All Rights Reserved.
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