Working in Harmony with Interactive Agencies and End Clients


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How UX researchers can craft a balance between interactive agency and end client demands.

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Working in Harmony with Interactive Agencies and End Clients

  1. 1. Working in Harmonywith Product ,Stakeholders, InteractiveAgencies and ResearchCharles WiedenhoftRed Door InteractiveDanaus ChangAnswerLabJune 22, 2011 1
  2. 2. Introduction• Challenge• Keys to Success• G l Goal Make sure everyone #wins in the end. 2
  3. 3. Charles Wiedenhoft Danaus Chang Director of Business Planning & Director, Client Solutions Optimization Email: Email: @chastwied @AnswerLab• Nearly 12 years experience in digital media, • Lead mobile client engagements: usability and user experience design Google, FedEx, Yahoo!, ESPN• Focus on the social web and transactional • Background in quantitative and interfaces qualitative research methods• Driven to make it easier for people to • 10+ years experience delivering accomplish goals and create experiences that surprise and delight. consumer insights.Fun Fact: Getting back to the South brings back Fun Fact: Danaus takes pictures of almost memories spending summer days swimming every meal with Alligators. 3
  4. 4. Definitions• Product Stakeholder• Interactive Agency• R Research T h Team (company or division) Quick Poll Poll… Which best describes you? 4
  5. 5. What We Are All Thinking How do I get the How do I balance best result within user f db k with feedback ith How do I help make the timeline and creative concept this product the best budget I have? and control costs? it can possibly be?Product Stakeholder Interactive Agency Research Team 5
  6. 6. Potential Outcomes if One PerspectiveDominates the Project• Product Stakeholders• Interactive Agency• Research Team 6
  7. 7. Most Importantly… Importantly• Keep everyone working in harmony• Focus on the key goals 7
  8. 8. Case Study 8
  9. 9. Case Study: Redesign Retail Website Study • PETCO needed site redesign CO Overview • Remote usability • Inflexible deadlines Issues I • N New working d ki dynamic i • Communication challenges • Conducted pre-kickoff meeting Solutions • Assigned one client point of contact • Had group consensus on plan B • Improved communication 9
  10. 10. PETCO Before 10
  11. 11. PETCO After 11
  12. 12. Best Practices 12
  13. 13. Tips & Best Practices: Motivations• U d t di of everyone’s i di id l Understanding f ’ individual motivations – Get all parties engaged – Factor frustrations between parties 13
  14. 14. Tips & Best Practices: Consensus• Come to a group consensus on shared objective given individual motivations – Have a kickoff meeting designed for the group s group’s success – Define and clarify roles – Step-by-step project flow, roles, and responsibilities 14
  15. 15. Tips & Best Practices: Shared Vision• Operate in the project keeping your goals aligned with shared vision – P d t St k h ld Product Stakeholder – Interactive Agency g y – Research Team – Overall: Encourage all parties to be engaged with sessions ith i 15
  16. 16. Tips & Best Practices: PreserveRelationships• Don’t piss people off! 16
  17. 17. Questions? 17
  18. 18. Thank You. 18
  19. 19. The world’s leading brands About AnswerLab partner with AnswerLab User experience research you can trust trust.AnswerLab delivers trusted customerinsights that help the world’s leading brands world sbuild outstanding digital products andservices. • Exclusively focused on user experience research, so clients receive independent, objective insights • Provide insights into users’ interactions across digital touch points - web, mobile, tablet • Valuable experience from working with the world’s i d t l d ld’ industry leaders • Utilize a variety of innovative qualitative and quantitative research methodsLearn more: Visit or call 415-814-9910. 1919
  20. 20. About Red Door InteractiveAn Internet Presence Management FirmWe help our clients develop smart long-term strategiesfor leveraging multiple digital platforms and distributionchannels to acquire customers and build deep andpowerful relationships.At a Glance• Offices in San Diego & Denver• 58 full time employees Dozens of Different Companies with One Thing in Common: AR l Relentless D l Determination to Succeed i i S d• Founded in 2002Brand Promise• Expert Recommendations• Transparent Return on Objective• Proactive CommunicationsLearn more: Visit or call 619-398-2670. 2020
  21. 21. Appendix 21
  22. 22. Key Issues 22
  23. 23. Key Issues: Product Stakeholders g y• Interactive agency resists the research• Staying involved when the agency is running the project• Attending every session to get value out of the research• R Research supplier might recommend changing more h li i ht d h i than you can actually change• Research supplier might not fully understand the customers 23
  24. 24. Key Issues: Interactive Agency g• End client isn’t interested in conducting research• Staying involved when the end client is running the project• Attending a session to get value out of the research vs. simply viewing th fi l report i l i i the final t• Disagreement with the research findings g g 24
  25. 25. Key Issues: Research Team g• Different agendas• Interactive agency wants to modify research results• Interactive agency is not engaged in the research• I t Interactive agency or end client wants to opt out of ti d li t t t t t f observing• Too many cooks in the kitchen 25