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Managing Stress Modified


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This is just an introduction to Stress Management, if you want to learn contact me and we can set something up.

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Managing Stress Modified

  1. 1. By Charles B. (Ford) ThornhillSubsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  2. 2. MANAGING STRESS • What is Stress? – Stress is the mental or physical tension that can result from any kind of demand on our body and systems. – Stress can be good for us. However, too much stress can be destructive, so it is important that we understand where we get stress from.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  3. 3. Where does stress come from? • Stress can come from day-to-day hassles, people, money, work, body, mind, and leisure. • It can be developed from losing things, noise, demands from children (spouses) or from arguments. • It can develop over a long time or come on quickly because of situations that need immediate attention. • Sometimes activities we enjoy doing can cause as much stress as those we do not enjoy.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  4. 4. When does stress become dis-stress? • Stress becomes dis-stress when we feel an increase in tension, anxiety or increased feelings of anger or depression. • We may also experience many medical problems or physical ailments.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  5. 5. The warning signs of stress overload are: 1. concentration problems 2. moodiness, irritability or pessimism 3. increased arguments 4. sleep problems 5. appetite change and weight gain or loss 6. change in activity levels - fidgeting, sluggish, indifferent 7. increased dependency on drugs, alcohol, nicotine or sedatives 8. susceptibility to colds and viruses 9. pain, headaches, muscle tension, stiffness 10. heart pounding, high pulse rate, change in breathingSubsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  6. 6. Personal Stressors Three things to remember: 1. Stress affects different people in different ways. 2. We can take stress home with us. 3. We may have to make some personal changes to deal with stress.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  7. 7. Some questions to ask about personal stress: 1. Am I losing my temper too easily with my spouse or kids? 2. Am I looking for excuses to avoid spending time with my family? 3. Am I questioning my own or my spouses drinking habits? 4. Are drugs becoming a part of my life? 5. Do I feel as if I am losing control of my life? 6. Do I find it easier to watch TV, or to be alone rather than to be around people? 7. Do I feel overwhelmed by my problems and cant find a way out?Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  8. 8. Common Short Term or Early Stress Symptoms Physical Symptoms • Muscle aches and pains • Skin rashes • Headaches (tension and • Teeth grinding migraines) • Muscle tics • Stomach problems • Chronic mild illnesses • Over and under eating • Sexual dysfunction • Sleep disturbances • Diarrhoea • Chronic mild fatigue • ConstipationSubsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  9. 9. Psychological Symptoms • Forgetfulness • More use of drugs or • Anger sleeping pills • Frustration • Depression • Anxiety • Feeling powerless • More irritability with • More irritability with or family members isolation from co- • More use of alcohol, or workers cigarettes • More problems at workSubsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  10. 10. Common Long Term Symptoms of Stress Physical Conditions • Diabetes • Hypertension • Ulcers • Heart disease • Infectious diseases • Strokes • Spastic colonSubsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  11. 11. Psychological Problems • Serious depression • Accidents • Domestic violence • Suicidal behaviour • Alcoholism • Serious substance abuse • Other debilitating psychological disordersSubsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam
  12. 12. Where to Start: • This is probably the furthest place to start in reducing stress. • Today we are only focusing on individual stress release yours. • However to have a more effective program of stress release you need to consider a company wide program.Subsidiary of Sunshine C0.,Ltd., Vietnam