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Angus gidley baird_australia's_agriculture_future_2


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From the Food Security Forum 2014: Good food, good health: delivering the benefits of food
security in Australia and beyond - 17 March 2014

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Angus gidley baird_australia's_agriculture_future_2

  1. 1. Farming Australia’s future food production – a farmers perspective Angus Gidley-Baird Policy Director NSW Farmers’ Association
  2. 2. The commentary •Global food demand to increase by 70% by 2050. •Majority of the growth centred in Asia •Rapid increase in livestock meat, milk, eggs and vegetable oils as sources of food calories •Commercial opportunities for food exporting countries such as Australia
  3. 3. Value of Australian Exports Source: ABARES
  4. 4. Australian per capita consumption of selected agricultural commodities Source: ABARES
  5. 5. Historical scale of selected agricultural commodities in NSW Source: ABS
  6. 6. Farm production Source: ABARES
  7. 7. Australian farm returns Source: ABARES
  8. 8. Areas to work of for profitability in farming •Biosecurity •Infrastructure and logistics •Access to finance •Trade and marketing •Productivity •Workforce and skills development •Land use competition
  9. 9. Biosecurity •Education and capacity building •Establish clear cost sharing arrangements •Place high value in maintaining biosecurity status
  10. 10. Infrastructure and logistics •Private investment •Public private ventures •Develop a comprehensive transport infrastructure plan
  11. 11. Access to finance •Reducing risks •Improving returns •Identifying alternative business structures •Provide certainty for foreign investment
  12. 12. Trade and Marketing •Work constructively with supply chain stakeholders •Build and maintain relationships with interest groups •Trade agreements •Food labelling •Address market power
  13. 13. Productivity •Leveraging of the Research and Development Corporations •Greater engagement of research •Comprehensive database of industry research
  14. 14. Workforce and skills development •Foster skills development •Ensure training is accessible, relevant and affordable •Incorporating food and fibre production into the curriculum •Work collaboratively on work health and safety
  15. 15. Land use competition •Promote mutually beneficial outcomes •Protect prime agricultural land •Work collaboratively for beneficial planning outcomes
  16. 16. Thank you Angus Gidley-Baird Policy Director NSW Farmers’ Association