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  1. 1. Image editing using photoshop From this slide you can see the difference between my original image and my final front cover. In order to transform the image I had to use many editing effects on photoshop. The first effect I used was an increase of the brightness of my image in order to create a lighter shot. I then cropped my image to make it a more conventional square shape of a front cover. I also used a blur tool to distort the background in order to make the two artists stand out. I also increased the contrast of the image again to make the colours brighter and more vibrant than the original image. I then added in fonts from the internet on to create the album name and artist name in order to make the front cover conventional for the form. Original image
  2. 2. Video editing using iMovie In my video I wanted to make the transitions between shots smooth and slow paced to fit with the pace of the music and the conventions of the genre. To do this I used iMovie to fade between certain scenes creating a slow overlap of images as shown by the print screens from my music video above. I have gone from a mid shot of the artist singing faded into an action shot of the couple in an arcade to relate the lyrics to the narrative of the video. At the beginning and end of my video I wanted to use a different transition so I decided to use a fade to white at the beginning and a fade to black at the end to open and close the narrative. Above I have got print screens of the end of my video in which it fades to black from the piano to a black screen in order to show the resolution to the narrative and become more conventional.
  3. 3. I also used iMovie to lip sync my shots with the music in order to make my video much more conventional. I believe that this was an effective use of technology as it enabled me to create a bond between the lyrics of the song, the artists and the narrative to create a strong and conventional music video. iMovie also allowed me to create short, effective clips of many different locations and lighting to cut and contrast the narrative with the emotions and lyrics but not only this, the short 3 second clips are highly conventional for the indie music genre so again, is an effective use of technology. To do this I had to crop/cut my footage in order to allow lip sync to still fit perfectly and allow the quick transitions which along with my fades created a slow paced flow to the video.