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  1. 1. Representation
  2. 2. Close up of artist connotes power,confidence, authority which the readercan relate to Firm facial expression connotes aggression and fearlessness Bright, bold colours show that she doesn’t want to blend into the background and wants to stand out Clear pale skin represents beauty which the readers can the aspire to
  3. 3. Front cover For my front cover I wanted to represent my artist similar to the covers analyzed in my magazine research. I wanted to represent the artist as youthful, indie/rock, someone that doesn’t really care and looks slightly aggressive. To do this I have used a mid shot of my feature artist in a baggy acid washed jacket with patches as it connotes vintage and rock as I have made the shoulders over hang slightly to look laid back. By having the collar up and having a lip ring and a low t- shirt to show his tattoo, I have represented the artist as rebellious. This relates to my audience as the baggy laid back clothes connote youth and teenagers as they tend to have the “laid back” attitude. However because the clothes are baggy and less tight fitting, they represent the male gender more than female which nearly half of my target audience are. I have also tinted the image to slightly lighter colours to give a washed out vintage look to signify Indie music. I also chose to have the model looking away from the camera to connote his lack of caring and “can’t be bothered” attitude that is associated with this musical genre.
  4. 4. Long shot connotes power whencontrasted to the surroundings whichare shown to be lower as they arestanding tall on a hill Dark colours connote the rock genre and hidden identities Aggressive facial expressions connote anger which is stereotypically associated with teenagers so will then appeal to the target audience Hand in their pockets represent a laid back attitude which connotes youth
  5. 5. Contents page For my contents page I wanted to represent my artists in different ways. The top left image I chose to represent the artists as heavy Indie by making them wear all black but with something small to signify their personalities so my female model chose a scarf and my male model chose a bow tie. I chose to use a long shot for this photo in order to include the guitar prop but also to use body language as a use of representation. By making the artists slouch and pull moody emotionless facial expressions it shows them again as careless and just interested in one thing, which is music and is signified by the guitar. This then relates to my target audience as half my audience are males so by using a manly pose and clothing, can relate to this audience, but also the slouched posture represents youth as they are always stereotyped as never standing straight because they “don’t care” about anything which represents both genders of the teenage social group. I wanted to represent the female as slightly feminine so have chosen for her to wear a skirt, but then mask the femininity slightly with the black clothes as stereotypically indie artists aren’t very feminine. This then relates to my target audience because although the female in my photographs isnt represented as very feminine, the skirt and scarf still signify femininity but on the same level as my target audience so therefore fit my magazine conventions perfectly. For my top right image I have chosen a black and white colour scheme with a wide shot to include the piano as it represents youth as my model is young but also uniqueness as Indie artists stereotypically play guitar but this artist is mainly on piano making her different.
  6. 6. Studio photo’s and shots represent the artist as hard working and connotes that their music is recent and up and coming but also allows the reader to feel closer to the artist as they can seeLive images represent the artist as popular and them “backstage”shows them to be worth listening to as they have as such.played many gigs but also represent them asyouthful and “rock” themed as the clothes aremessy, his hair is over his eyes showing he doesn’tcare and his clothes are very dark which with theedited dark colour scheme connotes violence andmysteriousness
  7. 7. The black and The tattoo’s in this shot also represent my artist as rebellious as tattoos connote white colours aggressive behaviour and rebellion. This then fits my chosen genre as the Indie/Rock represent my artists tend to be aggressive, powerful and rebellious. This image artist as unknown as he is camouflaged into Double Page Spread represents my artist as down to the background, earth and easy this then interests to connect with the audience to as it’s a shot in read about him to find out what he his home studio Is like in order for so the audience him to stand out then feel more from the connected to background as he him as they feel becomes more like they have well known been invited in up close and personal.The live images represent my artist as well known The ripped t-shirt represents my artist as rebellious with aand popular as he is shown to be playing a live gig “don’t give a damn” attitude which my audience thenconnoting that people have gone to go and watch relate to as typical teenagers feel this attitude and again,“contagious” this then makes the audience feel can then relate to him as an artist. Also because the rockmore connected to the artist but also more keen side genre of my magazine is mainly dominated my males,on listening to the band as they are represented the black ripped clothes showing muscles and strengthas being a good band. then represents masculinity therefore appealing to the male audience but also to the females.