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Excess lower belly fat is not only unsightly but also dangerous


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Learn a lot about lower belly fat, its types and how to lose belly fat.

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Excess lower belly fat is not only unsightly but also dangerous

  1. 1. Excess Lower Belly Fat Is Not Only Unsightly But Also DangerousA lot of people today have excessive lower belly fat.Once people get this unsightly feature in their body, allthey think is that they need to get rid of it because itlooks ugly. This is the reason why most plus size peopleend up covering their abs by wearing oversized tees. As aresult, they loose confident with their bodies.Although people think about how ugly belly fats are, theydon’t really realize until later that the excess body fat isnot only ugly but also dangerous to health. In fact,scientific studies have revealed that having lower belly fatadds a risk factor to the body thus it is very important foran individual suffering from excess belly fat to find waysto lose belly fat as soon as possible.There are basically two types of fat that is deposited inyour abdominal area. The first type of fat covers your fatand is found just underneath the layers of the skin and ontop of the abdominal muscles. This is referred to as the
  2. 2. subcutaneous fat. This type of fat is responsible for givingyou the bulges on your abdomen area.The second type of fat is termed as visceral fat. As thename implies, this type of fat is found on the cavity insidethe abdomen. The fat surrounds your organs and it is alsothe reason why men have large beer bellies due toexcessive presence of fat around the organs of the body.Both of these types of belly fall pose very serious healthrisks. However, scientific research has also proven thathaving visceral fats is more dangerous than havingsubcutaneous fats. Presence of both increases the risk ofgetting heart diseases, high blood pressure, sleep apnea,stroke, cancer and other forms of degenerative diseases.The thing here is that excess belly fat is associated withhigher levels of a protein called C-reactive protein whichis an indicator of inflammation. Too much of this proteincan trigger heart diseases. Only the visceral fat releaseshigh amount of this protein to your system on aconsistent basis so the more beer belly you have, themore prone you are to getting heart-related diseases.This is the reason why it is so important to lose belly fatby doing belly fat exercises.Thus, if you concerned about the quality of the life youare living, then make sure that you find means to reduceyour fat deposits in your abdomen. In fact, it should be
  3. 3. one of your top priorities especially if you have a burstingbeer belly. You can gain a lot of benefits from loosingbeer belly. In fact, you not only rid all of the abdominalfat in your stomach but it will also flatten it out thus youcan easily achieve sexy six pack abs that you can show offto your friends.So how do you get rid and lose belly fat?There are a lot of people seeking for the real solution toloose belly fat. Unfortunately, there are a lot of productsin the market these days that claim to be effective whenit comes to loosing body fat without really provinganything to the public.The first thing that you need to know is that if you wantto lose all of your belly fat, there is no overnight solutionto your problem. In fact, there are no pills orsupplements that will help you loose fat fast. Moreover,gimmicky abs machines such as abs belts and rockers toname a few can help get rid of fats. In fact, you onlyspend your hard earned money on these without evenseeing any results in the end. The thing here is that thesemachines really don’t work at all!If you are looking for safe and effective solutions, thenyou must understand that you need dedication andperseverance in order to loose weight and body fat. The
  4. 4. best solution to lose abdominal fats is to combine anutritious diet comprising of mostly natural foods and agood exercise program such as bell fat exercises in orderto stimulate hormonal release which promotesmetabolism on the body. The thing here is that foodintake and exercise are very important in order to removethe excess body fat that settled in the body.The efficacy of diet and exercise in loosing weight is verysignificant. One study that was conducted dividedthousands of participants to diet-only group and diet andexercise group. Both groups made great progress when itcomes to weight loss but only the diet-only groupsignificantly less abdominal fat that those that belong tothe diet and exercise group. Having said this, diet andexercise should always go hand in hand when it comes toloosing body fat.It is important to realize that doing exercise programalone will also not do the trick. It has to be coupled withdiet in order to see significant changes. In fact, if you onlydo exercise, then even if you attempt the most difficultexercise routines in the gym, you will still not see anyprogress by the end of the day. By doing so, you onlywasted your time and money at the gym.On the other hand, there are some people who do typicalcardio routines and several weight training thinking that
  5. 5. they can loose the body fat in a few weeks to no avail.What happens in the long run is that they end upbecoming frustrated thus they wonder what went wrongwith their entire program.If you want to know a great program to help you losebelly fat, then I can help you. I have spent a great timedoing research on this topic and analyzing the sciencebehind it. I have also applied my program on myself aswell as to my clients all over the world. And I am happy totake note that all of my clients have successfully shedsignificant amount of fats from their body.How To Lose Your Belly Fat Permanently: The TruthBehind ItThe secret to loosing your belly fat is for you toincorporate a healthy diet as well as a great exerciseprogram that will acknowledge your problem. I havecompiled all of the information on my book The TruthBehind Six Pack Abs.The point of the whole program is not about doing bellfat exercises alone but showing you different effectivemethods and strategies that will help loose yourabdominal fat without risking your muscles and jointsfrom any injuries. The book also covers on how to get sixpack abs in no time at all.
  6. 6. By following the guidelines I have set on the book, youcan guarantee that you will loose your belly fat that hasbeen your problem for a long time. My program has beentried and tested time and again by all of my clients and Ican assure you that it will also work on you.The thing here is that most people fail in their goalsbecause they do not really adapt to a new fit lifestylepermanently. In most cases, people can only adapt toeating nutritious foods and exercising for a couple ofweeks or months before they go back to their old ways.What I want to do is to help you get rid of your belly fatpermanently so please check out my book. Stay healthynow and enjoy your future.