Labioplasty Dr Charles Cope


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Labioplasty Dr Charles Cope

  1. 1. North Shore Cosmetic Surgery provides a SUMMARY comprehensive range of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, Labioplasty changes the appearance as well as a full range of ancillary of the inner labia, and improves treatments. symptoms of irritation if present. Labioplasty will increase your self- confidence and allow you to wear A patient guide normal clothing and to participate to understanding in everyday activities without PRACTICE LOCATIONS embarrassment. Labioplasty Level 1, 357 Military Rd North Shore Cosmetic Surgery is a group of Plastic Mosman 2088 Surgeons dedicated to providing a high standard of service to the North Shore. Suite 507 SAN Clinic Wahroonga 2076 All members are Fellows of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and have been trained to the highest possible standards. Prepared by Dr Charles Cope FOR ALL APPOINTMENTS CALL MBBS BSc(Med) FRACS 9908 3033
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION PREPARING FOR THE SURGERY THE SURGERY Labioplasty reduces the size of the labia minora, the It is important to discuss with your surgeon any The surgery is usually performed as a day-stay folds of skin or inner lips at the entrance of the pre-existing medical conditions which you may procedure in hospital, and is usually performed vagina. There is considerable variation of the size have, as well as any history of bad scarring. It is under general anaesthetic. During the procedure and shape of the labia minora. Some women with important to stop smoking at least a few weeks the excess tissue is removed, and most patients large inner labia which extend past the outer vaginal before the surgery – smoking increases the request that the labia minora do not show past lips (labia majora) experience discomfort during chance of healing problems after the surgery. the level of the labia majora (outer lips), or are everyday activities, sport and intercourse, and have Aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications eg reduced to the level of the outer lips. The difficulty wearing tight-fitting clothing. Others do not Nurofen, and some vitamins and herbal procedure does not change the appearance of like the appearance or feel embarrassed by the medications can cause bleeding and also need to the clitoral area (reduction of the clitoral skin area prominence of their labia in swimming costumes or be stopped 10 days before the surgery. risks change in sensation), and depending on other revealing or tight-fitting clothing, and this can your individual anatomy labioplasty can make the also be a source of sexual embarrassment. clitoral area relatively more prominent. The scars You will need to discuss what results you are are hidden below the level of the labia majora and expecting from the surgery, and your surgeon will usually cannot be seen long-term. All sutures are Labioplasty can also be able to show you some photos of other dissolving and do not need to be removed. be performed to patients who have had the procedure. correct a difference in size between the left AFTER THE SURGERY and right sides, or to correct stretching or a change in shape that There is always some bruising and swelling after can occur with the surgery, which can be minimised by resting childbirth. quietly and minimising activity for a few days. Labioplasty is not a particularly painful operation. You can shower normally the day after surgery. About one-third of patients having labioplasty have Most patients return to normal everyday activities the operation for purely cosmetic reasons, but in including driving and work within a week. It is patients with symptoms of irritation with tight fitting important to restrict heavier activities including clothing or sports, or other medical problems, sport and the gym for a few weeks, with no labioplasty will improve your symptoms. sexual activity for 3-4 weeks. The final result is Labioplasty will increase your self-confidence and often not apparent until 6-8 weeks. allow you to wear normal clothing and to participate in activities such as swimming without embarrassment.