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to app or not to app


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An talk on "to app or not to app" given at the first #thinkup event organised by @eightandfour

Published in: Technology, Business
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to app or not to app

  1. 1. Mobile apps and doing the mobile dance @charlescadbury @putitout
  2. 2. Why I am here • Delivered 40+ apps since 2007 • Delivered to top brands • Technical partner with some of the best ad agencies in London • Therein lies the story… @charlescadbury @putitout
  3. 3. Typical brief • We have a creative signed off and want to propose an app • Here’s a deck – could you come up with an amazing app idea • Ideally by the end of the day • We probably won’t have much budget so please bear that in mind @charlescadbury @putitout
  4. 4. The result Thanks, but no thanks @charlescadbury @putitout
  5. 5. Why the burning want for apps? • Misunderstood appropriation of time @charlescadbury @putitout Flurry April 2013
  6. 6. So, do you need an app? • Will your website do the job? – Existing traffic – Familiar CMS – Explore first Who has an idea for an app? @charlescadbury @putitout
  7. 7. What makes a good app? • Play to the strengths of the medium, what’s in a phone? – Camera – GPS – Microphone – Speakers – Internet – Screen – Accelerometer – Storage – Wicked good processor @charlescadbury @putitout
  8. 8. Who does this well? Simple app, using location feature @charlescadbury @putitout Simple app, using camera feature
  9. 9. What of our work replicates? Simple app, using location feature @charlescadbury @putitout Simple app, using camera feature
  10. 10. If you remember 3 things • Simply useful • Deliver beyond the confines of a website • Don’t forget to market the app @charlescadbury @putitout