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Building change into you, your business and your digital products


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Today you know more than you did yesterday and far more than you did at this point last year. Think about the amount of new experiences encountered, challenges you've overcome and lessons learnt during the last 12 months. The experience you gain every day puts you ahead of the person you were yesterday and this will continue. You will become more awesome. You have a lot to look forward to.

This talk is designed to help you be more aware if this process and be more mindful of chance to positively affect your personal life your work life and the digital products that you craft.

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Building change into you, your business and your digital products

  1. 1. CHANGE CHANGE & LEAN UX @putitout #pitoevents
  3. 3. CHANGE Year 1 – the first changes • Every one of us came into the world naked and generally useless • That first year we change a lot, we learn to • Feed • Sit • Crawl • Get what we want from the world • 1st year you change more in a shorter timeframe than you ever do afterwards • Constant cycle of learning, changing and improving
  4. 4. CHANGE Life goes on • Childhood is an amazing time - then we grow up • We can all remember the moment we thought we knew it all • I distinctly remember talking to a friend having booked a flight • I can now go anywhere • I can do anything • I know it all • I was 18
  5. 5. CHANGE Learn, change improve • Throughout our lives we learn • We use that learning to change our behaviours • These changes leads to an improvement in ourselves
  6. 6. CHANGE • Think about the you this time 12 months ago • Or the you 6 months ago in September 2014 • What challenges were you facing • What was a BIG DEAL in your life at that point? • If you had that challenge again to day would you deal with it better? Would it be a BIG DEAL? • I like to think that I was a child 6 months in comparison to the man I am today The you in March 2014
  7. 7. CHANGE Do you believe you have learned changed or improved?
  8. 8. CHANGE Do you think that change is for the better?
  9. 9. CHANGE Learn, change Improve • I hope we all agree this learn change improve mechanic benefits all of us • I believe that this process should be replicated in: • Personal lives • Our business models • The digital products that we craft • You will become greater every day and will mature like a fine human • We can all look forward to becoming more awesome
  10. 10. CHANGE Mindfulness of change • The first challenge is to be more mindful that change is happening • The second is to do something about it • “Begin every day as if it was on purpose”* *Hitch
  11. 11. CHANGE Change faster
  12. 12. CHANGE We believe the world will continue to change, that rate of change will increase. Moore’s law presents opportunity • Removing barriers to entry • Augmented pace of change • Connecting society • Similar advances in bandwidth and storage • Exponential is really fast We live in Exponential times
  13. 13. CHANGE Metcalfe's law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system Internet population • 3 Billion Today • 5 billion 2020 • Global, egalitarian and meritocratic Metcalf’s law • Mobile phones • Value of the network is user no.’s • Connecting society We live in Exponential times The internet will create much more value…
  14. 14. CHANGE • Founded 2010, sold April 2012 • 15 employees at sale @ $1bn+ • to Facebook with 5,000 employees, 10 of whom more wealthy than Eastman family • Founded 1880 • 145,300 employees • Invented digital photo 1975 • Bankrupt same week as Instagram sale “Small teams of designers or engineers can make products consumed and paid for by billions, creating vast wealth for their originators” New business landscape
  15. 15. CHANGE
  16. 16. CHANGE Software giants being out-innovated
  17. 17. CHANGE Evolving digital Landscape • There are no more iFarts • “App goldrush” hangover • Business model evolution • Approach every product with today’s thinking
  18. 18. CHANGE Evolving digital products for evolving digital people • The world and its perople change quickly • What we thought was amazing yesterday will not be so great next year • We must bring this thinking into the way we create digital products • Constantly evolve or fail fast
  19. 19. CHANGE Why • You don’t want to have a market leading product on the day of launch • You want to have a market leading digital product every day thereafter • We live in very competitive world and you have to continuously innovate and continue to change to compete and win
  20. 20. CHANGE Those who do • Keep their relevancy, your attention and business Every 2 weeks Every 3 weeks Every month
  21. 21. CHANGE Those who do not • Pay by phone • Very few successful examples
  22. 22. CHANGE Our approach • We have worked hard to adapt our processes to offer “agency lean UX” • Building for change • Continuous learning • Always improving
  23. 23. CHANGE How We employ a lean UX approach backed up by agile delivery
  24. 24. CHANGE How • lean UX – Idea validation – Talking to people to test relevancy • agile delivery – Weekly show’s – Encourage change & improvement
  25. 25. CHANGE Closing thoughts • What is your strategy to become more mindful to change yourself, your business your digital products? • The future will bring change, wake up every day as if it’s on purpose
  26. 26. CHANGE Thank you @charlescadbury #pitoevents