Monteagle Hotels For A Lovely Experience


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The Smoke House Restaurant, Lodge & Trading Post is owned & operated by the Oliver family, celebrating 28 years of service to travelers crossing Monteagle Mountain, TN. Visit our website for more info!

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Monteagle Hotels For A Lovely Experience

  1. 1. Monteagle Hotels: For A Lovely ExperienceWelcome to Monteagle hotels for great fun and experience. Thislodging is celebrating its fiftieth birthday this year. It is known for itsquality and exemplary services all over Tennessee. The Oliver familyis responsible for everything in the hotel. It is quite accommodativeto families, groups, businesses, associates and church groups. It haswon an award as the best western property with rustic and warmsetting. This is all convenient in adding the comfort of the guests foran unforgettable stay as it motivates the staff. The restaurantoperates throughout the day all year long.This smoke house is located about forty five miles northwest Chattanooga. While a tourist may behaving several choices of where to spend a vacation with the beloved ones, the urge of coming hereis always stronger. Guests see it as paradise on earth and are hence highly valued. When they makethe ultimate choice of visiting the resort, regrets are really unheard of.Remember to plan well to prioritize for a means of transport that should cater for the luggage andthe team. It should also be within the budget. There are varieties from which somebody couldchoose from. For instance one may consider fueling a taxi as the better alternative. The hotel andother surrounding areas create a desirable hospitality longed for by many travellers.The mountain lodge has a variety of accommodation packages that is desirable by any guest. Touristswho feel that their privacy is of much more importance could opt for the detached cabin rentals.Here people enjoy their own prepared dishes and are let to plan and tend to their activities withoutinterferences. Hustle free Monteagle is also available for those who have a desire for free fun andleisure.The meals prepared here provide that home taste as they are carefully prepared. They are deliciousenough to increase appetites. As a guest, there is no limitation to food and drinks within hence onecan as well order from the surrounding restaurants which are easily accessed.The choices vary from the Monteagle inn, hotel and the Monteagle cabins rentals. The paymentcomes in different packages catering for the family weekend. The intimate and groups are alsocatered for. This varies depending on the length of time in the Monteagle lodging and also thenumber of visitors. All services for tourists are in place. The remodeling of eighty five extra-large rooms by fitting large furniture is one of the many beauties of the modern interior design. This encompasses other amenities like the iron facility, hairdryers, internet accessibility and coffee makers designed to please anyone in the modern world. From forty lodge rooms one can access the vast backside decks including the cabins, recreational areas, lake and a pool. The deck offers good scenarios for reading, gathering and relaxing among others. This is due to facilities like outdoor eating tables and rocking chairs. The greatscenery is also a boost. Having visited the place, the memories are sure to linger longer thanexpected. This is due to the uniqueness of the Monteagle hotels.