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Social tribes

  1. 1. EMO Grime RockGothic POP HIPHOP Rhythm and Blues (R&B) SociaL tribesRhythm and Blues (R&B) EMO Rock GothicHIPHOP POP Grime
  2. 2. HIPHOPHair: The men’s hair is frequently short but can be seen in cornrows.Clothes: Men – name brand track suit tops, and baggy jeans with generally a white t-shirt. Women – Fitted tops, jeans and more revealing outfitsShoes: Name brand trainers, most popular adidas and Nike.Accessories: New era caps, large gold and diamond chains, rings and watches.Artists: Jay z, Kanye West and 50 cent etc.
  3. 3. POPHair: Usually would be long and stereotypical blonde such as pop style icon Britney SpearsClothes: Revealing clothing such as mini dresses and skirts that emulate pop artists in their music videosShoes: High heels in bright coloursAccessories: Big bold statement jewelryArtists: Britney Spears, Katy Perry
  4. 4. RockERsHair: Hairstyles can range from long to short, or even both that resemble stereotypical 80’s hairstyleClothes: They usually wear popular rock band t- shirts and also strip pattern t-shirts. Also are most known for wearing leather, denim jackets and tight pants.Shoes: Leather boots, converses and vans etc.Accessories: Studded wrist bands and belts.Artists: Marilyn Manson and Paramore etc.
  5. 5. GrimeHair: Males may have short hair, with shaven in patterns also lines shaven in eyebrow are common.Clothes: Very similar to hip hop, however more associated with wearing tracksuits, bright hoodies preferable name brand such as, adidas and Nike.Shoes: TrainersAccessories: gold or silver chains and bracelets, also diamond ear studs. And new era caps.Artists: N-Dubz, Tinchy styder, Chimpmunk.
  6. 6. GothsHair: Goths are typically known for having dyed black hair that replicates their dark, moody attitudes.Clothes: The colour of their clothing is usually black, with prints of crucifixes and ankh which come from the influences of period gothic horror films.Shoes: The trademark Goth shoes are large, studded, black leather bootsAccessories: Dark make up is essential on both males and females, especially black eyeliner, nail polish, studded or spike jewelry and multiple silver piercings.Artists: Evanescence and The Cure etc.
  7. 7. Rhythm and Blues (R&B)Hair: Female hair can vary from small curls to large, hair colour ranging from black to blonde and either short or long. Whereas mens hair is usually smooth and clean cut whether short or in cornrows.Clothes: Can be soft and sophisticated or slightly resemble pop and hip hop style but more refined. For example fitted jeans, tight t-shirts or long following dresses and suits.Shoes: High heels for the women, where the men would wear a black trainers or a smarter shoe.Accessories: Diamond jewelry.Artists: Beyonce, Mariah Carey Neyo etc.
  8. 8. EMOHair: Is usually dyed black with neon coloured highlights, that can differ from short to longClothes: Are mostly known for wearing black or dark coloured clothing, for example skinny jeans, with a few splashes of bright colours.Shoes: Typically converses and vans that are black with white lacesAccessories: Girls are commonly known for wearing large bows and head bands, with studded belts and wrist bands. Also generally wear exaggerated dark eye make up.Artists: Fallout Boys