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Options for music video

  1. 1. Options for music video Clothes
  2. 2. Basic t-shirtsUsing basic t-shirts styles in the music video was a clear choice for the music video becausethey can be very versatile when portraying a music genre, because by using accessoriesdifferent types of jeans whether skinny or baggy you are able to portray a completelydifferent look. Furthermore, these types of t-shirts we regularly see in music videos, on CDcovers and promotional posters with different types of artists, to demonstrate our musicgenre of rnb and urban we would accompany these t-shirts with either tight fitted jeans orbaggy jeans, as well as shoes which are associated with these genres if we wanted toemphasis the rnb genre we would most likely use high heels, however since we are morecomfortable with the urban genre footwear options would mostly consist of popular brandtrainers, such as vans.
  3. 3. Crop topsThis was an original choice for us because recently crop tops were verypopular, especially within the teenage community, therefore we thought byincorporating this type of style into our music video we would clearly establish our targetaudience by relating to the trend at that time. However, due to months we would befilming in this could no longer be an option because of the weather, for that reason wethought if we were to use summer style tops in winter it would be to great of contrastusing brightly coloured clothing with a backdrop of which is grey and dull. Also, since thelyrics of the song evokes a more sad theme it was important to how this through clothingchoices making darker colours a better choice to portray the theme of the song.
  4. 4. SweatshirtsOnce more, sweatshirts are also a popular trend in todays society particularly within theyounger generation of teenagers and young adults, which our music video would mostlywant to appeal to. These types of tops were a more realistic option when deciding clothingoptions in comparison to the crop tops, because unlike them sweatshirts are moreassociated with colder weather, therefore making it a more suitable choice for the musicvideo. Furthermore, the writing on the sweatshirt which say s ‘love’ would be able tointegrated the theme of love and heart break from the song into the video.
  5. 5. Name brand – Hoodies & CardigansThe decision to used name brand hoodies and jacketsin our music video was because we knew that this was Cardigans can also be versatile in a music videoone of the most typically associated clothing choices depending on the style, whether it is long orwith our genre, also would appeal to both the male cropped, black or coloured, or patterns or not.and female gender, therefore would in turn widen our Depending on the style it can convey the themes oftarget audience from dominantly female. the video, for insistence a black, long cardigan wouldFurthermore, UK urban artist such as n-dubz portray the artist to be upset or depressed.etc, would usually wear these in their music video and Whereas, a bright, patterned, crop cardigan wouldbecause they have slight similarities with the genre of display happiness and joy. Looking at the possibilitiesmusic, we subtle incorporated these this style in our we thought it would be a good choice of clothing tomusic video. use.
  6. 6. Boyfriend Jeans & Skinny JeansDue to the rising popularity with females On the other hand, skinny jeans are used widelywearing baggy jeans, which were previously only within female rnb artist, because they are tightlinked with predominately males, we thought it fitted it relates to the stereotypes of a sexywas important to stay current with our female artist. Because rnb is a sub genre of ourchoice, for that reason using boyfriend jeans in song choice we decided to try and connect bothour video seemed to be a good choice. the style of boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans, to relate both current and typical stereotypes of an urban and rnb artist.
  7. 7. Leggings & ShortsLike the previous outfits we’ve chosen as possibleclothing choices, leggings have also become anrapid popular choice of clothing with the of age rage Unlike leggings, females wearing denim shorts inof 16-24, due to increase in expose from female music videos have been used, for manyartist in music videos, in genres such as rnb, urban years, especially because it does signify the sexand dance. For example , Rihanna’s 2008 music appeal that female rnb artist stereotypically portraysvideo ‘Rude Boy’ shows a good example of leggings This is demonstrated in Beyonce’s 2003 music videoused in a video and then gaining popularity within ‘Crazy in love’, this caused denim shorts to becomethe general audience. extremely fashionable.
  8. 8. Vans We thought by using vans in our music video we would definitely establish our appeal to our target audience which is youthful. Although previously vans were considered to be associated with a punk style, in more recent years have become more widely used including the within the urban audiences, making this a clear option for these to be featured in our music video.
  9. 9. Style Inspiration UK urban artists
  10. 10. Mz Dynamite • Basic T-shirt • Skinny Jeans
  11. 11. Katy B • Basic T-shirts • Leggings • Designer Jacket
  12. 12. Yasmin • Crop Top • Fashionable Hat
  13. 13. Mz Bratt • Name branded - Hoody
  14. 14. N Dubz • Name brand – Jackets • Bacic T – Shirts • Name brand – Trainers (adidas) • Large Chains • Urban Style Hats