Charity Week 2012 Project Proposals Presentation


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Charity Week 2012 Project Proposals Presentation

  1. 1. Charity Week 2012 Project Selection
  2. 2. #CW2012 Projects!• Alhamdulillah during #CW2012over £455,000 was raised to helporphans and needy children around the world! May Allah reward you for your efforts towards unity and helping those in need insha’Allah• The projects are based off concept notes provided by IR field offices based on the needs in the area. Ifa project proves to be popular andis chosen to be funded from the CW2012 pot, the local office, in Gaza/Bangladesh/Kosovo etc, will spend more time obtaining the specifics of the project and will then proceeding to implementation• This is your opportunity to read through the projects and have your say on where you would like the money to go in the survey at the end of the presentation! Please note that all images are for illustration purposes
  3. 3. Preventing Long Term PsychologicalDamage for Children of the Syria Crisis The current crisis in Syria is adversely affecting the psychological health of its children. Death and destruction is crippling tomorrows generation.• By providing psychosocial support in refugee camps,the project aims to alleviate the suffering of displaced children through assessing and supporting their psychological health• This project will employ and train 150 staff, to treat 1200 displaced children and 500 displaced families (with dependent children)• Treatment includes social activities and therapies for children to prevent long term psychological Cost: £80,000 damage
  4. 4. Rebuilding Schools in War TornGaza The situation in Gaza is widely known. Blockade, and more recently, the bombing of Gaza in “Operation Defensive Pillar” has had the worst effect on children’s education.• The persistent bombardment of the Gaza Strip has destroyed school buildings in their entirety, leaving children without a place to learn and no hope for an education• This project aims to rebuild and restore 4 schools in the Gaza Strip, for over 2500 children to return to school and enjoy a Cost: £125,000 healthy and safe educational environment
  5. 5. Dental Health Care for Children inKosovo Poverty and insecurities have left thousands of children in Kosovowithout any form of dental care. Yet where access is available, few are able to pay for treatment.• Over a two year period, this project aims to: o Provide dental health checks and any subsequent treatment needed for 10,000 children. With the aim of restoring their teeth to make them dentally fit o Implement a prevention strategy by increase awareness of dental health Cost: £50,000 issues and the importance of oral hygiene from a young age to prevent toothache and oral infections
  6. 6. Mobile Health Clinic for Afghani Children Rampant war, political instability and current government facilities severely lacking in their standards, has left countless children living in extreme poverty and without access to basic healthcare.• This project aims to ensure the health of the future population by providing a reachable health clinic for 6000 children, as well as providing them with any extensive medical treatment they may require• To prevent disease, health awareness sessions Cost: £105,000 will be provided for the community at large to encourage a healthier society developed
  7. 7. Building Dormitories forSchools in RuralChina Despite China’s growing economy, rural areas of China develop slowly due to geographical remoteness, environmental problems and a lack of funding in local governments. Primary education facilities therefore don’t receive the funding they need.• IR China have identified 4 schools in North West China where children walk about 2 hours a day through dangerous conditions to attend school, due to a shortage in dormitory space at the schools• The proposed dormitories would be built for up to 500 children, with the bad natural environment of the rural area in mindand so shielding these children from natural disasters Cost: £200,000• The children can thenlive comfortably, to obtain the education they need to take themselves and their families out of poverty
  8. 8. Nursery Education and Basic Healthcare forUnderprivileged Girls in Bangladesh Extreme poverty, an increasing population size and negative attitudes towards educating girls is affecting education and child development of young girls in the• slums of Dhaka. This 4 yearproject is aimed towardthe development of young girls from the age of 3. The proposed project aims to prevent illiteracy, malnutrition, and medical disease from an early age• The project will work to prevent the high dropout rates seen in primary education and give the girls a grounding to continue in education. The project would also screen and treat the girls for malnutrition• In addition, it will teach parents and caregivers about importance of nutrition and early development. This Cost: £212,000 will improve knowledge and attitudes towards survival, growth and early development of the child
  9. 9. Health Screening for Children in Sri Lanka Orphans of the tsunami and ethnic wars find it difficult to meet basic health and educational needs and nutritional deficiencies are impairing their physical and mental development.• The aim of this project is to provide medical check- ups and sanitation and hygiene packs for up to 2000 children• Awareness sessions on health related issues would also be provided to improve knowledge and understanding for guardians with the aim of preventing health problems in the future• Specialist consultation will be provided for health Cost: £80,000 issues and the hygiene packs will outline daily food practices and advice on general hygiene habits
  10. 10. Pick Your Projects!• Click here to have your say on #CW2012 projects!• Deadline to fill in the survey is:Wednesday26th December 2012• For any further information or queries, email:
  11. 11. Recap!• Preventing Long Term Psychological Damage for Children of the Syria Crisis• Rebuilding Schools in War Torn Gaza• Dental Health Care for Children in Kosovo• Mobile Health Clinic for Afghani Children• Building Dormitories for Schools in Rural China• Nursery Education and Basic Healthcare for Underprivileged Girls in Bangladesh• Health Screening for Children in Sri Lanka