Brainstorming 2011 - 10 Unique Ideas for Property Managers


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This presentation was delivered by Charity Hisle of Socially Engaged Marketing to the 2011 MultifamilyPro Brainstorming Session attendees. To view the video clips, please visit

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  • Problem 1: New residents are often waiting for internet connections for a couple of weeks and cannot work or browse the internet from their new home.Problem 2: Residents that travel want securewi-fi but don’t want to afford a monthly contract.
  • National Dog Day: August 26National Cat Day: October 29National Dog Week: September 22 to September 28National Cat Week: November 1 to 7“Spay Day” is officially the last Tuesday of FebruaryOffer discounts on pet deposits to encourage adoption of shelter/rescue animals* New resident gifts: a Pet Loc8tor (about $100) Partner with a local vet and/or groomer to offer discounts to residents for pet care Put a coupon on your blog/Facebook page* Hand out leashes and/or collars with your community name on them* Have a pet contest and/or pet of the month at your community (have a gift basket donated from a local pet store)* Partner with a Pet photographer
  • These are tall and wide desks that are adjustable and built to surround the treadmill to create an ‘office’ environment.Laptops sit right in front of you or just to the side so you can type and walk at the same time.Include free wi-fi in your gym, make sure there are plenty of outlets for power and you’re all set! Cost is about $500 for each desk and wi-fi is variable.
  • Flair is free to use, just takes a little time! Make them cute, funny, or cool! Tell your residents about it and they can share it on their personal profiles with their Facebook connections.
  • Ask those with smartphones to like your Facebook page, check-in on Facebook or FourSquare or even use a QR code to link to ApartmentRatings and ask for reviews. Why not?Cost is minimal.
  • Get creative with QR Codes. BeQRious and QR Arts offer creative code placement ideas. How cool is THAT!Whitewash the codes into your sidewalksAnd for those without smartphones/QR access — which is the case for about 70% of Americans — be sure that they can still participateby texting.Purchase unique temporary tattoos for your community to distribute during events and parties.
  • “Leave a tip” drawing (every time someone leaves a tip on the community foursquare place, place a $1 in the tip jar. Once you reach 100 tips, random drawing to give away the tips from the tip jar) or Tip rewards “Multiple check-in” rewards, consider creating foursquare deals for multiple check-insHave someone from your office use your account to leave tips all over town like the Ritz-Carlton does!
  • Domino’s Pizza has for a chance to win $500. Is a site where real photos of destinations are posted online, instead of the photos that are taken by professionals. Have a photo contest at your community. Ask residents and prospects to take photos of your community, as-is and no photoshopping! If you decide to use the photos in Ads or online, reward the photographer with credit AND a gift card.
  • Advertise within games or create your own “mini” game on your Facebook page. In-app ads perform 11.4 times better than standard banner ads, which means they are almost as effective as search but they are expensive.This is a great idea for large property management groups with large marketing budgets. Westin’s app revealed pictures of 8 different hotels in warm climates. This particular campaign runs on the Weather Channel’s iPhone app as they look at the chilly local weather.
  • Make appliance look like new again, or make mismatching appliances match with Appliance Art.Custom art is available.Prices vary. Go online to to learn more.The one on the left is metallic adhesive film and sold for $54.99.The dishwasher coverings are $39.95.The one on the far right is magnetic and priced at $89.95.
  • Brainstorming 2011 - 10 Unique Ideas for Property Managers

    1. 1. 10 Unique Apartment Ideas Brainstorming 2011 Presentation This presentation was delivered by Charity Hisle of SociallyEngaged Marketing to the 2011 MultifamilyPro Brainstorming Session Attendees. To view the video clips that go along with this presentation, please visit: Like us on for regular updates, ideas, how-to’s and marketing news.
    2. 2. “Hot Spot” Program
    3. 3. Celebrate the “Furry” ResidentsDiscounts on pet depositsPet contest and/or pet of the monthPartner with a local vet and/or groomerPut a coupon on your blog/Facebook pageLeashes and collars with community namePet Loc8tor (about $100)Pet photographer
    4. 4. “Working” Gym…For all of the comforts of your office?
    5. 5. Add a Little “Flair” to Facebook
    6. 6. Speaking of Buttons…
    7. 7. And QR Codes…
    8. 8. Trading Tips
    9. 9. Ready, Aim, Shoot! $11.99 Domains
    10. 10. Mobile/App Advertising
    11. 11. Appliance Art BEFORE AFTER AFTER