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The launch of the Versus Arthritis brand


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Shree Rajani, head of communications and Bronte McConnell, social media manager, Versus Arthritis

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The launch of the Versus Arthritis brand

  1. 1. Launching versus arthritis charitycomms
  2. 2. The launch of versus arthritis • New name • New identity • New tone of voice
  3. 3. BUT… • New name! • New identity! • We had some work to do to establish the brand, communicate what we do and move arthritis up the agenda
  4. 4. Only 28% believe arthritis should receive same level of support or funding as other health conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
  5. 5. What this means for people with arthritis • They hide their reality – dismiss their own condition because the people around them do as well. Put on their ‘Glad face’ • Stop seeking support • Struggle in silence • Feel like they are not understood
  6. 6. How did we tackle this? • Launched an integrated campaign focused on challenging and changing perceptions of arthritis, and to show the reality of living with the condition. • Developed TV advertising, digital and out-of-home adverts, created partnerships with Gogglebox and select podcasts
  7. 7. What this meant for PR and social… PR and social played a key role in amplifying and authenticating the campaign by: • Telling real stories of how arthritis impacts on people’s lives, which echoed and reflected the story being told in our advertising. • Landing the message that arthritis impacts all stages of life, it’s not just a bit of pain and it’s not ok. • Providing a platform for people living with the condition to talk openly about their condition, often for the first time.
  8. 8. • We commissioned a survey about how arthritis impacts people’s relationships, mental health, ability to work, socialise, look after a family and date. • Partnered with York Health Economics Consortium to quantify how much arthritis steals from people’s lives across their life time. This gave us the headline: Five years’ worth of quality life stolen from every person living with arthritis across their lifetime Developing a strong news hook
  9. 9. DEFYING ARTHRITiS AT EVERY AGE • We published a report to highlight how arthritis impacts people at five key stages of life. • We used real stories at each life stage that brought the research to life and told the story behind the hard hitting stats. • Providing solutions - 5-step action plan that set out the changes urgently needed across all areas of society to increase public awareness and understanding and help people with the condition live better. • Using the voice of others - Case studies, clinicians, Alliance
  10. 10. • For launch day we created an emotive, long- form film featuring mums, colleagues or brothers of people living with arthritis talking about how they see the condition affecting their loved one • We shared personal stories and blog posts from some of the people featured in our advertising – bringing their experiences to life • Naturally shared our TV ads and other collateral, e.g. tweet cards from the report engaging social content
  11. 11. Our blog TwitterFacebook instagram
  12. 12. Sharing the voices of people with arthritis • Used our social channels as a way to highlight the breadth of conditions, experiences and people living with arthritis • We shared stories from people involved in the campaign – whether they consulted on set of the TV advert, shared their story in our PR report or in media interviews, or took part in some other way – we gave a voice to the faces behind the campaign • We continuously engaged with our audience – sharing people’s tweets of their own experiences, of them supporting the campaign, including a video from a cubs group sharing why they’re #VersusArthritis.
  13. 13. Creating an alliance
  14. 14. And a galvanised community
  15. 15. Maintaining momentum
  16. 16. Highlighting isolation
  17. 17. Maintaining even more momentum!
  18. 18. Highlighting impact on relationships
  19. 19. Results… National print = 33 Broadcast = 24Regional print = 64 100% key message penetration 104k video views 2k reactions, 663 comments 120% uplift in organic search 43,000 new social followers 20+ orgs supported, Reaching 535k people
  20. 20. “I was so moved by the advertising campaign on tv – my mum has arthritis and I could see that she was the lady walking up the stairs, reminiscing about playing on the sand with the grandchildren – the advert really hit a chord with me. Once I had stopped crying, I thought “What can I do to help?”, so went on your website with a view to perhaps donating some money or something. Next thing I know, I'm signing up for a half marathon! I am about to now also join a running club who are doing the couch to 5k intro programme so that should encourage me further.”
  21. 21. TOP TIPS
  22. 22. TOP TIPS • Create versatile content that can be used multiple times and on different platforms • Be prepared for the response. Create thorough and adaptable replies to anticipated questions to help when it gets busy. • Bring people along the journey with you – case studies and your internal audiences too!
  23. 23. QUESTIONS? Shree Rajani Head of communications Bronte McConnell Social media manager
  24. 24. PR Network 4 July 2019 London #CharityPR Three. Two. One. Lift off – that launch moment
  25. 25. Visit the CharityComms website to view slides from past events, see what events we have coming up and to check out what else we do: